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  • Edward Gibson is newly divorced and a very happy man. He's less happy when he learns that his ex-wife Gloria commissioned a portrait of herself for $2500. He refuses to pay and asks his friend Carl, who's now seeing his ex-wife, to buy the painting. Carl has something else in mind: he offers to marry Gloria, for a price, thus saving his friend alimony payments. Edward accepts his friend's offer and gives him $5000. Only problem is that Carl has a somewhat different plan in mind.


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  • Alfred Hitchcock welcomes his viewers with a "Good Evening fellow tourists." He is standing in front of tourism posters of various countries. He asks if they have wanted to visit Europe, but lacked the money? He continues if they thought they could travel their by a luxurious ocean liner for less than $25 round trip? This is what he is offering his viewers tonight. He goes over and shows a backdrop of a side boat for the luxurious ocean liner and calls it a "luxurious" cabin. It can be had for $23.50 to London, England, slightly higher if you are discovered. The dubious offer is to introduce tonight's episode, "First Class Honeymoon," but before it can start there is the commercial which Hitchcock deadpans, "is in a class by itself."

    Tonight's episode is another teleplay by the familiar Henry Slesar known for his twist endings.

    Edward Gibson (Robert Webber), a recent divorcee, has to make alimony payments of $2000 every month. One day a man named Mr. Munroe (John Abbott), a gallery owner, arrives at his house with a painting of his ex-wife that she commissioned portrait artist Raphael O'Connor back in April when they were married. It's not a great painting, but the man wants $2500 for the portrait. Edward explains that they are divorced and desperately tries to get the man to take it back. He refuses and Edward gets upset and kicks the gallery man out, but before he leaves, he drops off the painting and tosses his business card. He threatens legal action if payment is not received. Later that day, Edward's friend, Carl Seabrook (Jeremy Slate) arrives. He ends up telling Edward that he will marry his ex-wife if Edward gives him $10000. He needs the money because loan sharks are after him. Carl gets on the phone and calls Edward's ex. You can hear her laugh when she finds out who's calling. The phone conversation convinces Edward that Carl really will marry his ex and he will be freed from paying her alimony. Thus, he agrees to Carl's deal. He takes $5000 out of his safe and promises the rest tomorrow and Edward is so happy that he will kick in $500 more as his gift for a first class honeymoon.

    Edward drives over in his fancy convertible to deliver the portrait to Gloria his ex-wife. The doorman meets him and Edward tells him he is her ex-husband. The doorman regrets to tells Edward that she died last night from a heart attack and that her friend Carl Seabrook called the ambulance. Edward is angry after hearing the news and realizing Gloria is dead and was swindled by Carl. He calls Carl, but Seabrook's maid answers the phone as Carl and his lovely brunette girl friend are ready to leave for their honeymoon. She gives an excuse that Mr. Seabrook has already left for the airport and that he said he was going on a "honeymoon."

    Alfred Hitchcock is back and says to those who were disappointed because they thought First Class Honeymoon to be a love story that Mr. Seabrook, while in St. Thomas, met a beautiful girl whom he fell madly in love with and she swindled him out of all his money. Speaking of money, he goes into the commercial. Finally, we see two ducks, two llamas, two calves aboard his ocean liner and Hitchcock says that he got aboard just in time and he looks upward and holds out his hand to check for rain. Written by jasonbourneagain.

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