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7 Feb. 2008
Three longtime friends, Victory Ford, Nico Reilly, and Wendy Healy, are challenged with keeping up with complicated business and personal lives in the mean concrete streets of New York City. For Wendy, being a big-shot film executive, a wife, and a mother proves to be a heavy daily juggle in which her British musician husband, Shane, is fully supportive of her career despite that he takes a back seat to her life. Victory, meanwhile, is struggling to revive her once top notch fashion career, and longs to find her "Mr. Right" which seems to come true when a handsome, ...
14 Feb. 2008
Chapter Two: Nothing Sacred
Wendy enjoys the success of her company's most recent movie, but only temporally. Wendy finds out that her old nemesis, Janice Lashera, promoted a novel for publication, which defaces Wendy as an empowered businesswoman and (even worse in her eyes) a bad mother. Nico's relationship with Kirby heats up, and instills her with a liberating mentality to shake things up around the office. Meanwhile, Victory has a problem with the downsizing of her company to just one employee, herself. However, she is very intrigued by her cynical new man, Joe Bennett, who turns out to be ...
21 Feb. 2008
Chapter Three: Pink Poison
Janice Lasher makes Wendy looks bad as a mother when she is preparing to release her new book. Wendy tries to prove the claims incorrect by bringing her daughter, Maddie, to a "Women in Media" luncheon. Meanwhile, Nico tries to slow down on her affair with Kirby when he keeps phoning her and even showing up at her office. Victory hires, Roy Merritt, a young Texan as her new personal assistant, while she introduces Joe Bennett to Wendy and Nico, which leads to a major change in which direction the relationship will go.
28 Feb. 2008
Chapter Four: Bombay Highway
Wendy has her eyes on a film in India which she feels great about, but the film doesn't seem to be a money making scheme. Wendy, however, throws a premiere party and gives Victory an opportunity to design for a star actress which does not go well at all. Meanwhile, Nico confides Victory and Wendy about her affair with Kirby and the problems when Kirby refuses to end it.
6 Mar. 2008
Chapter Five: Dressed to Kill
Victory finally discovers that someone has stolen her work, but doesn't know who was involved... unaware that it was her former assistant, Resse, who ripped off her designs and sets out to get back at her during a charity event for a wealthy investor. Meanwhile, Wendy tries to boost Shane's career in the music industry. But Shane resents this intrusion into his life as a stay-at-home husband. Also, Nico helps Kirby to get employed as a still photographer on a movie shoot starring Sasha Winters who makes a move onto Kirby.
13 Mar. 2008
Chapter Six: Take the High Road
Nico's boss, Hector, sends her on a business trip to Scottland to try to snag author J.K. Rowling for a major publishing deal. But things take a turn when Kirby also travels to Scottland to have another secret tryst with Nico, while Wendy also happens to tag along and after meeting Kirby for the first time, gets very angry and hostile when she discovers that Nico lied to her about ending her extramarital affair with Kirby. Back in New York, Victory grows more suspicious about what Joe's plans are for her when he makes a show of her during an high-society charity art ...
20 Mar. 2008
Chapter Seven: Carpe Threesome
Wendy deals with Lorraine Lipman, a difficult scriptwriter when she's hard-pressed by her co-worker, Salvator, to make a deadline for the next movie deal. Meanwhile, Nico faces a harsh reality when she learns that Charles is hospitalized from a heart attack, and she was not there for she's still counting her sordid tryst with Kirby. Victory gets used to the idea of Joe being her boss instead of her boyfriend, and while a swinging couple, pro hockey player Parks and his wife Kelly, give Victory a proposition she cannot refuse.
24 Sep. 2008
Chapter Eight: Pandora's Box
Several months since Charles' heart attack, Nico's guilt over her secret affair with Kirby leads her to decide that she must try to do anything to save her marriage. Meanwhile, Wendy decides to spend more time at home with her family, but things aren't easy when her overbearing and critical mother, Joyce, decides to come for a visit and gets on both her and Shane's nerves fast, and she as well annoys both Wendy's 15-year-old headstrong daughter Maddie, and her 10-year-old son Taylor. Elsewhere, Victory hires a publicist, named Dahlia, while she is also having trouble ...
1 Oct. 2008
Chapter Nine: Help!
After Charles' death, Nico tries to get used to life as a widow, but the reappearance of her husband's secret lover, Megan, makes it difficult, while at the same time, Kirby reappears wanting to re-start their sordid romance. Meanwhile, Victory begins construction on her new clothing store and the contractor, Rodrigo, sparks her interest. Elsewhere, Wendy's latest film on the life of John Lennon is in jeopardy when the star, Noah Mason, reveals a personal secret to her that he has terminal brain cancer.
8 Oct. 2008
Chapter Ten: Let It Be
Nico deals with the new CEO of Bonfire Magazine, the conservative, no-nonsense Griffin Bell, who wants to keep things by the book, while she also deals with her romance with Kirby, who wants to take their relationship public. Meanwhile, Victory's new relationship with Rodrigo rolls along, but problems arise when a slightly jealous Joe keeps interfering, and Rodrigo tells Victory that he happens to be raising a 10-year-old daughter by himself. Also, Wendy is consumed by her new John Lennon movie project that is starting to affect her personal and private lives when ...
22 Oct. 2008
Chapter Eleven: The F-Word
Victory plans to meet Rodrigo's daughter, Celia, against Dahlia's advice who wants her to continue to appear at public functions to jump-start her career. Meanwhile, Nico asks Kirby to escort her to a glitzy event, but her past keeps coming back to haunt her when her estranged father, Dimitri, asks for her help to help her estranged loser brother, George, after he is arrested for shady business deals while working as a limo driver. After she is fired, Wendy focuses all of her energy on her home life, much to Maddie's dismay who begins to recent her presence, and that ...
29 Oct. 2008
Chapter Twelve: Scary, Scary Night!
As Halloween approaches, Victory has a disturbing dream about Joe dying in a mountain climbing trip that she tries to interpret. Meanwhile, Nico makes expensive plans for Christmas with Kirby, but he refuses to let her pay for him when he believes that dating her makes him feel like a kept man which leads him to try to photograph an on-the-wagon starlet at a party he is working at to make extra money to sell to tabloid magazines. Elsewhere, Shane leaves town for a business trip without saying goodbye to Wendy who seeks solace from her friend Dennis, while she also ...
31 Oct. 2008
Chapter Thirteen: The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe
Victory deals with her boutique store's grand opening when she argues with Dahlia over her extravagant plans for the opening fashion show. But when Victory fires Dahlia, she turns against her and Victory is forced to call upon Rodrigo as well as all her friends to help salvage the event. Meanwhile, Joe confides in both Nico, as well as his long-suffering personal assistant, Ellen. He tells them about his worries where his relationship with Victory is concerned and makes a decision to buy her a ring. Wendy heads back to Parador Pictures to pitch a new movie idea. But ...
7 Nov. 2008
Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin
Nico is worried about meeting Kirby's mother, but is surprised to find out that the woman, Tina Atwood, is very much like herself: a sexually aggressive, fashionable woman who does anything to get what she wants. With Rodrigo gone from her life, Victory focuses all of her energy on winning a chance to design a new line but she will need help from Joe to establish new contacts. Meanwhile, Wendy is a bit jealous when Shane signs with a new music manager, named Josie, while Wendy herself begins to feel guilty about her encounter with Dennis the week before.
14 Nov. 2008
Chapter Fifteen: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada
Wendy feels betrayed when she sees Nico and Griffin enjoying a lunch together since Wendy still holds a grudge against him for firing her. But Wendy and Nico have to put their feelings aside when Victory learns that Joe was going to propose to her and she is upset that she may have inadvertently chanced it. In the mist of all this, the three friends head off to a health spa upstate, but it does not turn out the way they want it to. Kirby follows Nico there wanting to spend some quality time alone, while Victory seeks company with a male staff member. Wendy has a talk ...
21 Nov. 2008
Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving
On Thanksgiving Day, Wendy invites everyone she knows to hers and Shane's apartment for dinner, whom include her difficult and critical mother Joyce, her former co-worker Salvador, and her friends. But plans change when Shane's vixen manager, Josie, crashes the dinner and Shane has to console her when her pet dog dies. Meanwhile, Nico and Kirby find themselves stuck babysitting for Megan's newborn son when she takes off, which leads to Nico trying to figure where she and Kirby stand with this. Elsewhere, Victory finds herself stuck at her house after Daliah sets her ...
5 Dec. 2008
Chapter Seventeen: Bye, Bye Baby
Caring for Megan's baby begins to draw a wedge between Nico and Kirby who finds the baby interfering with their personal and professional lives. Soon, Nico received a visit from Megan's conservative parents to talk about where she stands with Megan's baby. Meanwhile, Wendy clashes with an egoistical producer wanting to invest in her colleague's, Cassidy's screenplay, while Shane keeps bring up the issue whether they should have another baby. Also, Victory gives Wendy's daughter, Maddie, some life advice over flirting with a college guy that Maddie finds herself drawn ...
12 Dec. 2008
Chapter Eighteen: Indecent Exposure
Victory becomes uncomfortable when she designs an advertising emblem for her latest line of bed sheets that feature a semi-nude woman, and her new investor want her to be the model on the cover. Nico calls on Kirby to be the photographer for the shoot, which puts both of them in an awkward position since they both ended their romance weeks earlier. Victory has a run-in with Joe (who's still cynical and misanthropic then ever), and she wants to talk to him about their ended relationship, but he naturally doesn't want to speak to her. Meanwhile, Wendy and Shane's ...

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