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  • A futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race.

  • A lethal virus spreads throughout Scotland, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. To contain the threat, acting authorities brutally quarantine the country as it succumbs to fear and chaos. The quarantine is successful. Three decades later, the Reaper virus violently resurfaces in London. An elite group of specialists, including Eden Sinclair, is urgently dispatched into Scotland to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.

  • Back in 2008, the uncontrollable and utterly devastating Reaper Virus smites Scotland, claiming thousands of innocent lives. Almost three decades later, in 2037--and with the land still being in quarantine--the lethal virus manages somehow to re-emerge, and as a result, the Prime Minister summons a hand-picked team of disposable heroes led by Major Eden Sinclair to retrieve possible survivors, and, hopefully, a radical cure. However, in this nightmarish land, no one truly knows what horrors remain hidden deep within the scorched and unstable quarantine zone. Is there an escape from doomsday?

  • Great Britain, 2007. A deadly plague, known as the "Reaper Virus," has broken out, killing hundreds of thousands in its wake. In desperation, the British Government evacuates as many survivors as it can out of the infected area, and then builds a wall, preventing the remainder from escaping. Thirty years later, with the wall still up and the victims all but forgotten, the virus breaks out again. The Government decides to send a crack team of operatives, led by Major Eden Sinclair, into the hot zone to investigate the possibility of a cure.


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  • Glasgow, April 3, 2008: Like so many epidemics before, the loss of so many lives began with a single microscopic organism. It's human nature to seek even the smallest comfort in reason or logic for events as catastrophic as these. But a virus doesn't choose a time or place, it doesn't hate, or even care. It just happens. The Reaper Virus, spreading among the population of Glasgow like a common cold. There was no stopping it, no cure, no vaccine. It claimed the lives of thousands in the first week.

    In attempt to quell the outbreak, Marshall Law was implemented, road blocks set up, curfews enforced. The airports, seaports, and borders were closed. Scotland was placed under quarantine. The people were ordered to stay in their homes, to avoid travel, avoid contact. To sit it out and wait for help that did not come. The UK government decide to build a containment wall on the borders of Scotland, isolating it from the rest of Britain, and also the docks, airports and bridges, preventing it from spreading.

    With SAS teams evacuating the last of the healthy survivors, a Scottish woman begs soldiers in a helicopter to rescue her daughter, suffering from a wound in her right eye, during a riot. A soldier sacrifices his place in the helicopter to save the girl. The mother hands a soldier in the helicopter a letter so her daughter will remember who her mother is. The little girl is transported out of the quarantine zone.

    The quarantine wall stood thirty feet high, clad in steel armor plating. Spanning eighty miles, east coast to west, cutting Britain in half. Coastal waters were mined and patroled. The skies were declared a no-fly zone. Orders were given to shoot down any air craft in violation of the quarantine. The idea was simple, nobody came out and nobody went in. Those abandoned within the quarantine zone were left to die. Social order decayed along with the corpses. The streets ran with blood as the people fought to stay alive. Bodies burned in the thousands, looting, rape, and murder became rife. Fire spread as the cities were plundered.

    The last to die became primal savages feeding on dogs, rats, and finally, on each other. As the weeks turned to months, the funeral pyres faded and died. In time, all the lights burned out, consigning the country north of the wall, first to memory, and eventually to history. And just as the government had turned it's back to the hot zone, so the rest of the world turned its back on Britain. With hundreds of thousands unemployed, homeless and destitute, the situation has reached a breaking point. It now remains only a matter of time before the laws of nature seek to redress the balance.

    London Shipping Docks, 2035, Now: DDS is on a slave trader raid. An eyeball is scanning the area. It's being controlled remotely on a wrist watch worn by Major Eden Sinclair, the little girl saved in the initial evacuation, now grown up and a DDS soldier. She now has a synthetic eye with optic technology to replace her missing one. Two smuggler leaders, Pinstripe and Richter, enter a large cargo ship. The DDS leader, John Michaelson, tells his team he wants him alive, he is the biggest slave trader in the city.

    Sinclair activates the Record option on her synthetic eye. The DDS team take out a number of henchmen with silencers just outside. The team quietly swarm into the ship as Richter leads Pinstripe and his henchman who has a case handcuffed to his wrist, to a cargo opening. Inside the cargo bin are captured people from a ghetto. Sinclair and Michaelson are in different areas of the ship, guns ready. In another room, Pinstripe opens a case filled with cash, Richter is pleased.

    Michaelson enters a room and sees a woman, blonde, naked in a bathtub. She quickly grabs a shotgun hidden to the side and blasts away, but Michaelson ducks for cover. Richter and his partner, Afro Girl, hearing the gun shot and suspecting a set up, pull their guns on Pinstripe and his henchman. The gunfire continues from bathtub girl. Seeking revenge, Richter blows two holes into Pinstripe with his shotgun, while Afro Girl puts a bullet in the henchman's head.

    Meanwhile, Sinclair enters the room with bathtub girl from another doorway and fires three rounds into the bathtub. Blood streams from the three bullet holes on the side of the bathtub, dead. In the other room, Richter orders Afro Girl to grab the case. She grabs a machete and whacks off the henchman's hand, freeing up the case and grabs it. They take off down a corridor, but Afro Girl is intercepted by Michaelson, he takes her out before she has a chance to aim her gun. However, Richter pops out of an opening capturing Michaelson, holding the shotgun to his head, ordering him to drop his gun.

    Around a corner, Sinclair throws her synthetic eye into the corridor to survey the situation via her wrist watch. She steps out holding her gun ready and advances forward. Seeing her, Richter orders her to get back, but she ignores him and continues forward as he steps back with his captive. Both Richter and Michaelson are screaming at her to not shoot, but she continues forward, gun still aimed. Then Richter stumbles from an object on the floor, he accidentally triggers the shotgun, half of Michaelson's head erupts in a splatter of blood. Startled at what happened, Richter looks up at Sinclair, she plugs several rounds into his body.

    Later, Domestic Security Chief Captain Nelson arrives at the scene. Sinclair is sitting down looking at the letter/envelope her mother handed the solider many years ago. She then places the synthetic eyeball back into her eyeball socket, Nelson cringes, he can never get used to the sight of that. Nelson wants to know what happen in there, she hands him a disc from her wrist watch that recorded the whole event. He takes the disc to be viewed later. He warns her she pushes herself too hard and could wind up a one seriously fucked up individual, he tells her to go home and get some rest.

    Urban Containment Facility - White Chapel, London: DDS police are on a routine drug raid in an abandoned building now populated by the homeless. Dressed in all black, protective gear, and heavily armed, the raid squad rush in as the people scramble in fear. They work their way up a set of stairs, guns and flashlights aimed. The police officers kick open a door of a room and behold a ghastly sight. Several people lying down, their skin covered with open sores, blisters, some barely awake. The repulsive lesions and sores are similar to the Reaper Virus. The leader orders them to get back.

    British Security Headquarters: Prime Minister Hatcher arrives by elevator and is greeted by his right-hand man, Michael Canaris. He informs Hatcher of the routine drug raid and the discovery of the infected victims. Canaris confirms it's the Reaper Virus, it's back. Nelson, who was called in for a national emergency, arrives at the building. Several British leaders have gathered in a conference room including Hatcher, Canaris, Nelson, and Jane Harris.

    Jane lays out a plan to contain the virus by flooding canals north of the capital, blockade all bridges and rail links in and out of the city, known as the Doomsday Contingency Plan. Containment is their absolute priority, they must implement Marshall Law now, keep the people off the streets while they secure the blockade and set up medical stations.

    Only then can they begin the evacuation. But Nelson warns them that while confining the citizens, throwing a killer virus into that mix will create massive chaos, especially once infected bodies start mounting, panic will hit the populace. Disorder will escalate - looting, rape, murder, the death toll will be unimaginable and there would be nothing the government could do about it.

    Hatcher requests a private meeting with Nelson, they are joined by Canaris. They reveal to him confidential information, a military satellite has been performing surveillance over Scotland for the last thirty years. For many years, it revealed only the expected - empty cities, deserted streets. That is, until three years ago, they detected people on the streets of Glasgow.

    They figured if there are survivors, then there must be a cure, and they want to get their hands on it. They already have a team standing by, they just need someone to lead them. Nelson is appalled that they known this for three years and just swept it under the rug. Hatcher sales pitches a political excuse implying more concern for how it impacts his political future than concern for the survivors. Canaris and Hatcher order Nelson to pick someone to lead the team through the walled-off country. Nelson chooses Eden Sinclair to lead the team.

    He provides her intel and emphasizes to her that secrecy is vital. He warns her that there will be no rules, no backup. He drops her off at a helicopter where Canaris awaits her. Before leaving Nelson, she asks him to look after her mother's letter, he accepts it. She enters the helicopter wanting to bum a cigarette, but he don't smoke. Canaris gives her intel on Dr. Marcus Kane, he was leading research on the virus when the gates were closed. He was trapped inside the hot zone. His lab was located in the quarantine compound in Glasgow. If anyone was capable of developing a cure, it was him.

    He recommends she start at that lab and pick up the trail from there. She is to rendezvous with the team at the wall. They must go in by APC vehicle, no flying in, the mission must be kept low profile. He gives her a GPS locator and they will have a gunship standing by to extract her team once they complete the mission. He reminds her of the Doomsday consequences if she fails and she needn't bother coming back if she finds nothing there. As the helicopter escorts her over the city, we see crowds on the edge of turning into a violent mob. Their aggression escalates at a blockade, forcing police to throw smoke canisters.

    Inside the British government building, Hatcher is coming unglued over the panic already hitting the streets. Canaris reveals his dark side and his true stance on the contagion. His attitude is the city is already crowded, creating other city wide problems - unemployment, crime, starvation, the homeless growing in the thousands. He suggests let the virus thin out the herd to give them breathing room. Hatcher is disturbed by this but puts up no protest.

    Border Six Station: Three hours later, the helicopter arrives at the wall. She is greeted by Sgt. Norton who welcomes her to No Man's Land. It's called that because no one around for miles south of the wall, which is no longer manned by any human sentry. It's been fully automated with heavy turret guns and search lights. Norton informs her the team arrived two hours ago, he guides her to the hangar.

    In the hangar, Norton assures her the team have been given their assignments, objectives, and a file on Dr. Kane. Sinclair is greeted by Chandler, tank driver, who gives her the run down on the APC vehicles. Corporal Read, a young beautiful blonde working on the APC is introduced. Sinclair moves on over to a table filled with weaponry. Norton introduces the two riflemen, Miller and Carpenter. They give her intel on the equipment - Bio-suits, combat model, high impact flexi-polymer, total freedom of movement, and 24 hour protection. Silicon foam grenades, a present from Canaris.

    She is then introduced to Dr. Talbot and Dr. Ben Stirling, medical scientists. They are going over the med-tech equipment. Locked and loaded, Sinclair's team head out of the hangars in the APC's. The large Wall Gate, which has been closed for so many years, DDS staff have to take power saws to it. The Gate opens, both APC's enter into the unknown, heavy rain pouring down. Behind them, the DDS staff weld the gate shut. Entering the quarantine zone, they gaze at nightmarish landscapes of dilapidated buildings and stranded vehicles in ruin, skeletons of victims from long ago.

    As they travel down the dark road, the APC is jostled, they stop to investigate. Outside they see hundreds of cattle, one squished to a bloody pulp they had just run over. As they move on, Talbot explains to Sinclair that Dr. Kane is the best in his field. Talbot learned everything he knows from Kane without ever actually meeting him. Kane's papers on virus research were required reading at Medical School. Sinclair shares intel on Kane, she inserts a disc in a player, a recording by Kane.

    At his lab he dug in with a bunch of stranded soldiers, they held out at St. Andrew hospital as long as they could. He kept up regular reports but eventually their frequency reduced to nothing. Morality had abandoned the people, fires spread, power supplies dwindling, food and water running out fast, distant cries of pain and anguish in the night, they begin to feed on each other. It's Medieval out there. Ammunition low, barricades don't hold out, their time has run out.

    Glasgow: Sinclair's team arrive with Bio-suits on and weapons ready. They set out on foot and escort the medical scientists, Talbot and Stirling, to St. Andrew Hospital. Sinclair warns Talbot and Stirling that if the soldiers face conflict, they need to stay clear of the line of fire. They open the hospital door, Sinclair holds her synthetic eye inside to survey the interior, nothing but long ago ruin. They enter the building, cautiously moving further in. They see a placard on the wall listing hundreds of names of those who died from the disease.

    They make their way to the fifth floor, the Viral Research section. Inside they see a horrid vision of plastic canopies splattered with blood surrounded by damaged medical equipment and abandoned weaponry. They move on further into an area labeled the Decontamination Zone. Sinclair orders Talbot and Stirling forward to search for evidence of Kane's work. The interior is scattered with medical equipment in ruin and the skeletons of victims.

    APC Vehicle One: Chandler is having a technical problem with the video feed that is positioned to survey just outside the vehicle. Suddenly, it corrects itself and he is startled to see a young woman covered in filth right next to the APC. By radio, he reports to Sinclair he has a live one. Against orders to not approach her, he readies an isolation capsule, a mobile plastic canopy chamber, and gears up with a Bio-suit. The team are screaming at him to return, but he steps out and approaches her, she appears to be in shock and collapses in his arms.

    Back in the Decontamination Lab, Sinclair orders Carpenter to investigate an untouched area of the lab. He wanders forward . . . suddenly a spiked bat slams into his helmet, shattering his shield visor, spikes embedded in his bloodied face, he drops like a rock. Holding the spiked bat is a wild looking character, a Marauder, get up in large goggles and outlandish hair do. The Marauder screams and ready to strike others, but Sinclair fires multiple rounds, taking him out. Instantly another Marauder appears, charging as he too is shot down, a third Marauder charges and is shot down.

    Now the Marauders are appearing from everywhere swarming the team, it's an ambush. A fierce battle erupts, guns blazing and hand to hand combat. After killing a number of Marauders, they scramble to the exit. Norton radios Corporal Read to get ready for an emergency evac. They battle their way through a seemingly endless supply of Marauders as they race for the APC's. Chandler carries the unconscious girl into the APC and seals her in the isolation capsule. Both APC's take off to get closer to the pick up point.

    However, they are immediately bombarded with Molotov cocktails, makeshift hand thrown incendiary grenades, courtesy of a number of Marauders perched higher up on nearby buildings. As Sinclair's team head for the pick up point, the onslaught of charging Marauders is relentless, the team's weapons are firing almost non-stop. The same for Chandler and Read, the fire bombs hit their APC's repeatedly as they race to the pick up point. Chandler's APC is on fire as he crashes through vehicle wreckage littering the streets.

    Behind and out of Chandler's view, the young woman is conscious, she uses a small blade to pierce the canopy and releases herself from the isolation capsule. As the Marauders continue their assault of fire bombs and hopping on the vehicles, the young woman creeps up behind Chandler and slits his throat with the small blade. Blood squirts outward as he loses control of the APC and it crashes into a building. The violent heaving of the crashing APC slams the young woman to the back of the APC.

    Blood spewing from his neck in a high arc stream, in his last moment of consciousness, Chandler releases a hand grenade. It tumbles to the back of the APC within inches of the young woman. Suddenly the APC erupts with a violent explosion, shooting the back door like a missile toward's Corporal Read's APC and ricochet's off to the side. Read reports to the team that APC One is down, they lost Chandler. The Marauders now focus their fire bomb assault on her. A Marauder clinging on the top of the APC climbs to the driver's portal and smashes the glass.

    St. Andrew Hospital: Sinclair orders the team to the elevator, sub-level one. All now inside the elevator, Sinclair uses a shotgun on the elevator support cable, breaking the cab loose as it goes into a high level free fall. A silicon grenade is ignited and the cab is instantly filled with an expanding foam, cushioning the passengers from the violent crash to the floor. They break through the hardened foam which crumbles easily and they exit the cab.

    APC Vehicle Two: Corporal Read is spraying Mace in the face of the Marauder clinging to the APC. He sits up rubbing the Mace from his eyes, not seeing an overhead sign approaching, knocking him off the APC. Corporal Read heads down a ramp to the entrance way of sub-level one, the team begin to board when another gang of marauders come charging forward. They blast away at the Marauders until all team members climb inside and seal the hatch. Corporal Read takes off with Marauders charging closely behind. Heading up the ramp, is the Marauder still rubbing Mace from his eyes. He looks up and sees the APC heading right for him, the vehicle squashes him like a bug.

    Once again the assault of fire bombs continue as the APC races along. Then, a Marauder positioned high above with a crossbow, shoots an arrow into the cockpit. It impales directly into Corporal Read's neck. She loses control of the APC, sending it into wreckage that causes it to tip over and violently flip over, eventually landing on it's side. Corporal Read is dead, they grab what they can and bail out. They are immediately assaulted by charging Marauders.

    Talbot is injured with a leg wound. The Marauders overwhelm the team forcing hand to hand combat. Miller tells the team to head off as he stays behind to fight them off. Norton and Stirling take off escaping the assault, but Sinclair remains behind also blasting away. A gang of Marauders swarm Miller overpowering him and beating him savagely to death. Talbot is beaten, but kept alive and held captive. Sinclair now out of ammo, surrenders to the gang. A Marauder steps forward and belts her, knocking her unconscious.

    Marauders' Jail Cell: Sinclair is interrogated and tortured by the gang's leader, Sol. His lover and assistant, Viper, watches. Sol deduces that if she came over the wall, then she must have planned on getting back. He considers Sinclair as his passport to the "Promise Land." Before leaving the cell, he orders his guard to ensure she remains alive. Before Viper leaves, she shows Sinclair the GPS locator, drops it on the floor and smashes it with her boot.

    Marauders' Arena: All the Marauders are having a celebration, loud music, street performers, pole dancers, dirt bike riders, and the DJ introducing Sol as he appears on stage. Dr. Talbot is barbecued alive before the entire survivor population and then eaten. During this ritual, Sinclair manages to escape from her cell and comes across Kane's daughter, Cally who is also imprisoned. Sinclair sets her free on the promise Cally can lead her to Kane, since he is Cally's father.

    While fleeing, Sinclair is confronted by Viper. They engage in a vicious battle with swords and Eden beheads Viper. Cally takes her to a nearby waiting train. After meeting back up with Sgt. Norton and Dr. Stirling, they proceed to make their escape via a train driven by Joshua, Cally's friend. While on the train, Cally informs them that Sol is his son who he has been at war with his father. The train takes them to the mountains where they take a shortcut through a hidden military facility to the castle where Kane dwells. They are surrounded by Kane's medieval soldiers, and Joshua is killed while the rest are taken prisoners.

    Kane Castle: Kane informs them of the truth: there is no cure, just people with a natural immunity, and sentences her and her group to death. Sinclair tells Kane the Reaper Virus is back, but they can burn in their own fire for all he cares. Kane tells Cally she must be cleansed for bringing impurities into his land and has Falco brand her back with a hot iron.

    London: Canaris convinces Hatcher to let the infected population dwindle before sharing any cure Sinclair's team may bring back so the population is easier to control. Although the government leaders are isolated, an infected man infiltrates the building and infects Hatcher. Knowing he has the virus, Hatcher commits suicide and Canaris takes over his position as Prime Minister.

    Kane Castle Arena: Sinclair is forced to do battle with Kane's executioner, Telamon. Meanwhile, Falco visits Norton and Stirling's cell. They overpower the guards, locking Franco and the guards in the cell. They break into an ammo vault and confiscated some grenades along with other weapons.

    After a long hard fought battle, Sinclair kills Telamon. This angers Kane and he orders the prisoners be executed now, but then sections of the castle explodes by the hands of Norton. As explosions continue, the four of them battle their way out of the castle. On horseback, they retreat to an underground facility and find a Bentley in storage. Falco and his men are in hot pursuit close behind. Sinclair and others decide to use the Bentley in an escape, but Norton is killed by Kane's men in the process.

    In the Bentley, they race back to the quarantine wall confronting a long, high-speed road battle with Sol's Marauders. Sol attempts to hijack the Bentley, but while he is on the roof, Sinclair plows the car through a roadblocked bus, decapitating him. Using a GPS cell phone also taken from the facility, Sinclair summons a government gunship and hands over the cure to Canaris: the immune survivor Cally from whose blood a vaccine can be replicated. Canaris, who arrives with the gunship, shares his plan with Sinclair to withhold the cure for political reasons and invites her back to London.

    But Sinclair chooses to stay behind instead of returning to London. Sinclair goes to find her old home located at the address on the envelope her mother had left her. Nelson, having been given the envelope by Sinclair before she left on the mission, finds her there. Sinclair provides Nelson a video of her conversation with Canaris, which she recorded with her cybernetic eye. Nelson takes the recording back to London and airs it publicly, exposing Canaris' plan to hold back the cure.

    Sinclair returns to the location where she and her team were first attacked by the cannibalistic tribe and, presenting them with Sol's severed head, is cheered as their new leader.

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