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  • "Part II: Tonight's the Night" by Ludo. Also, an instrumental of "Save Our City" by Ludo plays a few moments before "Part II." Both songs are from Ludo's EP "Broken Bride" (which coincidentally is a rock opera about a man who must travel back in time to prevent his wife's death, and Doc Crotzer began his young career creating a documentary about the Back to the Future Trilogy, which is arguably the most famous time-travel movie series of all time).

    The members of Ludo reign from Missouri, like Doc Crotzer, and guitarist Tim Ferrell even went to the same high school as Crotzer (though they graduated 4 years apart). Crotzer helped Ludo film a video blog while in L.A., and so Crotzer used their music in The Agonist. Edit



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