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  • An unknown creature terrorizes an archeological dig in the middle of a desolate New Mexico town.

  • In the desert area of Hat Creek, cows are found partially devoured and the farmers believe that a wolf is attacking the cattle. The alcoholic Sheriff Annie Flynn is called by the local farmer Rob Horn to witness the remains of an animal to request reimbursement from the government and for an accident with a tank truck that is blocking the road. However, Annie sooner discovers that an ancient alien creature sent to annihilate life on Earth hundreds of years ago was released by the Indian Kale during an archaeological excavation in the desert. The Indian Caya and a group of travelers stranded in the spot without gas together with Annie and Kale try to find a means to destroy the alien and save mankind.

  • A vicious alien "bio-probe" (an apparent cross between Predator and a Tyrannosaurus rex mini-me) that's been trapped for 900 years, gets unearthed deep inside a rocky cavern during an archeological dig within an anasazi tribal "burial kiva" beyond the limits of a desolate high desert town.


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  • A vicious alien "bio-probe" (an apparent cross between PREDATOR and a tyrannosaurus rex mini-me) that's been trapped for 900 years, gets unearthed deep inside a rocky cavern during an archeological dig within an anasazi tribal "burial kiva" decorated with pictographs far outside a desolate high desert town. As the carnage escalates, local sheriff Annie Flynn (Emmanuelle Vauger) and a group of stranded civilians must find a way to destroy the creature before it duplicates its feat of nine centuries earlier: complete annihilation. Unfortunately, the alcoholic sheriff is one of the least popular county residents--only one week from being terminated--and she only has one deputy. While drinking, sheriff Annie has continual flashbacks to a terrible tragedy a year earlier for which she feels guilt. To make matters worse, that unforgotten disaster involved local Native American plant biologist Nodin (Tonantzin Carmelo), who is one of the few people nearby who might be capable of replicating the long-gone anasazi potion which caused the creature to hibernate for so long. After running out of cows to kill at an area cattle ranch, the bio-probe sets its sights on the only large mammals left--people! In the ensuing chaos, the hamlet's regular power supply is cut off and the few generators around are running low on diesel. To make matters worse, every vehicle in sight either has engine trouble or runs out of gas two minutes after sputtering to a start. A "baby rattlesnake" bites someone. And what are the real motives of defunded Native American archeologist Kale (Luke Goss), who started this whole incident in the first place? To complete this synopsis with a little less than 100 per cent spoilers, EVERY person shown in this movie dies a horrible death, except for three survivors, one of which is the truck stop waitress Tanya (Deborah Offner), whose role is over after the first few minutes of the feature. Other possible survivors include the local cattle rancher Rob Horn (M.C. Gainey), Nodin's potter-businessman grandfather (Russell Means), grandpa's gasoline delivery trucker Frank (Mark Kelly), Annie's bartender friend Carla (Miranda Bailey), Annie's critics Harlan (Jeff Olson) and Curtis (Ric Barbera), sheriff's deputy Luis (Isait de la Fuente), the mysterious and impatient Detroiter Hank (Charlie Murphy), would-be Hollywood starlet Caya (Beau Garrett), Caya's friend Ally (Whitney Able), and the broken-down local cowboy Caya and Ally pick up, Charlie (Tommy Dewey). The movie ends with two of these riding off into the sunrise, with the body of a third who sacrificed everything in the back of their half-wrecked truck.

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