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  • Frasier's cousin Nikos is getting married. His mother Zora, Frasier's aunt-by-marriage, has blacklisted the Crane family since Frasier advised Nikos to follow his heart in choosing his career (which meant dropping out of medical school to be a street juggler). Knowing that Martin misses his brother Walt, Frasier begs Zora for forgiveness, and she joyfully invites them to the wedding. Niles is less than thrilled, dreading to see their man-hungry Cousin Yvonne again. At the rehearsal dinner, Frasier is troubled; it's obvious that Nikos misses his old girlfriend and that his wealthy fiancée is only aiming a barb at her snobbish parents, but Frasier is hesitant to speak out, knowing how Zora will react.


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  • After one of his shows, Frasier is surprised to be visited by his half-cousin, Nikos. It is then that Nikos tells Frasier that he is planning to get married, which surprises Frasier, as this is the first news he's heard of the wedding.

    Nikos' mother is most likely behind this, as she has shunned Frasier, Niles, and Martin ever since Frasier gave Nikos the advice to follow his dream...which was to become a street performer, instead of being a Doctor like his mother wanted.

    Frasier wants to attend Nikos' wedding, and stops by the family's restaurant, where his mother Zora resides. After promising not to meddle in family affairs ever again, Zora forgives Frasier, and invites the Cranes to the rehearsal dinner.

    Martin is excited to go and speak to his brother-in-law, but Niles spends most of the evening being chased by a cousin named Yvonne.

    While speaking with Nikos about his upcoming marriage to Mary Anne, Frasier is a little troubled when it seems Nikos is not so sure about the wedding. As they continue to talk, Nikos brings up the name of a juggler named Crystal whom he claimed he knew before Mary Anne.

    Even though he vowed not to meddle, Frasier once again feels he can't let his half-cousin make a mistake, and calls Crystal. She eventually shows up, and reconciles with Nikos, riling the anger of Zora, as well as Mary Ann (whose parents seem happy that they won't have a street juggler for a son-in-law).

    Zora at first has no idea Frasier has meddled, until Nikos proposes a toast to Frasier for reuniting him and Crystal. Zora claims she will do one better than a toast, and smashes a wine bottle, charging after Frasier with the broken pieces.

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