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I really liked this one.
MartinHafer1 September 2012
Gloria Talbott will probably be forever known for her role in "I Married A Monster From Outer Space"--which isn't really that bad, since apart from a silly title, it's a dandy little sci-fi thriller. Here she has a very different sort of role, as she plays a woman racked with guilt and in need of psychiatric care. The show begins with Talbott being hypnotized by a therapist (Ed Platt) and she begins to talk about her problems. It seems her boyfriend was being shipped to Korea and wanted to get a quickie marriage--and she said she wanted a real wedding and wanted to wait. He overreacts and stomps off and they don't marry. Shortly after, she learns he's been killed and her guilt and desire to punish herself pushes her to royally screw up her life. How she works through all this and how it all ends (especially how it ends) is well worth seeing--and makes it a very intelligently written and enjoyable episode of "DuPont Cavalcade" (also known as "Cavalcade of America"). Worth seeing--but the picture currently posted on IMDb for this is really, really inappropriate and makes this seem like a film noir show.
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