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  • Hoss suffers a life-threatening injury. Only surgery by a doctor in jail for murder can save him.

  • Hoss suffers a life-threatening injury while riding with his father and brothers. They rush him to a nearby town looking for help. However, the town doctor is in jail, about to be hanged for murder. Ben manages to arrange for the doctor to treat Hoss. Ben then learns that there's more to the doctor than at first appears to be the case. After further investigation, Ben finds that the doctor is innocent. However, he also discovers that the sentencing judge has special reasons for wanting the doctor dead. Ben must somehow convince the judge to do the right thing if the doctor is to be spared from hanging.


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  • While on a cattle drive outside Virginia City, Hoss is injured when a horse rolls over him. Ben takes him to the nearest town, in search of a doctor, but discovers that the only doctor for 50 miles is in jail awaiting execution. Ben must convince a vengeful judge to let the doctor save Hoss's life before the doctor is hanged for a murder he did not commit. In the process, Ben has to find out the truth so that justice can be served.

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