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Hits the Back of the Net!
Chupong15 March 2006
Really great movie, saw it at a festival in Portugal, won the People's choice award! Danny Dyer puts in his usual performance in a movie set around Euro 2004!! Vinnie Jones is also in it as his alter ego, Danny's character is fibbing to his new wife so he can watch all the England games.

It is pretty funny as they are supposed to be on honeymoon, of course she has no idea there is a football tournament on! Football movies do not always work but The Other Half keeps you guessing right to the end. Football Factory star Danny Dyer gets it spot on as he lies and cheats behind the back of new wife Gillian Kearney is from Shameless!

I Think it is getting a UK DVD release just before the World Cup??
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An funny and cheerful movie
lionel2529 June 2006
I ve seen this movie yesterday on DVD. I Did not expected too much of it but it did much better than just a lose-some-time entertainment. It was cheerful, funny, well played, and most of all very romantic. Of course if you expect a deep sociological movie do not see it, but if you want to kill a rainy Sunday afternoon, you will enjoy yourself very much especially if you are in a couple who is not able to understand the other's passion and even better if the other's passion is football. The only dark thing about this movie is that it has (especially in the beginning) some very creepy and rather amateurish shots, a bit like these bad erotic movies. However it gets very soon better or you don not care so much anymore because you focus on the story and on the performance of these very good actors. 8/10
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funny, cheerful, feel-good movie
mail-304822 June 2006
It's unusual to leave the movie theatre feeling cheerful and laughing and this is how you feel after seeing The Other Half. You sympathise with the hero throughout - you're on his side and want it all to work out for him. His passion for football is the driving force of the film. This is a first film for both Richard Nockles and Marlowe Fawcett and they needed more time and money to work on the script and the supporting roles, but the music, graphics and photography are terrific. Well worth seeing especially if you like feel-good romance and football (or any sport for that matter). And well worth backing the directors on their next project.
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GREAT MOVIE!!! Danny Dyer is fantastic.
TomKitty12 April 2006
This is a great movie. So much fun! Danny's Dyers character is a bastard for getting tickets to football matches on his honeymoon, but he is so cute, you can't really hate him. There are two characters,Alan and John that are HILARIOUS. They are these bumbling idiot commentators that are following the couple around (unbeknownst to them) and keeping score. They play off each other so well, that you fall in love with them by the end of the movie. It was shot in Portugal and it looks fantastic. The colours are vibrant and it makes Potugal look wonderful.This movie is a definite must see! The guys will appreciate the football and the love for the game and the women will love the romance part of it and everyone will love how none of us can understand where the other is coming from when it comes to football. It's a shame it's not being released in the cinema. It deserves to be! I'll be the first out to buy it.
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Gutted Gutted Gutted
dvdmanu18 July 2007
I have had this DVD in my collection for a while now and was really looking forward to watching it. How could it miss, you've got Danny Dyer (who i think is a very underrated actor), The England football team playing in Euro 2004, and a half descent story line involving Danny Dyer's character trying to see the first 3 England group games (on their honeymoon) without his other half finding out he already had the tickets before they left.

I am thinking this could be ,Is harry on the boat meets Football Factory a cocky lad's film a real Brit classic. How wrong i was. I was gutted a real let down. Watching it i felt it tried to be to many things it should have just been a comedy and used Danny Dyer in that lad role he does so well. Also without giving too much away what the hell are those 2 guys doing commentating on whats going on in the film that was really annoying.

So do yourself a favour if your Danny Dyer fan watch The Business, Outlaw or Football Factory. If you want a chick flick leave the other half to it and go to the pub.
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Match abandoned......
FlashCallahan5 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Simple story, Man gets married to an Irish actress with a questionable American accent, takes her on a honeymoon to Portugal, all the while plotting to see the England qualifying games during Euro 2004.

Hilarity ensues somewhere, but it must have passed me.

Vinnie Jones is a special guest star as a man in a suit who shouts a lot.

I don't care what people say about him, but I think Danny Dyer is a half decent actor. he's predictable in every role he's in, but for the life of me, I really don't know where this hard man image came from.

Here though, it's a different story. On paper, it sounds great, trying to see some football matches behind your wife's back while on honeymoon.

It's a brilliant concept, and in the right hands, could have been a wonderful farce, but here, it just plods along, from one unfunny scenario to the next, and the fantasy scenes with Jones, are just stupid.

Dyer is okay, as is his co star, but the supporting cast are dreadful, and the guy who hatches the plan to sell him his own ticket, has to be one of the worse actors ever caught on film.

it's a shame because there are a few promising moments, but it's just bland.
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wow. shockingly bad
neil2689 March 2011
with Danny Dyer and Vinnie jones in this movie i assumed it would be decent. how wrong i was! this could be THE WORST movie I've ever seen in my life. the storyline is awful, the acting is terrible and just the whole movie sucked!

to see that this is rated 5/10 has just baffles me, as a football fan myself i thought this would be a good movie to watch, it just didn't draw me in at all. to be fair danny dyers 'wife' in the film is very good looking, probably the only good part of the film. the budget must have been extremely low, i can see what the idea of the film is but the execution is just all wrong.
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