Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) Poster

Richard Coyle: Tus



  • Prince Dastan : If we don't stop him, our world could end.

    Tus : If you're gonna kill me, best you do it now.

    Prince Dastan : [pulls out dagger]  This is no ordinary dagger.

  • Tus : [Looking at Tamina]  A rare jewel. Present her to the king for me this evening, Dastan.

    Prince Dastan : Sure you really want another wife, brother?

  • Tus : Stop! A moment ago, you died before my eyes.

    Prince Dastan : [relieved]  Oh, you pressed it.

    Tus : How did you know I would?

    Prince Dastan : Because we are brothers.

  • [first lines] 

    Tus : [voiceover]  Long ago in a land far away, there once rose an empire that stretched from the steppes of China to the shores of the Mediterranean. That empire was Persia. Fierce in battle, wise in victory. Where the Persian sword went, order followed. The Persian king, Sharaman, ruled with his brother, Nizam, upon the principles of loyalty and brotherhood.

  • Tus : [voiceover]  Moved by what he saw, the king adopted the boy Dastan into his family. A son with no royal blood and no eye on his throne. But perhaps there was something else at work that day, something beyond simple understanding. The day a boy from the unlikeliest of places became a prince of Persia.

  • Tus : We both know Dastan was many things, but *not* a coward.

  • Prince Dastan : Our orders were to subdue Koshkahn, not to attack Alamut.

    Tus : Wise words, little brother.

    Nizam : Words won't stop our enemies, once they're armed with Alamutian blades.

  • Tus : It's said the princess of Alamut is a beauty without equal. We'll march into her palace and see for ourselves.

  • Tus : You and Garsiv can handle father in my absence. You do have a gift to honor him with?

    Prince Dastan : [Slightly drunk]  Of course!

    [Turns to Bis] 

    Prince Dastan : Bis! Gift!

    [Bis looks at him confused] 

    Prince Dastan : It's been momentarily misplaced...

    Tus : I knew you'd forget.

  • Prince Dastan : [Holding a knife to Tus' throat as guards approach]  We need to talk.

    Tus : Then talk.

    Prince Dastan : Alone.

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