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Too Slow
lorilynns110 February 2007
The movie started with a good idea then quickly went south. At times the sound was weird and it was hard to understand Reid....Glad I saw it on DVD so I could run it back 15 times to catch what she was saying. Just too slow moving to be a good horror movie. I do give a thumbs up to the make-up on the main scary dude, to bad they wasted it on this movie. I had heard it was being compared to Nightmare On Elm Street, but I didn't see much of a connection. Nightmare On Elm Street was a well thought-out fully connected movie...Incubus was disjointed at times and Reid's character was empty. All in all I wouldn't recommend it to be your first pick to rent.
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On a scale of 1 to 10? It SUCKED
jthomas-7117 February 2007
It's a standard premise--people get into an accident in the middle of nowhere, look around, discover something they should have left alone, and murder and mayhem ensure.

Done right, you get the likes of Alien or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But when the formula is implemented by ten spastic monkeys banging away at some typewriters, the result is Incubus.

Make no mistake: There will be a special place in Hell reserved for all who had anything to do with this piece of trash being made. This movie had not a single redeeming feature about it--bad acting, bad direction, and I could have eaten ten horror scripts, thrown up, and pieced together a script based on how the different chunks of partially digested script landed on the floor, and it *still* would have been more coherent than this.

You have been duly warned.
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This is scary?
sharks1947-130 January 2007
Can't believe anyone would think this is scary. Some of the worst acting and dumb story lines even for an grade Z movie. Tara Reid, what can you say about this actress. She has one expression, its like whats going on here, I'm clueless. I guess a look can take you so far even without any talent. I just wonder who is giving this a decent rating. Is the studio behind it doing it. AOL that had it to download? I actually checked the rating before watching and thought "well it might not be too bad, some people are liking it". There are so many good, small independent movies out there that are looking for distribution, why give this a release on DVD? To compare this to Nightmare on Elm St is just crazy.
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The only thing looser than the plot is the reputation of the actors in it.
sydneylowe8 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I usually love watching bad horror movies. They're fun. This movie was an exception. The characters were so poorly acted and their motivations so completely irrational that I was hoping this was a short film and they'd all die quickly. And the plot! Swiss cheese has less holes.

Here's what I hated the most. I apologize the list is so short...

Why did the entire gang enter through the roof? Why wouldn't 1 or 2 of them descend through the vent, then try the front door to let their friends in? Why did they assume they wouldn't be able to open them from the inside?

When Jay and Josh are both looking for each in the hallways, screaming each other's names, why don't they answer? Jay couldn't have gone more than a few hundred feet before Josh went after her.

Lucky break finding that key in the scientist's mouth. If Josh couldn't tell what was in her mouth, why did he insist on digging in there?

In the basement, when Josh is trying to find the breaker switch, Holly senses there is someone down there with them. "Oh, don't worry about that, Josh, just find the breaker. The lights are sooo much more important than your life."

When the gang discovers the Incubus, Josh immediately recognizes him as a child killer. How? This takes place years later after his conviction and his faked death so the government could experiment on him. How could anyone make that connection?

"Hey, we're really scared because of the dead bodies everywhere and the psycho killer locked in the basement. I know, why don't we split up while Peter's trying to open the vent?

When Peter discovers the airvent with the vertical shaft to lead to the roof, everyone's happy. In the very next scene, the characters are shown going upstairs. Wouldn't the vent be easier to access on a higher floor and make it less of a climb to the roof?

No one was around when Peter fell asleep and became host to the Incubus. How could Jay, Bug, and Holly reach their conclusion that Peter was possessed during his sleep? Jay had no basis to warn Bug not to fall asleep because the same thing would happen to him.

"Oh no, Peter's gone crazy. Where can we feel safe? I know, in the glass room with the creepy coma guy. Quick, everyone inside."

Jay spends 5 minutes reading a "random" file about the Incubus and suddenly has ALL the answers. Oh yeah, she's a medical student. They must cover inhumane experiments involving child psychopaths and REM sleep in first year. Ditto with the first VHS tape she finds. Lucky pick, Jay.

"Oh, my brother's dead and I'm devastated. The only thing that will help me now is telling Holly about my out of body experiences as a kid, which has nothing to do with the plot, other than a cheap attempt to explain what could be happening."

Jay is a medical student? When was this ever revealed in the movie? And of all the people to play one, Tara Reid? Come on...

The Incubus was very articulate considering he had no tongue, and my, so incredibly agile even though he was in a sitting position for years. Thank god his muscles didn't atrophy.

"Oh no, the psycho Incubus is free, can talk, and walk around without handicap. I better waste time tying this vice to a rope and just hope it somehow hooks onto something on the roof." How did the rope get long enough to do this? It snapped when Peter was using it, leaving it short, which is why they were trapped in the first place.

Jay kills the Incubus in seconds with rope that's not even wrapped around his neck. She just pins it down over his neck on both sides and he suffocates in seconds.

Why did the police officer immediately arrest Jay at the end of the movie without seeing if she needed medical attention? Or asking her to explain what happened? And why did Jay just put her hands behind her back so complacently? (Tara, you're acting; this isn't real life.)
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Users tell no tales: "Incubus" is really bad.
HumanoidOfFlesh15 September 2007
Jay(Tara Reid)and group of her friends are stranded in a building where they realize that a serial killer is terrorizing them by going into their dreams.Fairly routine plot offers nothing fresh or interesting.The acting is hysterical with the token black guy being the worst.Admittedly the location sets in Romania are mildly eerie and there is a bit of gore and suspense in the climax,but I was bored whilst watching this film.Of course I didn't expect nail-biting suspense or tons of splatter,I just wanted to be entertained and "Incubus" failed to do this.Just another quickly forgettable horror film recommended only for some rabid fans of low-budget crap.
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One of the worst films I have ever seen.
FionaGoode3 April 2007
I could not even get through this film. It had to be turned off. I tried to give Tara the benefit of the doubt since I had recently watched Devil's Pond and found it mildly enjoyable but this is just the worst film I have tried to watch in a long time. The acting and dialog are beyond corny and laughable.It's B-grade in terms of premise and execution.The concept of the film is so far-fetched its hard to even get into,I will venture to say its impossible to get into. Also, who ever dressed Tara in that see-through top needs to be exiled from working in film. The movie description makes you think you will see a nice Nightmare on Elm Street homage or something along those lines but trust me, you wont. the only horror about this film is the fact you have to pay to watch it. -the positive ratings here are obviously done by someone associated with the film, check their comment histories-
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dreaming can be hazardous to your health
windypoplar22 May 2008
"Incubus" starring the always lovely Tara Reid, is a direct to internet, direct to DVD horror flick. In other words don't expect much. Six incredibly stupid friends are lost in the woods, duh! And seek shelter in an apparently abandoned compound. The only smart one, pay attention to her folks!, decides to risk the outdoors. Reid, playing Jay, her brother, a very irritating actor I don't know, and 3 others go inside. Ala, the descent to hell.

Inside is a man called the Sleeper, you dream, he takes your body, and kills. The director creates some good atmosphere and Tara does manage some good moments of "oh my God?" Basically this was a bad script. The story makes less and less sense as it goes. There are some good scares and some heavy gore, but when they finally go off on the killer the film collapses.

Supposedly the Sleeper has been held in stasis for five years, still once loose he jumps around like super-fly and takes people out~! Hello, five years? Wouldn't your muscles atrophy a bit? The end comes down to Tara and the killer as you must have known. This gets confusing. In a film with a plot like "Nightmare on Elm Street" I expected some good fantasy/dream sequences. There is only one, right near the end and its good, but it leaves you wanting much more. There is a nice final twist, which I won't give away, but its not quite enough to make up for about an hour of sludge.

"Incubus"-the title is explained fairly well- isn't the most horrible thing I've seen, but it could have been a whole lot better. There isn't enough back story given to make us care and there isn't enough of Tara shown if your wondering. This is for die-hard horror fans only and even then I hope it just inspires you to make a good flick of your own.
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This movie sucks big time
Devlopers10 February 2007
This is worst horror movie I have seen in a while. Story line is just awful, it feels like the director heard some stuff about astral traveling then some stuff about incubus and thought that he will have super storyline, he was wrong.. Acting? It feels like movie director got the worst actors available, I heard this movie had 5 million budget? Like what the hell? It looks like 10 000$ movie. Anyway, I strongly suggest to not to watch this movie, I feel that I have wasted my time big time. Its more like comedy, I actually laughed instead of being horrified.


1 out of 10
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Tara Reid in another of her "Awesome" movies.
joyedivision3 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Awful is probably the best word to describe the entire movie, seriously, i haven't seen something this bad and hilarious ( in a bad way) in months.

All right, the fun moments, like Tara Reid's acting. The scene where she cries over her brother's dead body is like, hilarious. It screams for Oscar, lol. And i wasn't able to count how many times she screams "Oh no" in the entire movie, the way she deliver her lines are "surreal".

The characters are the dumbest ones to appear in a terror movie. Oh, there was a maniac locked in the basement and now the door is open, let's go check there again ? Or when the other girl in the group locks herself and wait until the "killer" get's really close to open the door and let the other ones come inside, how smart is that ? And when Tara is trying to escape in the end, why in the name of god didn't they tried that before ? There are so many other plot holes like these.

Probably the best-of-the-worst scene is in a flashback, where we can check a little more of the killer's life. And another hole, he have no tongue but is enable to even sing (!!!) at the end.

Seriously, even worst then the holes are the acting of the cast, the dialog and the ending, terrible. There's even one character that disappears in the beginning and appears again in the end just to deliver the worst line in the whole film.

So..i must say that Tara Reid is the best thing about this, now you can imagine how the rest is like.
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one of those that just make you say "huh?"
mepocahontas5 February 2007
I was looking forward to this movie, it sounded decent.. I had a hard time, though, getting past Tara Reid's constant look of pain, or of having something stuck up her butt for the entire movie. Also the continuity was a bit lacking to say the least. One scene Tara's bright blue shirt showed off her itsy bitsy teensy whiter than white bra, and in the next one you can hardly see through the shirt, her bra is much more covering and not so white, then we go back to the first one and shes bouncing almost out of her shirt, then back to the more solid sturdy version. What the??? Also the bloodstains near the end kind of got bigger then smaller, then bigger again, and I really just had to frown and wonder why I tried to stay awake for the whole 87 or so minutes...
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clemymclean13 February 2007
i agree with some of the comments i have already read this film was awful! there was the usual car breaking down well accident which leaves you stuck in the middle of nowhere plot! as for the title if you take your time to look the word incubus up you will notice it hardly relates to the film and is a bit misleading! as for the anting expected better with someone like tara reid in the film!i would not recommend this movie it drags on and is boring! horror? if anything it was a comedy especially towards the end when baldy starts speaking! with that accent he sounded Australian one minute then American the next i could not decide.definitely give this one a miss and go to sleep for an hour and a half it would be more exciting.
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Hands Down Worst Movie I've Ever Seen
incubus-rspw11 February 2007
This is without any doubt the worst movie I have ever seen, and I've seen some bad ones. The first warning sign should be Tara Reid in a serious acting role. The only serious thing about this movie is it's seriously horrible. Bad movies like "Trick or Treat", "When a Stranger Calls" , "Fair Game", "Stay Alive" should all be considered Oscar winners compared to this disaster. The plot is so utterly stupid it should have been labeled a comedy. This is the type of movie that if I rented it full price I'd lie and say it was unplayable just to get another rental. Watch paint dry, or grass growing for 90 minutes instead. Trust me, you'll thank me later.
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Not Good
tarbosh2200013 May 2010
"Incubus" has been on the shelf for a while. Filmed in late 2004, it collected dust for a year and half and then premiered on AOL. It finally comes to DVD this February. It wasn't worth the wait.

The plot: Jay (Reid) and her group of friends are stranded in a building where they realize that someone or something is terrorizing them by going into their dreams. Can they stop the madness? Wow, this is one badly acted movie. The token black guy (Bug) was the worst. His line readings were awful. Time to go back to acting class.... Alice O'Connell (Holly) can be seen reading the cue cards - with no emotion whatsoever. I'll save the worst for last: Reid has been better ("Silent Partner" for example) but she doesn't show talent here. Just a blank expression. Her screams (and moans) are even miscued and lifeless.

The only saving grace was the climax\ending. It had some suspense and gore and was put together well. If only the whole movie was like that.

For more insanity, please visit:
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Bad Movie
ChipBach25 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Most of the reasons were covered here already.

Campers lost on a single road in a place with so few roads that a globe should have been enough to help them find their way...

Campers afraid to camp outside in the summer on a perfect day...

...A severe roll over accident in a van should have left someone with at least a scratch on them...

...And how they came to the conclusion that the factory was long ago abandoned when it obviously had working electricity.

...And they fact that they did not feel that there was an immediate risk of death when the bodies they found were obviously recently killed.

...And since there was at least one medical student in the mix, one should have noticed the bodies could not have been dead for more than six hours based upon the way they looked...

Even Tara Reid looked a bit, well... Let's say... unfit. I know they were trying to make hay with her tight shirt and all, but hey... She kinda looked like a victim of gravity... I would have preferred to have seen Monica Dean flouncing about if I had to have a better visual option...

I think I could have killed that serial killer in the box in a way I was sure he was dead...
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If you want to say...
jtwg@yahoo.com14 February 2007
...why did you go down the dark tunnel into the creepy, weird place that looks like an old insane asylum that even the police don't go, then this is the film for you. For me, when an actor says "What's that?" and another replies "It looks like a kind of time machine" I say "This looks like $hit." And that's what I say about this movie. It's crap and whoever made it should be banned from ever making a movie again.....and Tara and the cast should be required to attend acting lessons. Here's the deal: You drop down an opening and then, instead of going back up that opening, you try to find another way the meantime, some weird guy is manipulating your friends. You know this, and can stop it, but you don't. Why? How many times did I think 'go back there and climb out'?...Uh, each time I thought about it. DO NOT PAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! IT IS CRAP It's on par with a Troma production. If you know what that means, you'll either love it or hate it. If you don't, then you'll probably hate it.
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Boring, Absurd and Senseless Crap
claudio_carvalho22 April 2007
After a car accident in the mountains of Montana, six friends – Jay-Jay (Tara Reid), her brother Josh (Russell Carter), Bug (Akemnji Ndifernyan), Holly (Alice O'Connell), Peter (Christian Brassington) and Karen (Monica Dean) – decide to find a shelter to protect themselves against the cold night. With the exception of Karen, the other five friends break in a facility using a rope through the skylight, but the rope breaks and they become trapped in the laboratory. They find two scientists dead and another completely insane, and they realize that the team of scientists was conducting experiments with a serial-killer in coma. When each youngster sleeps, the Sleeper (Mihai Stanescu) invades the dream turning his victim into a slayer. The survivors try to escape from the sleepwalkers and find an exit.

"Incubus" is awful and incoherent since the first dialogs. When the group of friends decides to walk trying to find a shelter, one of the girls says that she will stay because her shoes cost five hundred dollars. Then they decide to leave the winding road to walk through the woods in the night. Then they decide to trespass the gates of a facility because it is too cold outside. However, Jay-Jay takes her coat off as soon as she reaches the underground corridor. And the absurd situations go on associated to some of the most terrible lines ever. I do not know what is happening with Tara Reid, but since the last "American Pie" franchise, this former sexy and witty actress seems to be aged a lot, being completely unrecognizable. My vote is one.

Title (Brazil): "Pesadelos Mortais – Incubus" ("Deadly Nightmares – Incubus")
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culmo8023 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I usually like most horror films, even if they are bad, but it's usually because there is some redeeming value to it. Genuine scares, good plot line, etc.

Sad to say, Incubus has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING valuable about it.

So the film starts with some odd fight between two scientists in some run-down bunker. I suppose this is intended to "grab" the viewer and make them wonder what's going on. Not really.

Then we come to our brave crew of young adults who will of course stumble upon some great horror. They suffer a car accident (note, you don't actually see the accident, just the car flipped over on it's side and a guardrail all twisted up.) Instantly you find that the dialog is terrible and the acting isn't much better.

So our brave party trek off across Montana to find the nearest town or something and decide to cut through some woods when they stumble upon some mysterious compound complete with automatic lights but for some reason the fence is quite easily kicked-in.

Now at this point in the film, you ask yourself why these people are so intent on getting inside the building, I guess it was supposed to be really cold outside and they needed shelter...despite the fact that it looked like it was the middle of summer and they all had camping equipment. Anyway, they climb up onto the roof and repel down a massive air shaft...first they send down Tara Reid...all alone and let her wander around while the others just stand around. Then they all decide to go down and look for Tara Reid except for one girl with a foreign accent who decides to leave and not tell anyone...

Well our foolish band of heroes explore their prison after the rope gets cut on the air shaft and they find bodies and most surprisingly, a guy in a coma-state with all sorts of wires attached to him.

Tara Reid suddenly because very interested in this guy for some reason, even after her brother gets killed by the last of the deranged scientists.

Fast forward a bit, the scientist kills himself and one of the guys is now deranged and he attacks them. Tara, on her brief examination of the data figures out that they are conducting experiments on this guy and that he's actually a killer who was supposed to be executed. Tara then talks about how the government (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc) were all conducting experiments but those were shut down in 1995 but for some reason this one continued...deep in the Montana woods where lost campers could stumble upon a super-secret operation....hmmm

So anyway, Tara figures out that the serial killer is getting into people's bodies when they sleep and this is where the movie gets its name. Sadly, an Incubus did not this and instead would have sex with women to create more incubi. But I guess it sounded cool and they needed something to make people want to watch this film. The group then decides to somehow trap the killer by having one of them fall asleep. Idiots. Obviously the person who falls asleep then tries to kill them and they are forced to kill her. Hilarious...what did they think was going to happen.

At this point, you're wondering why they don't just kill the serial killer and the one guy tries, though he only pulls out some tubes...rather than simply stab him or break his neck or something. And we all know what happens next, he comes alive and with only Tara Reid left, there's a chase scene and she outsmarts him and then kills him by making him fall down the air shaft and then she strangles him. Tara then falls asleep and has a dream of the killer pleasuring her and then eating her, ha ha. She wakes up to find police and she is taken outside. We find that the girl who left in the beginning apparently found the police and of course the last scene, we see Tara Reid with the killer eyes....

The film leaves you with a profound sense of...regret. Bad acting, horrible dialog, a plot line that makes no sense and so many holes that it's almost like this was written by a budding drama student in about an hour. Not even Tara Reid's ultra-tight shirt can save this film. Normally, for mediocre horror films, I would tell you to go ahead and rent it on netflix or, save your time.
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Surely one of the worst
Leofwine_draca4 July 2014
INCUBUS is an entirely sub-standard horror film set in some kind of abandoned scientific research institute deep in the woods (which still has electricity, of course). Into this setting stumble a group of unsuspecting twentysomething characters who proceed to get themselves bumped off by an evil presence lurking within the building. It's hardly the sort of thing to set the world on fire, is it?

Inevitably these days, INCUBUS turns out to be an almost unwatchable film. Everything about it is horrible: the direction, which tries to be edgy, and the script, which is just devoid of imagination or intellect. For most of the time I was laughing at the ridiculous dialogue, such as when characters blurt out "I'm down here!" and the reply comes "Are you down there?". Did anyone even edit or proofread it?

There are plentiful errors in the storyline, too, such as characters who randomly disappear only to suddenly show up later, and realism is virtually nil. The acting is quite poor, particularly from the single-expressioned Tara Reid, although I have to admit that Akemnji Ndifernyan does his best with the role he's given and at least he doesn't die first. The gore effects are cheap and schlocky and there's zero here to distinguish it from all the rest of the decade's trash, so it's a film destined for the bin and nowhere else.
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Cheapjack crap.
DigitalRevenantX713 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Story Synopsis: After surviving a car crash, six young adults begin hiking through the Montana mountains in order to get back to civilisation. With light fading, they decide to break into a deserted building that they come across. Once inside, they find themselves trapped in an abandoned scientific complex. They find the dead bodies of two of the scientists working there as well as an isolation chamber with a comatose man – the Sleeper – in it. As the night goes on, the adults begin to fall asleep only to wake up in a demented state, attacking the others with little regard for their own lives. The survivors, locking themselves into the isolation cell with the Sleeper, discover that he is actually a twisted murderer who has the ability to enter other people's minds while they are asleep.

Film Analysis: Not to be confused with the early 1980s John Hough thriller of the same name (which concerned a demonic rapist), Incubus is another one of the cheap horror films made in Romania with minor American names & released in the USA. Incubus is, by all respects, a cheap & dreary horror flick that takes some elements from Wes Craven's infinitely superior classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – the villain is capable of entering his victims' minds through their dreams – but fails to use them in any reasonable way. In fact, the film's mythology is seriously lacking in detail, with all the exposition being given by the young cast in such a way that it fails to make any sense. We have a villain who spends almost the entire film sitting in a chair while being in a coma & some of the characters do some really stupid things that threaten their survival – the three surviving adults, despite not agreeing on what the nature of the evil that is afflicting them is, decide on doing a real half-cocked experiment where they use one of their own as a puppet for the villain to control.

By far the biggest problem with a film like Incubus is the serious lack of consistency. Some of the bloody makeup on the characters changes from shot to shot (makeup effects wizard Gary J. Tunnicliffe seems to have had a real difficulty in keeping the continuity going), as well as having several victims (& indeed the Sleeper himself) speak with no problems despite having bitten their tongues off. Also notable is the scene where one of the cast tries to kill the Sleeper by removing the tubes keeping him alive from his body, only for one of the tubes 'magically' reconnecting to him in a subsequent shot.

The acting is, for the most part, execrably shrill. There is a running joke among certain horror fan circles on how Tara Reid's breast implants are a waste of money – indeed the only thing worse than having those things is having her horrendous acting skills being displayed here. The rest of the cast have similar problems with their acting skills. The only person who gives a worthwhile performance is Mihai Stanescu (who plays the Sleeper), spending most of his screen time asleep in a chair. When he does wake up, he proves to be even creepier awake than he was in a coma.

Another thing I found weird with the film was the use of Romanian actors & locations despite the film being set in the USA. Of course, Anya Camilleri (the director) tries to make it work by having those actors have limited screen time so as not to let any of the viewers catch on (unless they sit through the closing credits like I do). Not a terrible film, but still a waste of time.
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The title is wrong but this is OK
preppy-38 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A bunch of 20 somethings are going camping in the Bitteroot Mountains, Montana. However their car overturns (not shown--this is VERY low budget). They all try to get to the road but come upon a huge concrete structure. They get in to get help...but find dead bloody bodies and something stalking them...

The reviews for this have ranged from some saying this is one of the worst movies ever made to others who love it. I'm somewhere in the middle. It's not good but it's hardly the worst horror movie ever. Let's deal with the bad things first. For starters--the title is wrong. An incubus is a demon that comes to you in your nightmares. That's NOT what this is about. SPOILER!!!! It's about a madman who uses his thoughts to take over your body (when you fall asleep) and force you to kill. That's about possession--not a demon. END SPOILER!!! The cast has no personalities and are pretty interchangeable. The plot is pretty run of the mill too with that stupid "it's not over" ending. On the plus side it's pretty well-made, the acting actually isn't bad (top billed Tara Reid is good), the cast are all attractive (especially Russell Carter as Josh) and there's some explicit bloody gore. For the record there's no nudity in this one at all.

So--all in all--a pretty good horror film with some decent gore and a capable cast. I was never bored which isn't something I can't say for most recent horror films. I give it a 6.
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Not As Bad As I expected
danthewrestlingmanorigin24 February 2007
Tara Reid is not exactly a favorite of mine, so my expectations going in were quite low. Having said that, compared to her terrible miscasting as a scientist in the dreadful Alone In The Dark, she did okay. Her emotional scenes, seemed to be a little uneven, and over the top. As far as the gore goes, it's pretty dry, and mostly off camera, with the exception of a few scenes. I thought the rest of the cast did a decent job, and Mihai Stanescu in particular did an admirable job as The Sleeper. All in all it had some moderate suspense, and creepiness going for it. Stanescu was the best part, and with a little more gore, and a stronger female lead, this could have been much more. Not to be confused with The William Shatner film Incubus.
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Scarecrow-8822 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A wreck leaves a group of adults, led by Tara Reid, stranded in the middle of the Montana Mountains. They seek shelter from the cold and find a seemingly abandoned scientific installation, housing something sinister within.

The film opens with one lab-coated scientist chasing another female lab-coated scientist, which ends in both killing each other. The young cast finds the dead scientists and attempt to find any way out as quickly as possible. Their entry into the place, led down by a rope, snaps leaving them stuck inside..they must find a way out immediately because an experiment those scientists were working on, locked into a bullet-proof cell holds a comatose killer(..notorious for the murder of his kin) with feeding tubes inserted into his body keeping him alive. It seems that this killer has the ability to invade the dreams of those who sleep, taking possession of their bodies and minds operating them at will. He was the cause of those scientists turning on each other, behind a hidden scientist who murders one of them with a screwdriver when they attempted to find the generator which would keep the lights burning inside the installation, and soon invades members of the group when they fall asleep. Reid and company hope to find a way of stopping him, attempting to use his method of travel against him long enough to somehow escape the installation or else. But, the killer is far more powerful than they realize..

To be honest, the methods of the killer are fleetingly explained in the film, mostly through the conjecture of Reid's character Jay, who read through some appropriately detailed papers and videotapes left by the scientists. Your liking this movie will solely depend on if you buy the premise of the killer's invasion abilities. Reid as your lead ought to dissuade more cautious viewers who might not wish to waste their time on this film. There's some graphic violence(the killer bites his own tongue out as a child in a flashback sequence, committing the same act through one of the characters we follow in the film he invades;the fate of Jay's brother, who is badly wounded by the attack of the scientist, with the use of a screwdriver;accidental suffocation with a plastic bag over the face of one of the remaining characters when an attempt to trap the killer while inside the body of another backfires;the unfortunate murder of one of the group believed to be still possessed by use of a wrench)and the darkened halls of the installation where a killer could be lurking around any corner provides some eerie moments. But, I couldn't really find much to recommend truthfully, unless you are a Tara Reid fan..she's certainly had better days, although her fake breasts jiggle up and down throughout her constant running from evil in pursuit. I found her dialogue, concerning the idea of leaving your body when you sleep, rather funny. The final ten or so minutes I found rather ridiculous(..well, I found the whole premise rather ridiculous, but getting back to my point..)as the killer somehow, despite what one remaining character along with Jay does to him, roams free, talking awfully well for someone without a tongue, as he easily snaps a neck like Chuck Norris.

This flick is basically characters is search of an exit while being picked off by a killer that has a unique method of terror.
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A Mediocre Horror Movie
badboyjohn-381892 September 2019
This movie had it's good and bad points mainly due to a script that could have been better written as it had some implausible scenes but there was several really scary scenes. The actors all did a good job in their roles and the cinematography along with the special effects were excellent.
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This is just stupid.
Java_Joe23 June 2019
Normally, even in stupid movies, there's something there to redeem it from being complete trash. Maybe it's the camera work, or one of the actors or it's so bad it's good. None of that is found here. This movie is truly trash.

The story goes that a group of teens go off to go camping but they have an accident along the way. There's no cell signal so they can't call for help and instead of waiting there for somebody to come by or walking along the road to the main road, they decide to cut through the woods. They come across a facility of sorts and break in trying to find a phone or some way to contact somebody but instead are met with scenes of horror as there are dead bodies everywhere. It now becomes a race to get out of that facility before whatever killed those people kills them as well.

It's standard horror fare. Group finds a place where something evil is kept and one by one they die usually through rather stupid means. The only real name in this movie is Tara Reid and she shows here that she's not much of an actress and deserves her place on the B-list.

It's a low budget and rather stupid move where people make incredibly stupid decisions because the writers couldn't be bothered to come up with something a little original. Huge holes exist in the plot for the sake of moving the action forward and motivations are determined by who needs to die next.

Give this one a pass. It's not even enjoyable in an ironic way.
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The Best Film Of 06'.....You Will Have Nightmares!
incubusfan20071 December 2006
This movie is so scary, i loved it, and i am counting down the days until February 6 2007 (Unrated DVD) because i cannot wait to add the DVD to my horror collection, and i recommend everyone does the same! The movie is so creepy, trust me, you will have nightmares! to bad i just rented it, because i want to watch it again! Tara Reid, is very good in this (better than devils pond), the acting is passable and the plot is very good, it IS reverse Nightmare On Elm Street....So Horror Fans, And Nightmare On Elm Street Fans, I Recommend this movie to you guys will love it, it's awesome! My friend said she will never watch this movie again, because she got nightmares for over a week...because of the sleeper. He is just so creepy, Tara Reid also has a couple of funny lines, but then after that, madness begins, all fun and games are over, you just basically have 2 choices, Stay Awake or Die....but your choices are : rent or buy the movie....i say buy, because i have no doubt that you will love this movie...even if you hate Tara Reid....but i love her!!!
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