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  • Carter deals with tenant drama at an apartment tower during a ride-along that later has deadly consequences, Lucy has to hide a cancer diagnosis from an ill woman at the behest of the patient's family, Carol finds out she is pregnant, Kerry reflects on her own family issues when an injured wrestler comes to the ER, and Greene continues to help Mobalage, who may be deported if he can't tell the INS about the abuse he suffered in Nigeria.



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  • Weaver treats a celebrity wrestler. Hathaway doesn't tell anyone the real reason why she has headaches. Lucy handles a difficult case with a complicated family. [weebly_one]

    Carter returns from a paramedic ride-along with a woman who locked herself in a bird cage. Malik involves a patient who is a professional wrestler/celebrity to play a prank on Weaver who is unimpressed with the joke. Lucy gives details regarding the condition of an elderly Asian woman to her children. The woman has stage 4 cancer, but she was never told about her condition. Lucy mentions the word cancer in front of the woman and upsets her and her son. Still on the ride-along, Carter is involved in a street riot. The victim is a slum lord who has turned off the heat in the building. The driver is struck on the head with a thrown bottle, so Carter takes the wheel, but in the confusion, runs over somone laying in the street. The victim of the ambulance versus pedestrian accident is brought in with a crushed pelvis. Jeanie returns to work. A missing patient is in a locked bathroom. The staff need immediate access, so the wrestler puts his head through the door and immediately passes out. Mobalage is brought in dehydrated and not speaking. Mark tells the man his wife, who was nearly stabbed to death, is alive but in a coma. Lucy continues treating the elderly Asian woman. When the woman wants to know why she is being treated, Lucy tells her she has epilepsy. A young girl who was impailed on a wrought iron fence is brought in with the metal rods still pushed through her jaw. Carol's quick thinking saves the girl. Jeanie catches a woman who changed a vicadin prescription from 4 to 40. Mobalage's wife wakes up and tells Mark and Corday that she stabbed herself. The paramedics are ambushed and one is shot. When Carter finds out the gunshot victim was the ambulance driver, he suspects that the shooter was after him, the person who was driving the ambulance from the previous incident. Mark finds out that Mobalage has been cleared of charges but now faces deportation back to Nigeria. Jeanie is pursued by two men seeking a romantic relationship, but she tells both that she's already romantically involved with someone else. She also finds out that she did not catch the Hep C virus from her ex. The paramedic who was shot does not survive. [Suz__Leigh]

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