Notes on a Scandal (2006) Poster

Bill Nighy: Richard Hart



  • [Barbara is upstairs, watching Sheba and Richard having a blazing row about her affair with Steven Connolly] 

    Barbara Covett : [voiceover]  By the time I took my seat in the Gods, the opera was well into its final act.

    Richard Hart : You're his teacher!

    Sheba Hart : And you were mine! I'm not justifying. I'm not trying to justify it...

    Richard Hart : You are so full of shit! It's totally different. You were twenty!

    Sheba Hart : He's sixteen in May. He's not some innocent...

    Richard Hart : Of course he's innocent! He's fucking fifteen! Are you insane? If you meant to destroy us, why not do it with an adult? That's the convention, it's worked for centuries!

  • Richard Hart : I knew who you were when we met. You were young. I knew it might get tough, but I was prepared. You're a good mother, but at times you've been a fucking lousy wife. Why didn't you come to me? You could have told me how lonely you were. You never trusted me to help you. I'm not saying I was so fucking fabulous, but I was here.

  • [Sheba is going to see her son perform in his school play, but Barbara demands that she must instead go with her to the vet to see her cat put down] 

    Richard Hart : My condolences! Poor, poor, pussy! Now can I have my wife back, please?

  • Barbara Covett : Do you know much about wine?

    Richard Hart : Only the drinking part.

  • Richard Hart : [talking to Sheba about Barbara]  Why is she ALWAYS here? What kind of fucking spell has she cast on you?

    Barbara Covett : I don't like your tone.

    Polly Hart : [to Richard]  Ben's getting REALLY stressed, I think he's gonna BLOW!

    Richard Hart : [to Sheba]  Just get in the bloody car, will you?

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