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11 Jan. 2006
I Always Tell the Truth Even When I Lie
When Brooklyn construction worker Matt Evans finds his dad is gambling again and has lost his college savings, he takes a ride with his best friend Vincent to visit his ex, model Ari(elle) Casta, on Southbeach in Miami. After a party night, where he gallantly came to a girls rescue, he decides to look for work there as tips are fabulous; club owner Elizabeth Bauer hires them. When cabana boy Vincent, pretending not to understand Spanish, warns Robert Fuentes his bodyguard plans to rob him, he learns Alex was the man inside. Matt also impresses enough to be promoted to...
11 Jan. 2006
I'm Not Your Baby
Matt gets his first assignment in Elisabeth luxury hotel- discrete security at a fashion event, for which he is fitted -in his briefs before her eyes- in Armani; unfortunately a singer makes trouble when his gold medallion including a bullet on a chain is stolen, so he must investigate, countered by the heir Alex, who wants to eliminate Matt as he loves his ex Arielle. Vincent is little more then a glorified errand boy for his boss Robert Fuentes, who encourages him to read, and gets a girl who craves even more for sex then he can handle, which gets both on some drugs...
18 Jan. 2006
I Want What's Coming to Me
On Sunday everybody in South Beach goes to Antonio's salsa-club, even Elisabeth, who takes Matt there. Just then a model with an overdose falls into the pool; a cop on the take steps in, says to Antonio that's what he needed protection for and closes his club- he remigrates to Brazil. Elisabeth tells Matt screening their own public, a delicate balance, is the only way to avoid the same fate, and puts Matt in charge; he also starts a detailed investigation of the girl's fate, after learning from Arri how uncertain a model's future is, and tries to get her another ...
25 Jan. 2006
Every Day Above Ground Is a Good Day
Elisabeth and her son are both looking for a buyer for the super-de-luxe, super-expensive penthouse; Fuentes intends to buy it via a middleman. Matt's dad Charlie, who squandered his college savings gambling, turns up claiming to be in group therapy and gets another chance after helping Matt laying carpet, but it soon becomes clear he hasn't dealt with his past. Worse, he has loan shark-bookie goons in his tracks, who he put on Vince's trace; Matt makes him choose between cards and his son, and is ignored. Even though Vince confesses his own gambling past and insists ...
1 Feb. 2006
Who Do You Trust
It's fashion week, a very busy time in Southbeach. Mat is flat-out with the planned catwalk at the pool; Elisabeth is courted by a designer. The corrupt police Lieutenant Rivera finds drugs in a truckload of mannequins for Fuentes. Vince cheerfully learns Italian for his cover in Fuentes's service; his task is to wait alone on the yacht, but he invites some girls for a party which spontaneously turns huge. Arielle is approached by slick fan Steven from New York; Alex attacks him without any proof. Vince wakes up drunk on board, facing the cop's pistol...
8 Feb. 2006
I'll Do What I Want to Do
Vince sees a society wedding as the right time to return to his normal sexual mode now he's tired of fickle Brianna: jump every female which moves- even the bride Hayley, and at Matts place. Ari hesitates whether to accept nude modeling. Fuentes is shot at by an unknown while Alex' guest in the club, consults a voodoo card-layer and orders a search for the -presumably drowned- bad cop Rivera. Elizabeth insists Matt makes the bride show up. Alex is tired of his impossible to please mothers nagging and quits; once drunk even Matt calls her a controlling bitch, but she ...
15 Feb. 2006
The S.B.
Matt is getting very close with Maggie, and feels she should go public with her musical talent. Vincent finds Fuentes takes elaborate safety precautions after the failed attempt on his life. After leaving Noctural, Alex Bauer acts as Ariels manager as shampoo campaign model. Once selected, she insists Matt comes help celebrate at Nocturnal and brings his Maggie, despite Alex, who gives them his blessing and helps Maggies music being discovered so as to have Ari for himself. Fuentes survives an attempt on his life by two men, they don't.
22 Feb. 2006
It Looked Like Somebody's Nightmare
The spoiled girlfriends complain: Brianna because Vince is sometimes away for long working for his boss Fuentes, whose superstition makes him draw a gun on Vince, Maggie because Alex Bauer only works on her career now she's hot in the market rather then spend a fun day, while Elisabeth didn't even know he's her manager now. Vince is afraid of Fuentes and tells Matt to get him a legit job at Nocturnal so he can quit the gangster, and he proves a fine barman- he gets a shot, has an instant female fan club, but must get Fuentes to let him go and stay away from the hotel....

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