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  • On their way to San Diego, the vacationing Carter family—father Big Bob (Ted Levine), mother Ethel (Kathleen Quinlan), son Bobby (Dan Byrd), daughters Brenda (Emilie de Ravin) and Lynn (Vinessa Shaw), Lynn's husband Doug (Aaron Stanford), Lynn and Doug's daughter Baby Catherine (Maisie Camilleri Preziosi), and two German shepherds, Beauty and Beast—take a shortcut through the desert on a road which leads to an abandoned nuclear testing site, not knowing that it's a trap and that they are about to become prey to a family of murderous mutants. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes (1977) (1977). The script for the remake was adapted by French screenwriters Grégory Levasseur and Alexandre Aja (who also directed the film) from the original screenplay written by Wes Craven. A sequel, The Hills Have Eyes II (2007), was released in 2007. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The pictures of the exploding bombs are indeed real. The photos of the mutated babies are said to be mainly pictures of children and infants affected by Agent Orange. There are numerous websites on which photos of babies deformed by radiation and chemical warfare can be seen. Because of the gruesome nature of such photographs, links will not be provided on this FAQ page. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "More and More" by Webb Pierce. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The bag held items like jewelry, wallets, and tools that belonged to other victims of the Hill clan. Ruby (Laura Ortiz) brought them to trade for food. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The origin of the car graveyard is not explained in the movie. The crater in which the graveyard exists is most likely supposed to be the result of an atomic explosion. Many viewers think that the cars are simply the cars of previous victims of the Hill clan. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Brenda, Bobby, Doug, Baby Catherine, and Beast survive. Ethel, Big Bob, Lynn, and Beauty don't. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When Lizard (Robert Joy) goes to kill Baby Catherine, he finds that Ruby has replaced her with a pig and taken the baby into the hills. Doug hears Catherine crying and goes after them. Back at the trailer, Bobby finds that Papa Jupiter (Billy Drago) has dragged away Ethel's body and begun eating her heart. Jupiter chases Bobby back into the trailer, where Brenda has prepared a trap. Bobby chains Jupiter to a window, and Brenda opens the propane tank, releasing gas into the trailer. The two of them then escape through another window and run off. Moments later, the trailer explodes. Meanwhile, in the hills, Ruby is about to hand Catherine to Doug when Lizard leaps on him from above. Doug tries to fight him off, but Lizard knocks him out with a spike strip and goes after Ruby and Catherine. Doug comes to and goes after Lizard, catching up to him just as he catches up to Ruby. Doug whacks him several times with his rifle then shoots him. Ruby hands Catherine over to the Doug. While Doug is cuddling his daughter, Ruby notices that Lizard is back on his feet and pointing a rifle at Doug, so she tackles him, plunging them both over a cliff to their deaths below. Doug and Catherine head back to the trailer where Bobby and Brenda are examining the remains of the fire. They find Jupiter impaled but still alive. As he laughs at them, Brenda finishes him off with a pickaxe to the forehead. In the final scene, Bobby, Brenda, Doug, and Catherine embrace each other, not knowing that they are being watched through binoculars. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The remake follows the original fairly closely, but there are a few differences. In the original, the Hill clan was depicted as cannibals whereas, in this remake, the emphasis is on the nuclear testing and fallout that made them mutants. In the original movie, Jupiter is the psychopathic son of Old Fred, the gas station attendant; in this remake, the relationship between the gas station attendant (Tom Bower) and the Hill people is unclear. The gas station attendant diverts the Carters into the hills in this remake; in the original movie, Fred warns the family to stay on the highway and go directly to California, but the Carters decide to take a side road looking for a silver mine. In the first movie, the Carters' car is run off the road by a rabbit, not a set of tire spikes. The gas station attendant kills himself in this remake, but he was killed by the Hill clan in the original movie. Also, the scene at the end of the movie, where we see the surviving Carters through the binoculars of another menacing mutant, is not in the original. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The unrated version has the following things the rated version does not:

    • A more graphic rape scene

    • A few more shots of the second-to-last radiation guy being slammed into the rocks by a very visible Pluto (Michael Bailey Smith)

    • Two or three seconds more of the Gas Station guy blowing his head off

    • About a five-second shot of Big Bob's hand and wrist (tied) burning away and then a close up on his face a neck, where his eyes turn white and his skin is starting to burn away on the side

    • A longer shot of Lizard pouring the bird's blood into his mouth and onto his face. (about six seconds longer)

    • A quick shot of Lizard hitting Pluto with the gun. (about four seconds)

    • A few extra seconds of the pillow fight

    • A tiny bit longer of Brenda getting hit. There were also some minor shots switched around. Nothing important, but some were reversed (about four seconds)

    • A point-of-view shot of the gun being pointed at the baby's face and another shot of Lynn's reaction (about six seconds)

    • A slight above shot of the gun being pointed right at Lynn's forehead and then her being shot. Also, there is one more quick shot of blood splattering, and her falling to the floor. Here the shots were switched a bit also. Instead of first seeing the baby's mobile with blood on it and then Brenda screaming, they are switched (about three seconds without factoring in the switched shots)

    • Maybe a second or more extra of the shot with Doug's fingers being chopped off

    • A shot that is below Pluto's head looking up after Doug slams the ax in his head, where little pieces fall down towards the camera; and about a second more of a shot right before he pulls it out

    • About six more seconds of Doug grinding the ax into the Cyst (Greg Nicotero)'s back; and then the infamous close-up onto the eye

    • An extra bit when Jupiter is eating the mother's heart; Right before he notices Bobby, he takes another bite or two and then looks at him

    • Doug hits Lizard with the shotgun (five times instead of the rated version's three)

    • Doug shoots Lizard three times with the shotgun. The first shot is to his stomach, the second shot is to his neck which spurts a bit, and the third is to his left shoulder Edit (Coming Soon)


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