(TV Series)


Brian O'Halloran: Dante Hicks


  • [an alcoholic runs in gushing blood from his finger] 

    Alcoholic : Mary, Mother of God! I cut my hand on a rubber band! Do you sell Band Aids?

    Randal Graves : Band Aids is a brand name. The proper term is adhesive strips.

    Dante Hicks : The man is bleeding to death and you're getting into a semantics argument?

    Randal Graves : Man, name brand word association is one of the more subtle threats to this nation's free trade. It gives the larger, well-known companies an unfair advantage. I'm doing my part to keep the playing field level by weaning people off referring to generic products with brand names.

    Dante Hicks : Way to show some backbone.

    Randal Graves : No spine of Jell-O here, my friend.

    Alcoholic : So do you sell adhesive strips or what?

    Randal Graves : No.

    Alcoholic : Well, that's just great. What are we gonna use to hold the merry-go-round together?

  • [phone rings] 

    Randal Graves : Quick Stop. Yep. Hey, it's for you, I think it's your dad.

    Dante Hicks : Hello?

    Morpheus : Is your refrigerator running?

    Dante Hicks : That's the oldest one in the book.

    Morpheus : Neo, please. Let me tell you about the Matrix.

    Dante Hicks : No. I'm hanging up.

    Morpheus : Don't hang up. We don't have to talk about the Matrix. We can just talk about... stuff. Your favorite bands, chicks who've broken our hearts... um, the Matrix.

    Dante Hicks : [hangs up] 

  • Randal Graves : Wanna go catch a movie tonight?

    Dante Hicks : Can't.

    Randal Graves : Going out to eat with your folks?

    Dante Hicks : Nope.

    Randal Graves : Someone die?

    Dante Hicks : Nope.

    Randal Graves : Gonna kill your folks?

    Dante Hicks : God, no. Did it ever occur to you that I might have a date?

    Randal Graves : Ewww. With your folks?

  • Randal : Can I ask you a question? If you were Steven Tyler from Aerosmith for one night, and you could pretty much any woman alive, who would you pick?

    Dante : Oh, Caitlin.

    Randal : Her? See me, I'd pick Liv Tyler.

  • Randal Graves : We're not going anywhere. The boss wants us to stay open all night because the fair is in town.

    Dante Hicks : All night. What about the video store?

    Randal Graves : Nope, he wants me to help you man this side. I've told him before that if we kept the video store open, it will cater to the vampire and hooker crowd. But he never listens.

  • Jay : I wanna get in line for that Caitlin chick's kissing booth.

    Dante Hicks : What? Caitlin has a kissing booth, like for charity?

    Jay : Yeah, only it don't cost nothing, and it's not for charity... and there's no booth... and it's more than just kissing... and you don't have to be a guy... Dude, she's cheating on you.

  • Randal Graves : Yikes. Just yikes.

    Dante Hicks : Do you think they're cognizant of just how bad they've got it?

    Randal Graves : I hope not.

    Dante Hicks : I'm going to send Caitlynn some flowers. Loan me some money.

    Randal Graves : Ah ah ah. First, you gotta press ham to glass.

    Conehead 1 : Yikes. Just yikes.

    Conehead 2 : Do you think they're cognizant of just how bad they've got it?

    Conehead 1 : I hope not.

  • Dante Hicks : This isn't a TV show.

    Randal Graves : Now who's being naive?

  • Dante Hicks : You threatened the President?

    Randal Graves : Not today.

  • Randal Graves : Those rides are put together by junkies and alcoholics.

    Dante Hicks : No, they're not.

    [an alcoholic and a junkie enter the store] 

    Alcoholic : Do you guys sell Elmer's glue and thumbtacks? We're trying to put together a Tilt-a-Whirl.

    Junkie : Do you guys sell black tar heroin?

    Dante Hicks : No and no.

    Alcoholic : Well, rubber bands it is.

  • Randal Graves : Does emasculating mean cool?

    Dante Hicks : Yes.

  • [Dante answers the phone] 

    Dante Hicks : Hello?

    Morpheus : Hello, Neo. Are you ready to find out what the Matrix is?

    Dante Hicks : No, stop calling. I'm gonna call the cops.

    Morpheus : Don't hang up. We don't have to talk about the Matrix. We can talk about... stuff. Bands you like, girls we've dated, the Matrix...

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