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Victor Buono improves on his previous Tut
kevinolzak15 May 2016
"The Spell of Tut" was Victor Buono's second outing as King Tut, the prominent Yale professor who fell off a podium and reverted to his Egyptian alter ego. In his eternal quest to claim Gotham City as his own, Tut sets out to steal scarabs encased in amber, then revive them through electricity to create a serum known as Abu Raubu Simbu Tu, a drug that paralyzes the will of anyone under its influence, reduced to a willing slave to the Pharaoh's whims. Aiding him is his new queen of the Nile, Cleo Patrick (Marianna Hill), her position as fill in secretary in Commissioner Gordon's office putting her in close proximity to Batman and Robin. Tut's henchmen this time are among some of the most familiar faces known to viewers, especially the wild eyed Sid Haig, still early in his cult career, and Youngstown's own Michael Pataki, another cult figure who did a decade's worth of television before returning to films with such items as "Easy Rider," "Grave of the Vampire," and "Dracula's Dog." Beautiful Marianna Hill kept up a busy schedule until her career petered out in 1980. The episode's Batclimb is a surprising twofer, Van Williams as The Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato, eventually to receive an entire two part crossover, "A Piece of the Action"/"Batman's Satisfaction," but best of all is Robin's reaction to seeing such odd looking characters in Gotham City: "gosh Batman, what are they dressed like that for?" Speaking of the Boy Wonder, guess who finds himself out on a ledge, ready to become crocodile food for some rubber reptiles?
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