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Season 1

25 Nov. 2005
Whatever Lola Wants
To prove to the gorgeous Lola that people treat her special because of her looks and not just because she's a nice person, Chloe challenges her to make herself plain and homely to see if people are indeed affected by her appearance. Meanwhile, Ava is convinced that the "fox factor" works, and is so displeased with her new driver's license picture that she enlists Emerson, who went to photography camp as a youngster, to head to the DMV to take a better photograph but they end up getting arrested.
9 Dec. 2005
It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street
Chloe, who lacks the holiday spirit, ends up in a cab accident while rushing to buy a last-minute gift for Ava's toy giveaway. While in a state of limbo, Chloe is escorted on a journey by the three Ghosts of Christmas: Emerson, Lola and Ava -- from her past, present and future -- and they show her how her way of thinking will affect her and those she cares about.
16 Dec. 2005
Killer Bodies
Lola is puzzled about why Fletcher doesn't take the initiative. Her friends suggest she surprise him by coming to the door naked. Unfortunately, this gives Fletcher a heart attack. At the hospital, Chloe has her eyes on a cute doctor, Ava has to take part in a childbirth and Emerson has to act as an in-between for Lola and Fletcher because he just can't survive seeing her.
23 Dec. 2005
Ava wonders if her happy marriage is in trouble and feels a little guilty when sparks fly between her and a client named Alec who, like her, has a much younger partner. Meanwhile Chloe, who wants a guy who's more of a tiger than a pussycat, thinks her wish has come true when she meets a strong but silent bodyguard; Lola wonders if her new boyfriend will be able to look past their extremely different cultures; and Sellers has his own reasons for not wanting to set Emerson up with his friend.
30 Dec. 2005
El día de compasión
Lola invites everyone over to her home to celebrate her country's traditional holiday, El Día de Compasión - The Day of Forgiveness -- where they can forgive each other for the little slights and irritations made over the past year. But when their character flaws - such as being sarcastic, hot-tempered, nosey or chauvinistic -- are brought to light, they all strive to prove they're not that way.

 Season 1 

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