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David Boreanaz: Angel



  • Cordelia : [Angel doesn't like his glass of blood]  Something the matter?

    Angel : I, um, I-I think it's gone bad. It's starting to coagulate.

    Cordelia : Huh? No. That's cinnamon. What? I can't try something?

  • Angel : Why'd they fire you?

    Judy : Because I'm not what I say I am. I've been passing since I was fifteen years old.

    Angel : Passing?

    Judy : For white. My mother was colored, my father - I didn't even know him. My blood isn't pure. It's tainted.

    Angel : It's just blood, Judy. It-it's all just blood.

    Judy : Nobody believes that! Not even my mother's family. I'm not one thing or the other. I am nothing.

    Angel : I know what that's like.

    Judy : Yes. Yes, I am. I am something. I'm a thief! I've never stolen anything before in my life, I swear it. It's just, God, the things that they called me.

    Angel : Fear makes people do stupid things.

    Judy : It was stupid. And I wish I'd never done it.

    Angel : I didn't mean you. I meant your former employers. They were afraid. That's why they fired you.

  • [last lines] 

    Wes : Angel, you don't find me especially paranoid, do you?

    Angel : Not especially.

    Wes : Oh, thank God. I was worried.

  • Angel : Watch his tentacles!

    Cordelia : Excuse me?

    Wes : Tentacles.

    Cordelia : Oh.

  • Bookstore Owner : So, you were, what, about my age when you were made?

    Angel : I don't know. How old are you?

    Bookstore Owner : Just north of thirty.

    Angel : No!

  • Angel : This Thesulac demon, how do I kill it?

    Bookstore Owner : You don't. You run away from it.

    Angel : There's gotta be a way to kill it.

    Bookstore Owner : Well, first you gotta make it fat - corporeal - but that only happens after it's had a nice big feed. Or if you raise it, but that's tricky and dangerous.

    Angel : How?

    Bookstore Owner : Well, the incantation's there in the book, but you're gonna need an orb of Ramjarin. Now I got one I can let you have for cheap.

    Angel : For free.

    Bookstore Owner : For free. Uh, you'll also need, uh, sacred herbs, divining powder and something really big to hit it with.

    Angel : And that'll kill it?

    Bookstore Owner : Well, it might. Wouldn't hurt to have a lightning strike, you know, finger of heaven kind of thing. But, short of that, I'd go with somethin' big and heavy.

    Angel : Pack it up.

    Bookstore Owner : A vampire wanting to slay a demon in order to help some grubby humans? I just don't get it.

    Angel : To be honest, I'm not sure I do, either.

  • Angel : Guys, don't listen to it, alright? Whatever it's whispering to you, just ignore it.

    Cordelia : [about Wesley and Gunn arguing]  They were like this all the way over here in the car.

    Angel : Oh.

  • Cordelia : [about the hotel]  Seventy years of violence, mayhem and paranoia - Bad vibes.

    Angel : We're movin' in.

    Cordelia : I mean, a few throw pillows, what's not to love?

  • Thesulac Demon : Well, I don't know about you, but I'm stuffed! God I love people! Don't you? They feed me the worst and I kinda serve it right back to them, and the fear and prejudice turns to certainty and hate, and I take another bite and mmm-mmm-mmm! What a beautiful, beautiful dance! Oh, you got your feelings hurt, didn't ya? See now what happens when you stick your neck out for 'em? They throw a rope around it! And you thought you'd made a friend.

    [Angel begins to walk away] 

    Thesulac Demon : News flash! You had! That's what made her the yummiest morsel of all. You reached her, buddy! Restored her faith in people. Without you she would've been just another appetizer. But you plumped her up good! Now, she's a meal that's gonna last me a lifetime! Hey, you know what? There's an entire hotel here just full of tortured souls who could really use your help. What do you say?

    Angel : Take 'em all.

  • Angel : Judy.

    Old Judy : I don't hear them anymore. Are they gone?

    Angel : Yeah.

    Old Judy : It's you.

    Angel : Yeah, Judy, it's me.

    Old Judy : You look the same.

    Angel : I'm not.

    Old Judy : They killed you, because of *me*. I killed you.

    Angel : No. No. No.

    Old Judy : He kept them from the door. He told me I'd be safe. Am I safe?

    Angel : You're safe.

    Old Judy : Can I go out now?

    Angel : Yeah. You can go out. Let me help you.

    Old Judy : I just - I need to take a little rest first. Just a little rest.

    Angel : Easy.

    [helps her to the bed] 

    Old Judy : I'm so sorry I killed you. Can you forgive me?

    Angel : Of course.

    Old Judy : I'm just going to rest, just for a minute. And then, I'm going to go out.

    [closes her eyes and dies] 

  • Judy : Uhm - uhm - my-my boyfriend, he's kind of the jealous type...

    Angel : Maybe you shouldn't go wandering into other men's rooms.

  • Angel : [to Judy]  You're gonna miss the end of the world.

  • Angel : You got a reputation, that's why I'm here. Now, it's been a long time since I've opened a vein, but I'll do it you pull any more of that Van Helsing Jr. crap with me. Are we clear? I want the books in the back!

  • [first lines] 

    Wes : The Hyperion Hotel. It appears to be abandoned.

    Angel : Sixty eight rooms, sixty eight vacancies.

    Wes : In California Spanish, deco influence. I'd say built in the late nineteen twenties.

    Angel : That'd be my guess.

  • Angel : You Denver?

    Bookstore Owner : No other cat but me.

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