Space Chimps (2008) Poster


Andy Samberg: Ham



  • Titan : Are you in alumimum clothes?

    Ham III : Yes.

    Titan : Are you in a rocket?

    Ham III : Yes

    Titan : In outer space?

    Ham III : Yes.

    Titan : Are you David Bowie?

    Ham III : Uh... no.

  • Titan : Commander's log, space... the final frontier.

    Ham III : Permission to speak commander.

    Titan : Permission granted.

    Ham III : You're a dork!

  • Luna : Chimps don't leave chimps behind.

    Ham III : Yeah, but here's an idea: let's leave him.

  • Comet : What's your status?

    Ham III : Single. But there's someone I've got my eye on.

    Luna : Aw.

    Ham III : It's Luna, in case you were wondering... Oh wait, are we talking about the mission status, here?

    Houston : Yeah!

    Ham III : Oh, well, everything's ok but we have no way to leave.

    Houston : You still got the probe.

    Luna : The probe? It wasn't designed to return to earth.

    Titan : We'll just have to Chimprovize.

    Ham III : You know, I kinda missed your stupid puns.

    Titan : [laughs]  Thank you.

    Houston : Titan's right. You'll need a complete redesign.

    Ham III : How do we do that?

    Houston : Uuh, let me put you onto Comet.

    Comet : First, you'll need to re-engineer the aerodynamic skeletal structure.

    Ham III : Got it! Let me put you onto Luna.

  • Ham III : [after finding out the space ship doesn't really work]  We're nothing more than guinea pigs.

    Titan : Actually the guinea pigs are on the Mar's mission.

    [cut to the guinea pigs on Mars, running in wheels] 

  • Ham III : I knew I could never become a hero, so I became a clown

  • [Ham, Luna, and Titan are running on treadmills] 

    Titan : [singing]  I am Titan and I am strong.

    Ham III : [singing]  No one wants to sing along.

    [Ham throws a banana peel at Titan, causing him to slip] 

  • Ham III : [to Titan, after getting caught]  Great plan!

  • Titan : Time to chimp it up!

    Ham III : I know I said I missed your stupid puns but that was unacceptable

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