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Sincere Ladies and the Boredom of Old Age
Hitchcoc3 July 2013
While this is totally over the top, I got the biggest kick out of watching these older character actors, hamming it up as the young detective comes and goes from their house. They seem intent on getting arrested, down to the killing of their own. The entire plot rests on the handsome detective being drawn into their little plot. The idea must be to just get some excitement into their lives. There even seems to be a rivalry among them, but they apparently have a tacit agreement to respect the fate of the "winner." The detective is flummoxed and realizes that while he must do his duty, he cannot understand the motive. By the way, the ending is priceless.
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Arsenic indeed
ctomvelu17 January 2013
Clever spin on the classic comedy, "Arsenic and Old Lace," "Bull" features four little old ladies who call in their neighbor, a handsome homicide detective, to check out a corpse on their couch. Turns out the corpse was yet another little old lady, and the coroner discovers she was poisoned with arsenic. The detective questions the four spinsters, and decides the poor woman's death was accidental, since the ladies keep the arsenic (rat poison) next to their sugar supply in the cupboard. Shortly after, they call him in again, and this time, one of the four is dead, also from arsenic poisoning. This time, the detective figures one of the three survivors is a murderer, but which one? The immortal Estelle ("The Magic Sword") Winwood, with her goggly eyes and crooked smile, is delightful as the landlady of the house and Dennis Morgan handles his Cary Grant-ish role with the proper finesse. A must-see for fans of the 1944 movie that starred Grant.
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"Bull in a China Shop" is minor entry in the Hitchcock series
chuck-reilly11 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not much in the way of suspense in the 1958 episode "Bull in a China Shop." Ruggedly handsome homicide detective Dennis Morgan is called in to investigate the death of an old lady who lives in a quaint boarding house with four other elderly women. The women, including Estelle Winwood and Ellen Corby, gush over Morgan like he's an Adonis sent from the gods and he soon learns that the old lady's death was no accident. More "accidents" are on the way as, one-by-one, a corpse appears every time he arrives for an official visit. It's the arsenic in the sugar bowl, of course, but why is this happening to these wonderful old spinsters. Morgan finds out, to his utter chagrin, and it's enough to make him switch career paths.

"Bull..." is played mostly for laughs and ancient Ms. Winwood provides many of them with her animated and energetic performance. She lived to be over 100 and was the oldest member ever active in the Screen Actor's Guild. Ms. Corby later was seen for years on "The Waltons." Veteran actor Morgan had a long and prolific career in movies and television. With his usual flair for the absurd, host Hitchcock wryly apologizes to the audience during the sign-off for not including a real bull and a china shop in the presentation.
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Not Exactly a Sewing Circle
dougdoepke25 January 2012
A Handsome police detective is called next door to investigate mysterious death among four pixilated elderly ladies.

In my book, it's a delightful entry, with delicious tongue-in-cheek. Catch big-eyed Miss Hildy (Winwood) roll those coquettish orbs as she lets handsome O'Finn (Morgan) in the front door. So, their little ruse has worked, but what about the dead lady all laid out in the parlor in her best finery. The four giggle and carry on like school girls. So what's the gentlemanly O'Finn to do with a dead body and a set of highly unusual suspects. This is the series at its dark humor and offbeat best, with no less than a wild ending.
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