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Uncle Squidbilly!!!
kim-miller12 March 2006
Someone, whose opinion I trust, told me about this show, so I made the effort to stay up late on a Sunday night to see it. I was laughing out loud watching this, right by myself! It is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Beats the heck out of the Simpsons. Well, I suppose I should say "Squidbillies is to the rural South what The Simpsons is the suburban America." The dialect and dialog are authentic -- this is no Hollywood creation. I have family that talks just like this!

The crude illustration contributes to the gritty setting and characters. I think there have only been about 6 episodes so far. I hope they're planning to produce more.

Let me just say, it was well-worth staying up late and getting to work tired on Monday morning. I just wish Adult Swim on Cartoon Network aired it earlier and more often.
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If people only knew
brandondane23 May 2007
This show is great. I ran across it recently when visiting my parents in Texas. There was a late night marathon. BUT, I grew up in rural Arkansas and lived in Atlanta for a few years (sometimes spending weekends in the North Georgia Mountains). Really.

If people only knew how close to the truth this show is to the rural South, then they would be astounded. Sure, it's a tad excessive, but not too much. Take it from me-- I'm half Redneck on my Mama's side.

The "symbolism" of things throughout the South is rather amazing. I would have to assume that some or all of the creators are from somewhere in the region.

Good stuff.
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Apparently only funny if you have a sense of humor...
jamesparsons28 November 2006
Wow, verbusen from Kuwait needs to lighten up. With all due respect, it's an 11-minute Adult Swim cartoon. Squidbillies does not set out to make everybody in Georgia out to be backwoods hicks. It is not a social commentary, it's a comedic animated short about redneck squids. I personally think this show is hilarious, but you have to follow along with the commentary as it moves fast and the humor lies in the dialog. The very premise is absurd, but then again so are talking fast food items (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or a superhero attorney (Harvey Birdman). These cartoons feature talented writers that offer up ridiculous plots and clever writing, meant to be laughed at and not scrutinized for their value to society.
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another fine addition to adult swim
jumb-pwns29 December 2006
Squidbillies continues in the adult swim tradition of non traditional animation and manages to set itself apart from its predecessors with excellent voice acting and a unique visual presentation. At first glance the show could be described as a dadaist representation of deep southern stereotypes but its actually much more. The often bizarre episodes have a common thread of continuity involving a father being rejoined with his abandoned son and their life as a dysfunctional family unit. Younger viewers might not understand the sardonic commentary on difficult subjects such as racism, crime, alcoholism, spousal abuse, single parenting, and relationships. These same viewers will most certainly not comprehend the references to popular rock bands of yore. There is plenty of juvenile humor to keep them laughing. All in all its a refreshing and sometimes inspired take on the American experience that doesn't pull any punches and never fails to entertain.
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Were the squidbillies a must watch???
patsycamp27 October 2005
Well, to tell the truth, I had to watch the 1st episode twice to get the full effect...but NOW, see I am hooked...This show has so much potential, man Earlie is AWESOME...I swear to God I have met these people...Anyway keep up the good work, and ppl give it a chance, I cant wait for the next episode...I know I am not the typical audience...I am a 36 year old mother of 2...and I am trying to get my son who is 18 to watch with me...I WILL GET HIM HOOKED...I GOT HIM HOOKED ON MASTER SHAKE...LOL I hope this show takes off really good and I hope you bring back Earlies girlfriend...the FAT LADY...I cant remember her name...but I can sure hear her talking about "the front BUTT"...AH MAN...that was funny as hell...
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This show is awesome!
solidindustries30 July 2007
Why? Because it's badass is why!

But seriously it is a very fun show to watch. Especially if you live in or are from the south. it reminds you of some of the people you might see at the local walmart in Mt Airy or some other rural town. The made up words are definitely my favorite thing about the show. Words such as outstandiner, sonabitchen, and truckboattruck. The characters are very well thought out and always make you laugh.

Many people upon first watching the show are a little taken aback if you are not prepared for this type of humor. But watch it again and you will definitely be entertained.

Watch it!
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britegray2 November 2006
Laugh out loud funny. So different. Squidbillies is rude, crude, sometimes disturbing humor involving Squids who are hillbillies and live in a shack in the country. And all their opinions and misinformation---ignorance and chaos ensues. I like watching something that is smart in it's silly humor. Does that make sense? Unexpected, surprising, hilarious. When you watch this you know you are not watching the same old he said she said daytime blah. You are actually watching something new and creative. I can say that about a lot of cartoons on AdultSwim on Cartoon Network. Such as Venture Bros. and hopefully soon to come back Korgoth of Barbaria. Shows that I look forward to watching and hate to miss. Shows always set to record on my DVR so as not to miss.
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pmason500028 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot was the funniest 15 min. of animation I've ever seen. Sure, It's got the potential to go stale; you can only be cutting-edge for so long. But, "Squids" is the most accurate depiction of north GA poor white trash since Deliverence. The characters possess subtle nuances that maybe only natives of that region will recognize, but the context of their shenanigans should be hilarious to the general public, much like the antics presented in classic TV shows such as The Beverly Hillbillies and The Andy Griffith Show. Early's ignorance is deplorable, but deep down, anyone who slaves away as a member of the proletariat has got to applaud his Freebird-esquire bravado. Also the show's take on as evangelism, the military industrial complex, rampant consumerism and relationships are unique and refreshing, shown through the southern eyes of an unskilled, underprivileged, ignorant cephalopod.
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Squidbillies bring it home
rwsvham7 July 2006
Having grown up in the South, I understand this wretched show and I must admit it reminds me of Grandma and several cousins. It is brilliant.....not only WHAT they (the characters) say, but HOW they say it. It is scarily accurate.

Fire and Ice. I gotta warn ya, Fire and Ice.

I hope for more episodes. I've gotten fellow Southern coworkers watching this show and they love it as well. I believe there is a second season coming out in the fall. Yes!

I, too, am a real Pugnut. Kudos to Adult Swim for bringing it home for intellectual Southerners (yes, we do exist.) We get IT and IT is fabulous.
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I get it, that doesn't mean I enjoy it.
andyrew67012 October 2016
This is PURELY a personal review. I get everything about it: I get the dry sense of humor, I get that it's animation has to match the stories and settings they are conveying, I get everything about it and how smart it can occasionally be... That doesn't necessarily translate to entertaining, however.

I understand the appeal, which is why this is such a mixed review. I don't think the characters are enjoyable, I think that many of them are stereotypical and formulaic, and that just does not translate to relatable. Not that they are meant to be, but it'd be nice to maybe feel a little emotion when bad events take place upon them. Especially if the animation is just so bland. The fact is, when you have a show with bland characters, bland situations, bland environments, bland violence, everything else that makes the show good just seems bland. And this goes for ALL seasons for me. Not just the newer seasons, ALL of them. It can be creative though, and there's obviously a market for the kind of humor that it represents. I just don't think anything balances because there are too many weaknesses.
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Title Song
murdoch113 January 2006
I can't get the title song out of my head; it is simply hilarious. I've taught myself the song on the piano, and find myself singing it at work:) It's like the ultimate redneck anthem.

My dreams are all dead and buried... Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode. And when the good lord calls me to his kingdom, I'll take all ya sons of b**ches when I go.

Does anyone know who wrote it or sings it? The credits roll too fast at the end.

I love the expression on Earlie Cuyler's face while Junior is bouncing the truck up and down. Oh my lord, how did Earlie Cuyler manage to have relations with that beached whale of an ex-wife of his?
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Holee Chrome!!
redbeard_nv8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It amazes me the depths and the pinnacles of creation that come from Williams Street Productions, the home-grown animation studio that feeds Cartoon Networks Adult Swim with USA based animation to balance off the ever popular Japanese Anime titles. From the freakishly crappy and boring wastes of time and gray matter such as "12 oz. Mouse" and "Perfect Hair Forever" to the witty and cutting edge creations like "Sealab 2021" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

The most recent is the small select half dozen episodes of "Squidbillies", a crudely drawn, but decently animated product of the Radical Axis animation team and hysterically written and performed under the guidance of Jim Fortier and his team. Every redneck sight gag and myth is turned on it's ear with this impossible family of hick squids, from the drunken, pumpkin raping, knife-wielding Earlie Cuyler, who urinated pure Bourbon whiskey, his equally ignorant and put-upon son, Rusty, cousin Lil, complete with a nail job that resembles tap shoes to the over-sexed, dementia ridden Grannie perpetually slung from a walker. Add to that the clueless sheriff (played with great panache by legendary Russ Meyers bad guy Charles Napier), the hugely overweight siren of the hills, Krystal, a massive , immobile, mega-gulp swilling hulk of a woman who is the illegitimate mother of Rusty who so much as refuses to move an inch that she's eventually declared a historical monument as an outdoor shut-in, to the dwarfish, griffin riding, sheet rock and deadly home appliance magnate Dan Halen, who markets rust laden home surgical kits and barb wire baby hammocks, and who, when sued by the parents of an unfortunate child, sues them back for calling his creation a "baby death trap", claiming he already had a copyright on the name.

Never has there been so much buzz been produced on the web and in animation fan circles produced by these six, 15 minute episodes of sheer hysteria, if for nothing else, but to see what happens when new episodes premiere in September. I, for one, have busted a gut seeing the two coming attractions.
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Greatest show ever made!
nappyscales10 December 2018
I've watched ever episode at least 5 times. A decade later I still watch it 3 or 4 times a week.
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mccanine24 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I thought it was above average for TV. I actually thought it was pushing the envelope a bit-- which I usually want to experience, whether I like it or not. I found the animation interesting enough, and actually enjoyed the soundtrack. I thought it had some nice layering, that I appreciated, keeping my interest and all. I would never put this in the same category as Jeff Foxworthy or King of the Hill, and I actually think King of the Hill can be funny, while bordering on the endearing side. While Foxworthy, for example, has NEVER made me laugh. I find this cartoon to be challenging the status quo while using characters that everyone can make fun of, if that's how they need to justify challenging their minds to think differently. Yes, it's sad that this kind of format may be the only thing to reach certain folks, but that is life, especially here in our undereducated, scare-tactic America.
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deep-fried hillbilly humor fest
peter-hoffman33 September 2008
Just to let everyone know, you don't have to be of southern extract, deeply inbred or American to watch and truly appreciate this awesome show. Squidbillies is as socially indicative here in Australia as it is anywhere that there exists small pockets of humanity who seem a little isolated, rural and backwards (back-woods). They may not be classy but these characters are certainly a lot more honest and alive than the empty, plastic, user-friendly drones pumped out by the "so-called" sit-coms of today. The subtle nuances within each character are rendered to near-perfection from Earlys sardonic trucker caps to grannies mysteriously phallic droopy middle tentacle. The voice talent in Squidbillies is second to none. the writing is insanely funny, the wild, playful artwork complements it all beautifully. Sometimes true sophistication comes in truly crude packages and thankfully shows like Squidbillies, aqua teen, Kenny vs. Spenny and Trailer Park Boys exist amongst the mediocrity of reality television for the masses. With the late great Bill Hicks and George Carlin no longer with us, its shows like these that provide hope for the future voices of comedy and indeed humanity. greets to early, granny, and rusty from outback Australia.Now excuse me, i have got to go get me some of them chrome plated truck nuts for my truck-boat-truck. its muddin' time. Whooooo!
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Great Show
drkpenguin28 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Man, this is one of my favorite things to watch now.

I was introduced to Squidbillies on Christmas Day when I saw it at my sister-in-laws house. I saw the Christmas Episode with Santa getting tore up by the squids! I couldn't believe this show! Its wonderful. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I totally forgot that it was even Christmas and had presents to open.

I would marry by this cartoon if possible. My wife got angry because everybody started opening presents and I was too busy watching this hilarious cartoon.

I would recommend this cartoon for older teens and adults only. There is a good bit of blood and gore. Of course all in good fun and humor.
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The Simpson Meet The Trailer Park Boys
june-sasser31 January 2019
Awesome just awesome. As a person who was born in the Midwest to redneck parents and then taken by them to Georgia against my will, I know these squids! I am Dan Halen! These Bumpkins need to be exploited to justify their very existence.
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Two thumbs up!!!
zanderman1526 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love this show. It's whole basis (if you get the joke or like this stuff) is about poor southern folks lives in a strange way i.e. through southern squids. Anyway the reason i like the show is because i'm a born country boy who moved to hick country Kentucky and people like this can be found here. When every kid grows up hunting and all that shim. Anywayz this show is all about how random and unorthodox southern simple folk are.

And now To the story....+ spoiler for the first episode. (You kinda have to) It's about a family of southern, poor, squids. The 1st episode introduces you to Jr who lives with his aunt and grandmother (grandma being VERY senile and random). He's a good simple kid who just wants to make is dad proud and have fun. He's on the search for his father who he has never met. So he looks for him and finds him......in jail. After seeing him he loves his dad and hates him. His dad drinks, kills, is ignorant and outrageous-Father like son. So the good old warden lets him off the hook because he's full of joy for the reunited father and son. BAD IDEA!!!!

This sets a chain reaction off for the rest of the season with Early (Jr.'s dad) trying to be a father, getting a job, and just getting life back together while he lives with his sister, mom and son. Plenty of knife fights, gun battles, random deaths and weird hats.

The point is to give this show a try. You'll either love it or hate it. All in all very enjoyable and you'll feel smarter every time your done watching the show.

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Cartoon Network can do better
MovieCriticMarvelfan24 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I read over many comments and it seems to be rather unanimous that this toon while funny at times, is rather lame. Relying on redneck/hillbilly humor for laughs "Squidbillies" is a mere cheap time filler on CN. It's somewhat sad but not surprising that the same network that brought us "Samurai Jack", "Stroker and Hoop", "Venture Bros" and "Space Ghost" can greenlit this show.

I am not surprised reading the trivia section that the show had undergone several "rewrites" and was "retooled", it seems nobody wanted this show on their plates not sure what to do it, and from watching the pilot and second episode "Earlier Kylie trying to find a job" I still not sure what to make of it but I am sure that's it's not anything I haven't already seen before. We seen redneck humor in comics like Jeff Foxworthy and shows like "King of the Hill" but implementing Squids for people seems kinda lame.

The pilot was funny in some spots, the narration provided that to the point that even the narrator couldn't seem to follow it:

"This was a dream, this was also a dream...this looks real" lol

But aside from that the show is rather crude, cheap, dimwitted, and doesn't seem to have much merit except for the bulk of the jokes exposing hillbilly and toilet humor.

Then pairing this up with an awful show like 12 oz. mouse seems to be a recipe for disaster. I would be shocked if this series lasts a long time.

So I am not going to bash it entirely, like I said I laughed, even though I've seen this type of humor before. Give it a watch if you dare but don't be surprised if it doesn't live up to all the hype.
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Awesome Show
forsakeneliza15 May 2008
Every now and then great cartoons are born, this here is second to no other, than ATHF. Excellent characters. All the voice actors and writers are genius.

I love the show it makes me laugh from start to finish. Cartoon Network is full of great shows like these on Adult Swim. It's definitely worth checking out. Others you may or may not enjoy are Shin Chan, Death Note, American Dad,...etc.

I love the episode with the guitar solos. The granny is hilarious. The entire cast is darn right lovable. There isn't much more to add. You know it's not right that I have to write ten lines. Yet it's such a great show, I had to write this here, review.
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3/10 1-nod
radioconductor24 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is sometimes a little bit of a overload to me but I really like the show.
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Instantly change the channel when the intro song plays.
sanghelios27 January 2015
Horrible show. I don't understand the humor at all. Are there even jokes? The subjects of each episode are bizarre and difficult to follow. Things just sort of happen. I could watch an entire episode and would hardly be able to tell you the plot. And when I did tell you the plot, you'd probably think it's stupid. Which it is.

I like shows that are strange and experimental, but this show... there's just absolutely no appeal to it. Is it funny because it all looks like the characters were drawn by an 8 year old? Is it funny because the character voices are horrible and annoying? Do people watch it because of the slightly disturbing deaths that occur in each episode? WHO IS THIS SHOW FOR?! This is honestly the worst show I've ever seen, aside from 12 oz. mouse. How it's been running for so many seasons is beyond me. I've talked to people who do enjoy the show and all they say to me is "it's funny because rednecks!!" that's not funny to me. It bothers me that the creators of this show make money from it. They should be paying Adult Swim for allowing that monstrosity of "entertainment" on the air. It's not even edgy either. I could watch weirder and stupider things on YouTube. Which I would much rather do than sit through this disgusting piece of animation. Ugh I hope it gets canceled ASAP. As soon as I hear the intro song begin to play, I immediately change the channel to ANYTHING else.
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The reason to have a DVR
alkonman29 November 2009
Most folks that don't like this most likely watch Friends, The pain of losing the hard drive on the DVR of all the Billies means I have to start over, but know I get them burned to disc so I can spread the Dan Halen gospel to those unable to watch the perils "of Jeff Gordons still beating heart" Christmas is coming up you know. I wish they would get it on at 11 central though. Unknown Hinson is kinda like a modern Roger Miller in my mind- I hope to have a Truck Boat Truck someday. And anybody who knows that soccer ain't football is alright in my book. I like the different songs Billie Jo Shafer sings at the openings, would like to see where they can be found.
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Squidbillies, is alright by ME.
JayFloss19 April 2009
Early Cuyler : The first time I saw the shows I really didn't pay it no attentions, mostly because I was drunk and having sexual relations over the phones. But the second times was like a revelations from God himself. I couldn't help myself, I just had to watch. If I were to make an evaluation's of the shows, I's woulds have to say it is like being on Meth for the first time, every time.

Rusty: I am from Georgia and I am the Original Gator Haters. Go Dawgs!

This show is awesome! I am from Georgia, and man the writers are not making this stuff up, most of the random stuff in this show, I have seen people do. There is one episode where Early is wearing a hat that references Macon Georgia, that is where I am from, and when I saw that I could not stop laughing. There are some pretty rough people in Georgia, and the best example I can give is from going to the Redneck Games in Dublin Georgia, Wow, it was like getting in a time machine with Christopher Lloyd and going back to 1985 where people had yet to discover that the Mullet was not a good look, and I also noticed that wife beaters were not in short supply, but the best part about it was that it took place right next to a trailer park, and yes the women were all under age and at one point I thought Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC was about to pop out of the woods and start water boarding people, but then I remembered that it was 1985 and that show wasn't around yet.

Squidbillies, 10 out of 10 plus another 10 for being about rednecks from Georgia, Go Dawgs!
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leftysrsd16 August 2011
I am fifty and like animated TV only and I cant see the squids because they keep replacing at the last minute w/ that goofy drink w/ a straw and the ball and the hairy guy Give me squid on the adult swim PLEASE ain't nuttin else to say but now I got to fill out ten lines to be able to voice my opinions!!!!!!!!!!!! come on guys help me out here What do I have to do to get some help with this and I need a fix every night.give me more .GIVE ME MORE.dammit lets see where it goes from here Got to change sumthin to take away the anxiety of trying to work and put up with the old lady.Can you feel me guys Where you at when i need you
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