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26 Jun. 2005
Episode #1.1
Andy gets some help with his rapping from Biz Markie and gets Fruity Pebbles for Lil' Jon.
3 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.2
We learn how to make breadcrumbs and important lessons from Jesus Kitty.
10 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.3
Andy loses his monster protection from the couch people.
17 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.4
Guess what? Andy's guests the Black Eyed Peas taste as good as they sound, and Andy's public freestyle rapping still sounds awful. Andy gives birth to a living coupon, then hatches an egg.
24 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.5
We get our news from Australia, our protection from Goggle Man. Andy the insomniac gets no sleep, while Andy the babysitter gets no respect.
31 Jul. 2005
Episode #1.6
These are dark days for Andy as he gets struck by lightening, gets turned into a werewolf, wets his bed and his pants, and battles it out with Fat Joe over a game of Battleship.
7 Aug. 2005
Carson Daly
Yes, Andy's penpal from Alaska sucks, yes, Abraham Lincoln invented karate, and yes, Andy rips out guest Carson Daly's arm hair. But, remember, it is his show.
14 Aug. 2005
Episode #1.8
Andy hangs out with some Magic Beans.

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