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10 Jul. 2016
Lipstick on a Squid
The Cuylers donate their bodies to science while they can still make money from them.
17 Jul. 2016
Southern Pride and Prejudice
Dan Halen is trying to throw away all the confederate flags away so tourist would come to their town.
24 Jul. 2016
Trackwood Race-ist
Early pulls from a bag of tricks to vanquish his grandson.
31 Jul. 2016
The Peep
Sheriff tries stand-up comedy and kills himself.
7 Aug. 2016
Sheriff's old classmate makes the mistake of returning to town.
14 Aug. 2016
You can take the squid out of the boy, but it's not covered by insurance.
21 Aug. 2016
Greener Pastor
Rest in Peace, Scott Hilley.
30 Oct. 2016
Squash B'Gosh
Jealousy sparks industry sparks grave robbery sparks the apocalypse.
20 Nov. 2016
Rusty's new friend gets invited to a very special Thanksgiving dinner.

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