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Pretty terrific episode
gridoon20202 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sydney and Thomas pay a visit to Renée Rienne in Marseilles when they discover that she has just stolen a substance that is probably intended to "wake up" the body inside the cryogenic freezer that was also stolen a few weeks ago from the DSR by someone using identical tactics. Renée indeed manages to wake up the body - and it turns out to be her long-lost father. But soon all four are besieged by a mysterious, well-armed group of French mercenaries who want the man who came "out of the box" back. Meanwhile, Dixon, Marshall and Rachel go on a mission of their own, to copy some medical files that may help shed some light into the whole situation. And Sloane, following the instructions of his "benefactor" Gordon Dean, has to resort to blackmail to ensure his return, with full access restored, to APO, where Dean wants him as a double agent. This episode has three story lines that are equally interesting, some pretty spectacular explosions, a cool twist at the end, and Sloane up to some of his old tricks: the time flies by. Renée is presented as having almost superhuman abilities, but maybe those will be explained later. *** out of 4.
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Action and deception!
Tweekums30 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After Renée Rienne is observed stealing material that could be used to resurrect the man who we last saw in episode #5.2 in cryogenic suspension Sydney and Tom are sent to investigate. They track her to Marseilles where they are informed that the man she is trying to save is her father who when missing over twenty years previously. No sooner have they learnt this than it appears somebody else wants him too and they find themselves under siege and unable to contact the CIA as heavily armed men surround the building. Now out of custody Arvin Sloane wants to rejoin APO so that he can continue to search for a cure for Nadia; the problem is the senator whose decision it is doesn't think he can be trusted; it is at this point that we learn that the person who helped secure his release was none other than Gordon Dean and he has material that should help Arvin persuade the senator. Some lightness is added with a subplot where Dixon, Marshall and Rachel infiltrate a bank vault with a spider-like bug, which has been dubbed Charlotte by Marshall.

This was another exciting episode with plenty of action including explosions, shooting and a man falling through a window whilst on fire... and that is just in the pre-credit sequence! The siege scenes are pretty exciting as Tom takes out a few bad guys and blows up a truck and later there is a Mexican standoff between Sydney and Tom and Renée and her father although that is resolved when we learn that somebody is not who they appear to be. It is good to see Sloane being devious and threatening again even if his motives seem pure for the time being; he is a great villain brilliantly played in an understated performance from Ron Rifkin. I was initially unsure about Balthazar Getty's performance as Tom but the character is starting to grow on me; hopefully he will continue to improve.
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