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Wedding Bells For Duncan & Kate?
ShadeGrenade2 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Duncan stuns his friends ( as well as Gascoigne ) by announcing his engagement to Kate. Dick sees a golden opportunity to clear his slate at the hospital bar by arranging a wedding reception. Andy does not understand why Duncan should want to get married, seeing how his own marriage has been a disaster. Gascoigne supplies Duncan with a load of unreadable books on married life.

To escape from all this unwanted interference, Duncan and Kate decide to have a private ceremony at a registry office. But there's a surprise in store for their guests when they return to St. Swithin's...

The final episode of 'Go' and indeed the final episode of the L.W.T. 'Doctor' series, seeing a resolution to the ongoing Duncan/Kate romance. Nice to see Peter Greene as the 'Chaplain' again; his last appearance was in the 'Doctor In Charge' story 'The Garden Fete'. Note the reference to Nurse Willett's 'little mistake'! I hope she knew who the dad was!

Though the the path was left clear for a further series, the option was not taken up, thus bringing to a close one of I.T.V.'s biggest comedy successes.

In the nine years since 'Doctor In The House' began, the show had gotten through two leading men, several changes of setting ( including a stint on a passenger liner ), numerous guest-stars such as Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, David Jason, Freddie Jones, Patricia Routledge, William Franklyn and Bob Todd, a couple of 'Pythons' and 'Goodies' as scriptwriters, and, of course, countless pretty nurses. It had had a good run, so nobody was too upset at its passing. It also ended with its integrity intact, unlike 'On The Buses' and 'Please Sir!', both of which concluded with limp final runs. Besides, there were still repeats, and the 'Look-In' comic-strip ran until 1978.

All was not over for Waring and Stuart-Clark though. Though L.W.T. had called time on their saucy exploits, they were still massively popular in Australia, which was why, two years later, they were recalled to duty for the spin-off 'Doctor Down Under'.
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