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Flying Dutchman
stones788 September 2015
This decent segment stars Florence Henderson, Peter Graves, Hans Conreid(who died only 3 days after this episode aired), Brett Halsey, Dick Smothers, Arlene Golonka, and Shelley Smith. Without going into much detail, I'll say that both stories were pretty decent, although they both seemed a tad rushed. The opening was rather cool, as Mr. Roarke greets a ship in a misty fog, as it turns out to be a man known as the Flying Dutchman(Graves), who is cursed to roam the seas for eternity unless he finds true love. This is where Laura(Henderson)comes in, and even there too many make-out sessions between them, I didn't sense a real chemistry either. It was still a good story though. The other story has Ron(Smothers)trying to arrange a meeting with a very wealthy miser, played convincingly by Conreid, with the help of a mysterious Miss Harbinger(Smith). Nothing that memorable occurs here, but it ended nice. Although not listed in the credits, Julie(Wendy Schaal)takes the place of Tattoo here.
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