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The editing for this video is just AWESOME!
skk-623 May 2006
Whoever edited this video should be given an Oscar. I mean, the way it transitioned from close ups of feet and hands to long shots, it's GENIUS! Through his eyes, and remarkable insightful, the viewers see how intricate the process is, and understand the entire jigsaw that is Paula Abdul's Cardio Cheer. This excellent, eye-opening editing will make cardio cheerers glad that the editor has shown them the significant role he plays behind the scenes.

Who else would have thought to cut the video and put it back together the way that he did? Editing is an often invisible part of the film-making process; the audience tends not to be aware how the editor's eye has crafted a film. Some of its mystery is revealed when you see a jump-cut of workout scenes and the origins of his masterful edit of this amazing video workout.
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