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Sex & Nudity

  • Before dying, a man screams that he is coming for a little girl he assaulted murdered and that she better run. This scene is disturbing.
  • The Cyberwoman is a very sexualized take on the Cybermen
  • The episode "Day One" contains strong sex scenes, male & female and female & female. This is mostly caused by a 'sex-addicted alien' who lives off the orgasmic energy.
  • There are strong references to 'cumming'.
  • The episode "Out of Time" contains a moderate sex scene and sexual references, the strongest is "fuck buddy".
  • The episode "Adrift" contains a brief sexual activity between two men as they get discovered 'in the act' by a woman. The scene is mild and meant to be comical.
  • In "Children of Earth - Day Two" there is a very brief scene of male full frontal nudity. It is shown from a distance and blurred.
  • The episode "Dead of Night" contains two sex scenes that are shown simultaneously and inter-cut with each other. One is between a straight couple and the other is a one-night-stand between two men.
  • The episode "Immortal Sins" contains flashbacks to a characters past in 1927 as he starts a sexual relationship with a man. We see a sex scene between him and the man which is mildly strong, it's meant to be more emotional scene though as the two characters realise their relationship. You very briefly seen some genital nudity in this scene.
  • At least every character in the show has kissed a person in the same sex.
  • Half way through the first series a woman has an affair with a man and it continues for a few episodes before she finally stops it.
  • Two male characters in the show are obviously having relations with each as strongly implied throughout dialogue and later seen.

Violence & Gore

  • At the start of the first episode of the Miracle Day series, a man is impaled on multiple spikes in a car accident. Very gory.
  • Violence towards humans and aliens throughout the series.
  • Each episode contains some moderate to strong amounts of violence.
  • Violence is bloody in several episodes.


  • Through out the Miracle Day series, references are made to a main character being a convicted pedophile.
  • Series 1: Several uses of 'fuck' in each each episode Series 2: Approximately a use of 'fuck' in every other episode Series 3: No strong language, but milder profanities are used. Series 4: One use of 'fuck' in the final episode.
  • Mild to moderate profanities are used throughout the series. Like shit, bastard, bitch, whore etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alocohol is consumed in a few episodes but hard illegal drugs are referenced but never used and if they are it isn't advertising them.
  • The most frequent 'drug use' would be when characters are given a drug called 'Retcon'. There are a few different classes of it but never specified how many or what they do but the drug is to wipe the memory of the person who takes it. It's mostly slipped into drinks. It is mentioned in an episode of the first series that a character gave a man the Retcon drug every month for two years. It isn't very harmful.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man on death row is to be executed by injection, but something goes wrong and he is seen convulsing on the table. This scene can be frightening.
  • Each episode is intense and emotional in it's own ways.
  • Most episodes might be frightening or intense for young children. The antagonist always gets defeated in the end in each episode.
  • Each series has gotten more mature, Children of Earth is more intense than the first two series put together and Miracle Day is quite shocking in some parts.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In a second season episode a woman gets bitten by a shapeshifter alien (the alien does die soon after) and she becomes nine-months pregnant the next very day. It is said in dialogue that the alien impregnated her by the bite to continue the 'family line'. This woman is stalked in that episode by the mother shapeshifter alien who wants to take the alien baby back.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One episode contains cannibals and it is strongly implied they killed and ate a small village. When questioned why they did this, they answered because they wanted to. This answer horrifies a main character
  • One character is immortal (although most viewers should already know) and he is shown to be killed in some mild to strong manners. In the episode "Immortal Sins" of Season 4 there is a flashback of the characters life before the series. As people realise he is immortal and they repeatedly kill him for torture and entertainment. We hear gruesome sounds but don't see much except for bloody marks on his body.

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