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  • As Da Vinci attends the Police Chief appointment black tie dinner with Maria (the dinner which is populated with many of his professional foes such as Jacobs, Sgt. Klotchko, Mayor Hathaway, and Richard Norton), others in his professional circle are on the job. Lou attends to the death of a woman named Allison Freeman, who was found in her car. The contents of the trunk of her car have some personal connection to Da Vinci. Lou eventually discovers why she might have that material, and Da Vinci tries to find out the precise nature of her interest in him. With Chick's help, Leary tries to get as much information about the transmitter on Will's boat without whomever is doing the surveillance finding out that Leary is aware of the transmitter's existence. Leary adds some surveillance equipment of his own. The dinner is not a total waste for Da Vinci as he learns that his red light district proposal has the interest of the federal government. With Internal's investigation, the police pick up Sue, who has incriminating evidence in her room. Brian officially adds his falsified information into the investigation. With the hit and run case, Da Vinci learns conclusively that the Mayor was not where he said he was that evening. And Shannon has a less than pleasant chat with Kurtz about the incident with Klotchko. He believes that this meeting is the first step in his unwanted early retirement.



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  • Da Vinci attends the Police Ball with Maria as his date, but gets called out half way through Chief Jacobs speech, which has already run for over an hour! As he leaves Isabel Sandanova follows him and asks him to meet Sanjay Gohill, who she suggests will back him in Ottawa on the red light district if he can get the police and city on board. Meanwhile, Chick and Leary take finger prints from the GPS device on Wills boat. Da Vinci joins Lou as he investigates the death of a woman locked in her car. Lou has found Da Vincis post in her trunk. She turns out to be a private investigator on Da Vincis trail. Da Vinci uses his coroners warrant to see what else she has on him and goes through some old files which might be used against him with Bob Kelly. He also pockets a notebook on his second visit to the P.I.s office. Sue is arresting by Joe Finn on the suspiscion of homicide. Da Vinci speaks to a police officer who attended a 911 call by Linda Davies. Her and the Mayor were drunk and having a row but she pressed no charges to the matter was dropped. Shannon is suspended for six weeks for headbutting Klotchko and sent for his medical and shooting exams. Curtis goes to Joe Finn with the information about the drug counsellor who has provided a statement saying that Sue confessed to murder. Leary and Kosmo interview Lila, Wills girlfriend, about the evening of his death. She claims no knowledge that Will had cannibis on his boat. Later, they interview Lilas brother who has been in jail on drug convictions, he claims not to have done business with Will. Da Vinci spends another evening with Isabel and questions her about her motives in coming out to Vancouver. She tells him hes being paranoid. Joe Finn interrogates Sue and Kosmo is told to stay away. McNab wants to avoid messing with the Mayor and takes a six week vacation so that he doesnt have to work on the hit and run case until Da Vinci stops with his dirty politics.

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