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  • Bulldog becomes a hero when he appears to thwart an attempted armed robbery at the café. Only Frasier saw what really happened: mistaking a different man for the robber, he pulled Roz in front of him as a human shield, inadvertently spilling his coffee on the actual robber. When Bulldog basks in his acclaim and refuses to confess, Frasier prepares an elaborate surprise to draw out his conscience at the SeaBea awards.


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  • While waiting in line at Cafe Nervosa, Frasier chats with Bulldog and Roz about the upcoming Seabee Awards. However, Frasier whispers to Bulldog and Roz that a man a short distance away is pulling out a gun, causing Bulldog to panic! In the ensuing chaos, Bulldog spills his coffe on the gunman's hand, causing him to drop the gun and rush out the door. The incident has everyone in the cafe hailing Bulldog as a hero.

    Returning to his apartment, Frasier also runs into Niles, who crows about his own Seabee award nomination. However, once they get to the apartment, Martin and Daphne are just glad to know that Frasier was okay after the incident at the cafe, that has made it into the local news.

    While they are excited at Bulldog's heroics, Frasier claims that he doesn't recall that at all. He then relates that what he recalls, Bulldog grabbed Roz, and used her as a human shield, causing everyone there to get a new opinion on Bulldog.

    Frasier feels that Bulldog's guilty conscience will get the better of him, and he'll confess to what he really did, but in the wake of Bulldog's popularity, not to mention being announced to receive the Seabee award for Man of the Year award for his 'heroism,' it seems unlikely.

    Frasier tries to ignore this, but soon ends up going to Bulldog's apartment, asking him to express some form of remorse, but Bulldog claims that he just doesn't work that way. Even so, Frasier vows that he'll find some way to make Bulldog unable to accept the Man of the Year award.

    At the Seabee awards, Niles ends up going to another part of the awards ceremony, and loses. Returning to the family at the awards' main room, Frasier is there to present the Man of the Year award to Bulldog, but also has a number of guests to see Bulldog:

    • his childhood priest, Father O'Rourke.
    • his second-grade teacher, Mrs McCloud.
    • his peewee football coach, Mr Nugents.
    • Joey Katona, the president of his fanclub.
    • his Mom, Bernice Briscoe.

    Even with all these people here, Bulldog still doesn't give in and confess, just claiming he's excited to win the award.

    Frasier returns to his seat, and it seems he'll never get over this, until as Bulldog passes by, Martin whispers that a man nearby has a gun. This causes Bulldog to grab his Mother and use her as a human shield. This suddenly causes everyone to take notice, and Bulldog's popularity ends right there.

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