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Jennifer Garner: Sydney Bristow



  • Sydney Bristow : I have known Will for years. Trust me on this.

    Jack Bristow : There's another possibility... that the man we have in custody is not Will Tippin. Project Helix. The doubling prototype that you destroyed in Poland was designed to reshape a person's physical attributes to identically resemble someone else. The prototype's database revealed two scheduled recipients of the procedure: Dr. Markovic who was killed, and a second unknown individual.

    Sydney Bristow : You think Will is the double.

    F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall : We found Provacillium in Will's car. It's a medication usually taken by gene therapy patients to keep the body from rejecting the DNA mutations.

  • Will Tippin : What was that eye scan?

    Sydney Bristow : It's a test. It analyzes your retina. Someone who's been doubled develops proteins. They're like markers. They found proteins.

  • Sydney Bristow : If someone wanted to set Will up, this is exactly what they would do... plant these clues, condition him. I'd like permission to assign Francie protective detail. If Sloane is targeting my friends, she could be next.

    Jack Bristow : Done.

    Sydney Bristow : I'd also like to speak to her about Will. She might have information that could help.

    Jack Bristow : Tell her what you think is necessary, but only what's necessary.

  • Jack Bristow : Sydney, you have to accept the possibility that the man we have in custody is not your friend.

    Sydney Bristow : Dad, I don't believe it.

    Jack Bristow : I understand.

    Sydney Bristow : Cause if it wasn't Will then Will is most likely dead and I can't handle that.

  • Sydney Bristow : You erased it...

    Irina Derevko : I transferred a copy to a secure location. I'll give it to you. In exchange, I want you to do something.

    Sydney Bristow : Go to hell!

    Irina Derevko : If you don't, you'll never clear Will's name. He'll be tried as a traitor and executed. I'll be calling on you soon, Sydney.

  • Michael Vaughn : [Sydney and Vaughn are making out on Sydney's couch. They are undressing each other and kissing between lines]  I couldn't take it.

    Sydney Bristow : Me either.

    Michael Vaughn : No, seriously, I thought I was losing my mind.

    Sydney Bristow : Me too, it was the longest debrief in history.

    Michael Vaughn : I was staring at you the whole time. Did you notice?

    Sydney Bristow : Yeah, I bet my dad noticed too.

    Michael Vaughn : No, he didn't notice.

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