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  • Ex Machina is based on an original screenplay by Alex Garland. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the previous scene, Caleb had discovered numerous previous versions of Ava, stored in Nathan's bedroom. Also there was Kyoko, who Nathan had said was a Japanese servant who did not speak any English. Kyoko peels back parts of her skin to demonstrate to Caleb that she's actually not human, but a robot like Ava. Throughout the whole week Nathan had been playing mind games with Caleb and Caleb now begins to wonder if he himself is a robot, and that the actual test might be aimed at him. So he goes into his bathroom and begins looking for signs, checking his skin for seams, looking at the edges of his eyes and mouth to see if he can find anything. Finally he resorts to cutting deeply into his arm to try and see if it has machinery beneath it. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is a wordplay from the known term "deus ex machina" which translates from Latin to "god in the machine" (therefore the title means "from the machine"). It is a plot device by which many plays are ended, a "god in a machine" descends from heaven to solve all the character's problems and wind everything up perfectly. In the movie, there is an analogy between being a god and having created an artificial intelligence. The removal of the word "deus" from the title may indicate that such a creator is not a god after all or that there is a separation between the artificial intelligence and its creator on a philosophical level. It may also hint at the birth of a consciousness from a machine and the separation of an intelligence from this machine. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Universal Pictures financed this film in exchange for worldwide sales rights. After this film was finished, Universal thought that it was too quirky for a big studio release. So Universal offered this film to Peter Schlessel (then-CEO of Focus Features, Universal's specialty division). But Peter Schlessel passed on this film. Afterwards, Indie distributor A24 jumped at the chance to release this film in USA, and this film enjoyed USA box office success and got two major Oscar nominations. Universal vowed not to let the same situation happen again.

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