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  • In a flashback story told as the men rest on a rainy night, Sgt. Saunders recalls the experiences of himself and several other men on the day of the D-Day invasion, including tales about Braddock, who won the platoon pool for when the invasion would take place; Doc Walton, who was reluctant to go into battle; Caje (called "Caddie" in this episode), who is accompanied by another Cajun; and Lt. Hanley, who at the time was still a sergeant, and had little battle experience compared to Saunders. Following the landing, the men move inland and come upon a farmstead held by a squad of German infantry.

  • While resting in France, Sgt. Saunders and Lt. Hanley's platoon recalls the day that Braddock won a 800 dollar-pool and the mission they had to protect the paratroopers behind the enemy line after the disembark in France. They head to a farm in a small group and soon they learn that the paratroopers are prisoners of the Germans. Further, there is a tank protecting the farmhouse and they have few weapons and are short of ammunition. What will Hanley and Saunders and their team do to rescue the soldiers?


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  • Gunnery sergeant Hanley, sergeant Saunders, and their squad await deployment at a barracks in England before D Day. Doc and Beecham are nervous, Braddock hopes to get rich by betting on when the invasion will begin, and Caje and Hazel anxiously await the invasion. Before going ashore, Beecham falls off the side of the boat, and nearly drowns, and doesn't have to go. Once the invasion begins, the squad is one of the first to go ashore on Omaha Beach. Their radioman and B.A.R. man are killed on the beach. Braddock also loses all his rations, but somehow manages to hold onto his winnings from the bet he won. With the assistance of some French resistance fighters, the squad of ten soldiers, must free captured American paratroopers from a French farmhouse, guarded by German troops and a tank. In the ensuing battle, Saunders manages to wipe out the German tank with some molotov cocktails, and the squad successfully frees the American paratroopers. Unfortunately, all of Braddock's money is blown to pieces by one, rogue mortar shell. In the end, the squad is able to secure a rout for their fellow infantry forces to travel inland.

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