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Indiewire @ Hulu Docs: Fun & Games, SXSW Style

Indiewire @ Hulu Docs: Fun & Games, SXSW Style
Anyone who's ever attended SXSW immediately appreciates the sense of fun in the air. In that spirit, Indiewire's latest curation of Hulu's Documentaries page includes a series of lighter, and often funny, docs that can help you approximate the Austin experience, even from afar. Watch these films now for free! A great place to start is with a SXSW alum, Michael Stephenson's "Best Worst Movie," still one of the most enjoyable documentaries ever made about bad films and fan culture. Stephenson, the child star of the so-bad-it's-amazing "Troll 2," revisits his fellow castmates and filmmakers to find out the impact of being involved with one of the worst movies ever made. Of course, SXSW's Interactive conference has proven to rival music and film as the event's most popular gathering, bringing together emerging technology and innovative gaming. Flashing back more than thirty years, Lincoln Ruchti's "Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade
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The Not Just New Movies Podcast: Ep. 84 - Mr. Baseball


In this week's episode, Ben and Tyler talk about Fred Schepisi's 1992 film, Mr. Baseball.


Character Name Game Intro - 1:46

Media Consumed


The Rock-afire Explosion - 2:30

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade - 6:10

Up Your Bookend: "The Neverending Story" - 11:50


NBC's "Awake" - 14:45

Goon - 21:10


Mr. Baseball - 28:30


Next Time: Friday the 13th Part 1 and 2 - 58:27

Listener E-mail/Voicemail/Twitter - 1:01:01

Character Name Game - 1:07:06

Where You Can Find Us - 1:11:01
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Streaming for Your Pleasure: Documentaries

  • Nerdly
Article by Dan Clark of Movie Revolt

Welcome to the first installment of Streaming for Your Pleasure where I highlight interesting and unique films now available on Netflix streaming. In each segment I will focus on one major overall category – this first time round I am looking at some intriguing documentaries that are worth checking out.

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade

Directed By Lincoln Ruchti

Synopsis: At the unassuming Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottumwa, Iowa, early gamers fought for bragging rights at the 1982 Video Game World Championships. See how competitive gaming started, and meet arcade owner Walter Day, who still oversees scoring.

Why You Should Check It Out: There is just something about that arcade experience that I really miss. Today’s online gaming world is full of foul mouth preteen kids mocking you in almost every turn. Back in the day those kids were standing right next to you
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How’s This for a Withdrawl Fee?: Dead Air Episode 8 – Atm

I strongly encourage you to check out this edition of Dead Air and it’s not because I do the write ups for the darn thing. Truth be told, this is one of the funniest episodes yet with more than just your daily fill of news, movies watch list and in depth analysis of an independent genre movie. We’re talking about Jesse Bartel and Ted Brown creating some truly entertaining audio alongside our man in the great north, Jeff Konopka. Let’s get into some of the menu items on this week’s edition so you know that I’m not fibbing.

Obviously the crew will be discussing at great length the new feature from IFC Films, Atm. You have three guys with three very different opinions who will jockey for supremacy and try to get convince you that there side of the story is correct. That’s a menage a trois of opinions.
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10 Sundance Films Now Available to Watch At Home

10 Sundance Films Now Available to Watch At Home
You don't have to work for the Sundance Institute to view some of the projects participating in the Institute's Artist Services program. Starting today in the U.S., you can check out 10 of the films (including the acclaimed "Lord Byron," the crazy horror film "The Oregonian," and Aldred P. Sloan Prize winner "Obselidia") on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instrant Video, Hulu, SundanceNOW and YouTube. The Program provides Institute artists with exclusive opportunities for creative self-distribution, marketing and financing. Below find a list of the films available for viewing, with synopses provided by the institute: Advise & Dissent (Director: David Van Taylor) — A riveting, in the trenches look into the politicized Supreme Court confirmation battles. iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, SundanceNOW, YouTube. (2003 Sundance Documentary Film Grant) Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade (Director: Lincoln Ruchti) — In...
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Thirteen Films Make Online Premieres through Sundance Institute's Artist Services Program

Thirteen Films Make Online Premieres through Sundance Institute's Artist Services Program
The Sundance Institute is supporting the digital premieres of 13 films through its Artist Services Program, which was started this summer to give Sundance filmmakers and alunnae the opportunity to distribute and market their work.   Five films are available online today: must-see "Semper Fi: Always Faithful," which is on the Oscar shortlist for Best Documentary, and is guaranteed to choke you up; Independent Spirit award-winner "Obselidia";  the 2007 film "Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade"; "Lord Byron," and the 1994 Sundance Grand Jury Award-winner "What Happened Was..." A full list of titles to be available...
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Doctor Kong Trailer: Yet Another Arcade Game Documentary

For obvious reasons, I am a pretty big fan of Seth Gordon's 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, which captures the intense battle between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe as they both try to attain the coveted title of Donkey Kong World Champion. One of the few unsatisfying things about the movie is the fact that the story never seems to end, because the title has continued to change hands ever since the release of the film. Things became even more complicated last year when a third contender entered the picture and stole the title away from both Mitchell and Wiebe: 35-year-old plastic surgeon Hank Chien. Chien's skills have earned him the nickname Doctor Kong, and now he is also getting a documentary of his own called Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition. Directed by Alexis Neophytides, it's somewhat unclear if this is a feature-length doc or just a short.
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Film Junk Podcast Episode #299: Tron: Legacy

0:00 - Intro / In-House Stuff / Jay in Philly 12:42 - Headlines: 2011 Golden Globe Nominees, Jon Favreau Turns Down Iron Man 3, Madden Curse Movie, The Weinstein Company to Produce Miramax Sequels, Top 10 Most Pirated Films of 2010 33:05 - Review: Tron: Legacy 1:15:50 - Trailer Trash: The Tree of Life, Fast Five, Limitless 1:31:50 - Other Stuff We Watched: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Black Swan, Cyrus, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Animal Kingdom, Cloak & Dagger, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, Wordplay, The Town, Winnebago Man, Scrooged, Ed Wood 2:29:00 - Junk Mail: Rare Exports Explained, Bay of Blood + Sean's Nickname + Poutine, The Thing and Slow Fades, Christmas Lists 2:51:10 - This Week's DVD Releases 2:53:55 - Outro » Download the MP3 (82 Mb) [1] » View the show notes [2] » Vote for us on Podcast Alley! [3] » Rate us on iTunes!
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Film Junk Podcast Episode #284: Piranha 3D and Centurion

0:00 - Intro 4:35 - Headlines: Quantum Leap: The Movie, Google Movie in the Works, David Slade to Direct Wolverine 2?, The Death of Comic Book Movies 20:15 - Review: Piranha 3D 54:50 - Review: Centurion 1:12:30 - Trailer Trash: Black Swan, Monsters, I'm Still Here 1:22:15 - Other Stuff We Watched: Don’t You Forget About Me, Piranha, Leviathan, 12th and Delaware, Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade, Piranha II: The Spawning, Despicable Me, Redbelt, Fishing with John 1:55:00 - Junk Mail: The Expendables: Arnold's Team, Home Theatre Set Ups, Writing Movies with Specific Actors in Mind, Favourite On Screen Couples, Animated Segments in Documentaries, Holy Cinema Experiences, Hardcore Pawn 2:21:20 - Twitter Question: What old horror movie would you like to see remade in 3D? 2:25:10 - This Week's DVD Releases 2:32:10 - Outro » Download the MP3 (70 Mb) [1] » View the show notes
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