"Firefly" Bushwhacked (TV Episode 2002) Poster

(TV Series)


Gina Torres: Zoë Washburne



  • [the crew is being interrogated individually] 

    Commander Harken : You fought with Captain Reynolds in the war?

    Zoë : [terse; slightly irritated tone]  Fought with a lot of people in the war.

    Commander Harken : And your husband.

    Zoë : Fight with him sometimes, too.

    Commander Harken : Is there any particular reason you don't wish to discuss your marriage?

    Zoë : Don't see that it's any of your business, is all. We're very private people.

    [in Wash's interrogation] 

    Wash : [enthusiastic; animated]  The legs!


    Wash : Oh, yeah! I definitely have to say it was her legs. You can put that down! Her legs, and right where her legs meet her back. That - actually that whole area. That and - and above it.

    [in Kaylee's interrogation] 

    Kaylee : [angry; slightly defensive]  Six gerslters crammed right under every cooling drive so that you strain your primary artery function and you end up having to recycle secondary exaust through a bypass system...just so's you don't end up pumping it through the main atmofeed and asphyxiating the entire crew. Now *that's* junk!

    [back to Wash] 

    Wash : [very enthusiastically]  Have you seen what she wears? Forget about it. Have you ever been with a warrior woman?

  • Jayne : [uneasy]  Oh, I ain't goin' over there with them bodies.

    [note of fear] 

    Jayne : No rutting way. Not if reavers messed with 'em.

    Zoë : [nonchalant]  Jayne - you'll scare the women.

  • Zoë Washburne : Proximity alert. Must be coming up on something.

    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne : [alarmed]  Oh, my God. What can it be? We're all doomed!


    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne : Who's flying this thing!?

    Zoë Washburne : [straight faced] 

    Hoban 'Wash' Washburne : Oh right, that would be me. Uh, back to work.

    Kaylee : So I guess that makes us one man short.

    Jayne : Little Kaylee's always one man short.

    [laughs; Kaylee punches his arm lightly] 

    Jayne : Ow! Hey!

  • Jayne : If there's folks on board in need of help, why ain't they beaming no distress call?

    Zoë Washburne : It's true, there's no beacon.

    Mal : Which means it's likely no one's looking to find her.

    Book : All the more reason for us to do the right thing.

    Jayne : How about you just say a prayer when we slide on by.

  • Zoë : Sir, even on a lifeboat, you think those who escaped would fine room for some of this.

    [Mal sees River looking up with fear and sadness] 

    Mal : Nobody escaped.

    Zoë : Sir?

    [they point their flashlights up] 

    Mal : Nobody.

    [a string of naked mutilated bodies is seen hanging by a chain from the ceiling] 

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