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The quest for the truth begins
MaxBorg8914 June 2008
The premise of Season 1 (the attempt on David Palmer's life) occupied only eight episodes, with the remaining sixteen devoted to dealing with whoever organized the threat. Day 2 follows the same pattern, but reverses the proportion, since the nuclear bomb is out of the way only now, with nine more episodes to go.

With the nuke out of the picture, Jack returns to CTU where Tony has been appointed director, which means the man who secretly helped him in Day 1 is likely to become an annoying bureaucrat now. In fact, Tony insists everything be done by the book, especially since a recording found in Syed Ali's apartment indicates he was backed by three Middle Eastern countries and effectively closes the case. Or at least it would, weren't it for Ali's claim that the conversation featured in the recording never took place. Jack and Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth) believe him, but have a hard time convincing Tony and President Palmer. Ali being taken out by a sniper doesn't help that much either.

Whereas other drama shows, like The Sopranos, have calm moments after particularly eventful episodes, 24 can't, by its nature, stop for one second. Major explosion that killed a recurring character? No problem, it can be followed by an assassination that casts doubt on everything that has happened so far. That's the beauty of this series: it never allows you to take it easy.
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Action Continues
Desertman8410 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack and Michelle question Ali who reveals that the recording made in Cyprus is a forgery. However during the transfer from CTU to Guantanamo, Syed is shot and killed by a sniper. Palmer comes across a startling piece of evidence that leads him to prepare for war against three countries who appear to have been involved in the nuclear strike. Kim becomes a hostage in a convenience store robbery, and Jack is contacted by Syed Ali's assassin, the seventh Coral Snake soldier, Jonathan Wallace who offers him critical information regarding the Cyprus recording in exchange for Kate Warner. Michelle assists Jack in breaking Kate out of CTU custody. Tony attempts to stop Jack and fails.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Michelle Dessler expresses doubts about the Cyprus recording to Jack Bauer.

2.President David Palmer is told by Jack that Syed Ali has been assassinated, and that the veracity of the recording is in question.

3.Ramon Garcia unintentionally shoots Frank Davies, and in a panic holds Kim Bauer hostage.

4.Jack Bauer gets a call from an unknown man who wants Kate Warner in return for evidence that the recording is a hoax. Jack knocks down Tony Almeida and flees with Kate.

After an eventful previous episode wherein George Mason sacrifices himself to end the nuclear crisis,the action continues in this next episode as Tony Almeida becomes the new CTU head and when President Palmer started making plans on taking action on those responsible on the nuclear crisis.
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Three Countries!
Hitchcoc24 November 2018
The President is faced with some hard stuff. It has been concluded that three (unnamed) countries colluded to produce the nuclear weapon on U.S. soil. This leads to a jazzed up military wanting to move right in and start a huge war with the possibility of 30,000 casualties. But Michelle doesn't believe this is a real recording and Jack is also convinced. So it's more underground stuff. Jack is now considered a threat. While this is happening, Kim returns to trouble (I hope in future episodes, she is left out). Anyway, in her effort get help, she ends up in a convenience store in a hostage situation.
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