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Season 10

15 Oct. 2014
Home Sweet Home
With Christine demoted a new head teacher arrives - Vaughan Fitzgerald, with his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Soon afterwards Olga, the unstable wife he left for Allie, arrives with their sons Leo and Justin. She is about to enter a psychiatric unit and dumps the boys on Vaughan. Leo is affable but Justin is hostile towards his father, picking a fight with Floyd and though he apologizes he is insincere and makes it clear he does not want to be at Waterloo Road. Returning from their cruise George dumps the mercenary Carol who...
22 Oct. 2014
One Good Turn
Vaughan encourages the students to offer their services to members of the community, a decision which leads Lisa and Shaznay to rob elderly Mr Carmichael of a vase which, unbeknown to them, contains his wife's ashes. He comes to the school insisting that they stole two thousand pounds but Vaughan realizes that he is as much a chancer as the girls. Simon's efforts to reconcile Floyd and Justin fail due to Justin's hate-filled recalcitrance and after a run-in with the boy George resigns, having scooped fifteen grand in compensation from the cruise company. Dynasty also ...
29 Oct. 2014
Baby Boom
Allie starts a virtual baby scheme to teach pupils parenting skills but few of them take it seriously. One exception is Rhiannon, who confesses to the understanding Harley that she may be pregnant. Darren is less than sympathetic and, although the pregnancy test proves negative, she ends the relationship when she sees how shallow she is. She is consoled by Maggie, who suggests a career working with children. Carol stages a kitchen accident in the hopes of suing the school but is thwarted by Vaughan, who sacks her ,whilst Tiffany attempts to get through to Justin.
5 Nov. 2014
Pool Party
Gabriella Wark returns to school from therapy, a far gentler person, though she encounters general hostility from most of the staff and pupils, except Rhiannon and Allie's children, whom she invites to her house in her parents' absence. The vindictive Shaznay and Lisa alert dozens of students to the house and chaos ensues, with the two nasty girls trashing Gabriella's dead sister's room. A fight breaks out and Gabriella is knocked unconscious and falls into the swimming pool, from where she is rescued by Kacey. Sue and Hector are summoned and order the gate crashers ...
12 Nov. 2014
Testing Times
Lenny Brown is studying hard for his mock exams but with no help from his controlling, idle sister and lacking self-confidence, he cracks up, spoiling his paper and having a panic attack. Matters are not helped when the projected exam grades are leaked, leading to a pupil walk-out led by Lisa but realizing that it is Lisa holding him back he returns to school to successfully resit his exam. Knowledge that Vaughan is paying Olga's medical bills causes another rift between Floyd and Justin. The latter is consoled by Tiffany, who ends up in bed with him whilst Hector ...
19 Nov. 2014
Like Father Like Son
Justin steps in to help Mickey McArthur, a grubby boy he sees shop-lifting but the boy repays him by stealing his wallet so Justin goes after him, leading to a fight. However the realization that there is urban poverty on his doorstep inspires Justin to open a food bank at the school. Sonya is entering a short story competition but her trashy romance does not impress her colleagues so Christine suggests she write about something from experience. Meanwhile Kevin and Leo hack into the computer system of technology giant Wire Data and Floyd catches his sister kissing ...
26 Nov. 2014
A Tangled Web
Police descend on the school after Leo and Kevin have hacked into Wire Data's system, confiscating the computers and causing chaos. Company owner Jackson Whittaker arrives at the school and, after Kevin owns up, is set to prosecute, though Kevin has his own insurance policy which could land him a role in the organization. Under pressure from Floyd Tiffany tells her mother that she is sleeping with Justin whilst Christine is less than pleased to find her alcoholism the subject of Sonya's short story and Hector's advances lead Sue to suggest that she and Simon find work...
3 Dec. 2014
Ties That Bind
Allie persuades Vaughan to send Justin to a boarding school to part him from Tiffany but, whilst pretending to cooperate, he plans to run away to London with her. Aware of how unrealistic this is she alerts Allie and refuses to go. When Vaughan relents of his decision Allie moves out, taking Tiffany with her. Gabriella believes Darren could model for her designer mother Amelia's fashion catalogue but Amelia chooses Rhiannon to represent the fuller figure. However Rhiannon feels she is being exploited and joins Gabriella and Darren in visiting elderly Grace instead. ...
10 Dec. 2014
Yesterday's Child
Justin lets fly at Allie for taking Tiffany away and demands Leo help him but Leo has his own problem when Mandy, to whom he spoke on the help-line, arrives at the school and persuades him to play truant and trash Justin's room. Vaughan is anxious when Audrey discovers that Mandy is not a school-girl but a fugitive from a psychiatric ward. However Leo calms her down and stops her self-harming and Vaughan realizes that he has neglected Leo in order for him to take Mandy on board. Discovering Sue's affair Simon attacks Hector in front of his class before resigning and ...
17 Dec. 2014
The Final Straw
Sue realizes that Hector's plans for them are selfish and unrealistic and she drops him whilst Rhiannon and Darren successfully reunite Grace and Ted to lead a ballroom dancing display at the school. Vaughan hands Justin over to the police after the boy punches Allie but he gets bail, only to be met by Tiffany, who tells him that no longer has any interest in him after what he did. Allie has had enough and she and her children leave Waterloo Road though Vaughan has an even bigger bomb-shell on his hands when George Windsor reappears, asking for his job back and ...
5 Jan. 2015
A New Start
With the Lowsleys and Hector gone Vaughan brings in a new deputy, Lorna Hutchinson, and surly gym teacher Danny Spencer, with his protégé, budding cycle champion Dale Jackson, whose single-mindedness alienates the other boys. New pupils include kleptomaniac Kenzie Calhoun and Scott Fairchild, both having been excluded from several schools and both hating each other. Vaughan is shocked to find Olga has arrived as a supply teacher and there is worse to come when, thanks to Olga turning on the Tannoy, Vaughan 's conversation with Lorna regarding taking on problem pupils ...
12 Jan. 2015
Scott's Bike Ride
Vaughan launches Waterloo Wheelers, a free bike loaning service but the obnoxious Scott Fairchild, thinking it funny, crashes Dale's expensive racing bike, which Kevin mends. After Scott has sabotaged other bikes Kevin challenges him to a race, which lands him in hospital though Kenzie tries to point out Scott's stupidity to him. To get parents on side against the merger Lorna suggests forming a PTA but both she and Christine go head to head as to who should run it though Christine steps down as Kenzie's literacy teacher as Lorna gets on better with her. Olga backs ...
19 Jan. 2015
Lenny's Dilema
Two young teachers - both probationers - arrive at the school; the correct geography teacher Marco D'Oliveira and flippant Guy Braxton, whose subject is graphics and art and who has trouble keeping order. Kind-hearted Lenny defends new pupil Carrie Norton against his bullying sister Lisa and dumb friend Shaznay but is shocked to see Carrie and Guy kissing and tells Vaughan. Carrie's mother then comes to the school and what she has to say surprises everybody. Meanwhile Bonnie inadvertently betrays Kenzie's secret and Christine's attempt to get out of girls' nights with...
26 Jan. 2015
Episode #10.14
Whilst Maggie comforts Sonya over her cancer scare the PTA meets to discuss the proposed merger with Havelock High, Carrie's mother supporting it and bringing her up against Christine and Lorna. Homeless Guy tries to keep secret the fact that he is dossing in the school but is thrown a life-line by an unexpected source. Olga and Marco lead a field trip where Marco's dull, authoritarian approach leads to a sit-down protest and, separated from the others Kenzie, angry at Bonnie's betrayal of her, takes great pleasure in telling Justin and Scott that Bonnie has slept ...
2 Feb. 2015
Episode #10.15
The PTA group, led by the hostile Steph Norton, arrives at the school and Vaughan is anxious to make a good impression to prevent it being merged with Havelock High. Sadly things do not go to plan as the evil Lisa sabotages Marco's science lesson, injuring Carrie, Leo, obsessed with a computer game, trashes the library when Vaughan challenges him and an erotic book - written by Audrey - is read out loud. Bonnie admits to Lorna that she is receiving malicious texts whilst Sonya gets the results of her cancer test, leading to a misunderstanding.
9 Feb. 2015
Episode #10.16
Dale is desperate for a place in the national cycling team, starving himself to be the correct weight but this proves disastrous when he takes his trial. Abdul is baffled when his father Hassan is evasive regarding the family background for Abdul's genetic science project. He initially suspects that he may have a genetic disorder but is appalled to learn that he was adopted and his father never told him. Kenzie leaves home after rowing with her mother and Scott is an unexpected peace-maker whilst Leo agrees to help Bonnie trace her stalker but uses her computer to ...
16 Feb. 2015
Episode #10.17
Abdul reconciles with his father, who explains that his adoption was hurried and not quite legal, in order to get him out of a filthy orphanage. They plan to go away together but before they can do so Abdul receives devastating news. Dale goes off the rails now that he is out of the cycling team, taking Maggie's car for a joy ride with a terrified Lenny as his passenger. Kenzie finds both Justin and Scott literally fighting over her and decides to dump them both whilst Bonnie's persecution continues and things get worse between Olga and Leo. Sonya and Guy get close ...
23 Feb. 2015
Episode #10.18
Now aware that Hassan bought him illegally Abdul meets his real mother Yasmeen and is charmed by her though Leo encourages him to be sympathetic to the man who brought him up as his son. Ultimately Abdul's loyalties are tested as he must decide with which of the two he wants to live. Dale goes from bad to worse and Lenny is suspicious when Maggie's car is found crashed into a tree and shocked to find his sister in bed with Dale. After Maggie finds cannabis in Dale's possession he gets stoned and climbs onto the school roof but loyal Lenny rescues him and makes him see...
2 Mar. 2015
Episode #10.19
Justin is expelled for cyber-bullying Bonnie but Kenzie believes he is innocent and has her own suspicions as to the culprit, leading to an accusation, an act of selflessness and the truth finally coming out. Lorna's estranged husband Rob turns up, anxious for reconciliation. He has a PR company and offers to help prevent the merger through a press campaign. This includes high-lighting Sonia's supposed cancer and she reluctantly agrees but comes clean at the press conference. An angry Rob rounds her whilst the revelation does the resistance to the merger no good.
9 Mar. 2015
Episode #10.20
Christine is shocked to find that Vaughan, already admitting defeat, cannot be bothered to attend the public consultation and argue against the schools' merger, so she decides that the pupils do the presentation. Rob shows his true colours when it becomes apparent that he has no interest in saving the school, only trying to bully Lorna into a reconciliation and he is arrested after assaulting Marco and locking him in a cupboard with Kenzie, who is due to lead the presentation. At the same time Darren accidentally makes a discovery proving that the take-over is not as ...

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