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Some people will do anything for money
talonjensen13 October 2018
So Carl Seabrook (Jeremy Slate) is a lazy womanizer who is willing to marry Edward Gibson's (Robert Webber) ex-wife Gloria (we never see her except for in her portrait) for $10,000. Edward is happy to pay him the $5,000 he has today plus $5,000 from the bank tomorrow just to be able to stop paying alimony. And, Edward will throw in an extra $500 so Carl and Gloria can have a "first class honeymoon".

SPOILER: Turns out Carl will have a ten times better honeymoon with the $5,000 Edward already gave him as Carl leaves the next day with Marian (Elaine Martone) for a honeymoon. And Gloria? Well, let's just say she won't be asking for any more alimony . . . ever.
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