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Not good, not bad
KingPat14 December 2006
I do not watch Megan's show. I only see snippets of it while I'm flipping channels at 6am. From what I see so far, it's not the best talk show ever, however, it isn't a train wreck either. I think Megan is a warm and friendly host and just allows her audience and guests to let loose and make themselves at home. I also enjoy her sense of humor and how she brightens things up. Now, what she needs to work on is adding a little more variety to the show. Upon watching, I noticed that she goes straight to the interviews once she starts and sort of centers the show towards them. I have seen viewer-friendly segments, comedy skits, etc, but not lots of them. Like Ellen's show, the opening would flow a lot better if Megan did some sort of monologue or chat intimately (sp) with her audience before the interviews, as well as more variety segments and whatever.

I give Megan a 5. She's no Ellen, but she's clean, funny, light hearted, and down to earth. She still has time to spice things up and add things on to get to the success level Ellen's on.
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shea_82524 November 2006
Megan Mullally has all the qualities that one looks for in a talk show host. She's hilarious, inviting, genuine, and she just makes you want to be friends with her. When you combine Megan's theatrical background, her cool personality, and of course the fact that she is absolutely hilarious, there are nothing but outstanding results. Megan's voice is phenomenal to say the least, and her charisma on the couch is perfect. She connects with her guests which truly allows us, the audience, to connect with both them and her. Megan's show is always something that I look forward to and something that I know I can count on to make me smile. It's a wildly entertaining hour of television and is, usually, appropriate for a wide variety of viewers. The Megan Mullally show is amazing and Megan makes a terrific host. Anyone who can should watch it, and anyone who can't should get with the program and buy TiVo!
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The foolish NBC
cam88996 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am shocked that a national TV network did not discover this simple truth that was so clear to me, Megan Mullally was never funny-Karen Walker was(thanks to the writers with Megan doing fantastic job of delivering them), therefore, the show should have been "Karen Walker Show" with same writers and Karen personage.

People would have rushed to see her since that is the person they always enjoyed anyway - and Megan would have been far happier and relaxed and stress-free since it was a scripted text and she could concentrate on the personality of Karen Walker and perhaps new variations that were never shown on the W&G shows. Would have far better chance of success. Would welcome a finder's fee:)
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The Megan Mullally Show
raysond6 October 2006
Who would have thought to host a daily syndicated nationally known talk show than one of the funniest characters from "Will and Grace?" Who would have thought that actress-singer and Broadway sensation Megan Mullally would be the perfect candidate to host a talk show? Who knew that this Emmy Award-winning actress from one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time would pull or do the impossible or take on an impossible task? Hosting a weekly talk show? Yes,ladies and gentlemen,that Megan Mullally,aka Karen Walker from the sitcom series "Will and Grace" has a talk show out titled what else....."The Megan Mullally Show",which premiered in syndicated markets in September of 2006. Let's face it,and lets hope that her show can keep up with the demands here and not to mention the competition from the other talk shows that are out there. I have seen the first episode of the show already which was basically a reunion with several of her "Will and Grace" co-stars Eric McCormick,Sean Hayes,and Debra Messing(not to mention other guest stars as well from he first episode) along with some of the great singing and musical numbers as well---plus you'll get to hear Megan Mullally's Broadway singing talents too-she has a fantastic voice. As for her talk show,we'll see what happens. It may not be the best of the new crop of shows to come out for the 2006-2007 season. Lets hope it just to expect the unexpected if Megan Mullally pulls this off. It would be a miracle.
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so very sad
brosia105 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
well i am sorry to inform people that this wonderful show is being canceled and that a true loss will be the result.this wonderful show has a bit of everything for everybody and shows that its host Megan Mullally has what it takes to be on top even though the show wasn't. even though she is well known for her role as Karen walker in TVs will and grace this has provided an excellent opportunity for her and i think that the show deserves a second chance,the heart to heart moments,the laughter and all the joy that this show has will be missed and the fact that it didn't pull in the ratings doesn't mean that it has to come to an end.
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