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A Delightfully Offbeat Comic Book Comedy
williampsamuel15 January 2015
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is probably as close as we'll come to having an experimental film released in theaters nationwide. This is one of the most innovative, original movies to come out in years. It's unlike anything I'd seen before. And yes, it is good, very good. I could not stop laughing the whole time.

Onto the plot. Scott is something of a loser. He's socially awkward. He shares a mattress in a bunker-like apartment in Toronto with a sarcastic gossip king. He's in a band called the Sex Bob-Ombs, but they're really not that great. He also has a clinging, hyperactive girlfriend, "Knives" who's only 17- kind of a big deal when he's 22. All this changes when he dreams of a purple haired girl on roller blades. The very next day he finds out that she's real; that her name is Ramona flowers and she's the cool new girl in town. His first attempt to hook up fails miserably. His second attempt, although even more lamed brained, actually works, and they're soon an item. But now comes the bad news; to win her love, Scott must defeat her seven evil ex's. He also has an evil ex of his own. Plus, there's the matter of breaking up with Knives, and the battle of the bands is coming up!

That's the setup, what follows is a hilarious romantic comedy punctuated by a series of completely over-the-top video game style fight scenes. Stylistically, I'd have to call them a cross between Sin City, Street Fighter and Viewtiful Joe. Each of the ex's has their own unique fighting style and their own super powers, such as vegan-powered telekinesis or summoning an army of stunt doubles. Often you hear martial arts movies criticized because the action is obviously computer aided. Here, that's the whole point.

The movie's humor comes not only from the sheer ridiculousness of the situations, but also from the characters' reactions to them. After one of the ex's has flown in through a brick wall and battled Scott in the middle of a concert, everyone is just kind of weirded out. They don't act like nothing has happened, which would make it hard for the audience to suspend their disbelief, nor do they run screaming for the police, which would only complicate matters.

Comedic effect is also generated through the use of deadpan dialog. For instance, when Knives confesses that she's never kissed a boy before, Scott replies, with a straight face "It's okay, neither have I." Or the band's self-introduction, "We're the Sex Bob-Ombs and we're here to make you all sad and depressed and stuff.

The movie also pokes gentle fun at hipster subculture with the way that Ramona has thirty plus flavors of tea, or how Scott's roommate is always texting. There are also quirky touches like one girl who can bleep herself out, much to Scott's amazement, and a scene when the intro from Seinfeld plays after the characters enter the apartment, and canned laughter follows every line.

The editing and structure are highly non-traditional, with heavy use of dreams, daydreams, montages, animated flashbacks and asides, and chapter titles introducing segments. The visuals are impressive and very imaginative, such as the way that flashes of color accompany the playing of any musical instrument, allowing you to see the sound. Speaking of which, the sound is another high point, not only the energetic, rock fueled sound track, but also the sound effects taken from classic games like Mario and Zelda.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World succeeds in telling an offbeat story, providing interesting characters, and in producing lots of laughs. Other than a couple of too-obvious puns, I honestly can't think of anything wrong with this movie. I would highly recommend it to anyone in their teens or twenties. Four stars.
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Fun Film
adw-9570128 July 2018
Very fun film with loads of story lines, adventure and fantasy.

This is one rare creative film that almost has it all.

For something different check this out!
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Fun Fun Fun
lua-3145420 August 2018
Action, beauty, women, comedy, scenery, special effects and hilarious zaniness coupled with imaginative modern and contemporary zeitgeist. What a film
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Imdbidia15 April 2011
Scott Pilgrim versus the World is a Canadian romantic comedy and musical based on the comic books by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Scott Pilgrim is a 22y.o teen-age-looking insecure guy and guitarist who plays in a rock band called Sex Bom-omb and is going out with a minor high-school Chinese girl, Knives. He seems content until he has a dream about a girl. She happens to appear in his real world in the form of Ramona, the ever-changing-hair-colour American recently moved to Toronto. Scott is over the moon, but he has to face his own personal demons, break up with sweet Knives and fight for Ramona's love against her seven exes.

Scott Pilgrim is one of the most refreshing teen-sophomore movies produced in the last years, and one the best movies of 2010. The movie is cute, funny, entertaining, has great characters, a terrific soundtrack and stunning visuals. The story is presented as in a video-game in which the main characters are the players, and their lives is the game. The issues regarding relationships are masqueraded by the video-game approach, but they have depth. Unlike many other movies focusing on the emotional challenges of very young people, sex is not the focus, although it does not avoid it either. The movie focus on how difficult is to make a relationship work when you fall in love whit people who already have an emotional baggage and you are insecure about yourself. Scott's fights against Ramona's exes are just a metaphoric way of putting it. Moreover, the emotions of the girl are not the focus here, but the emotions of a young man who is not obsessed with sex. How do you get a girl who has an emotional baggage when you are not an over-confident guy, your dream girl is uber-cool, and her exes were brilliant guys? The good thing is that any of this is boringly presented. On the contrary, the movie is lots of fun and does not take itself seriously.

All the actors are great in their roles: Michael Cera as Scott, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau; Mark Webber, Johnny Simmons and Alison Pill as the other band members Stephen, Young and Kim. Kieran Culkin is Scott's confident grounded gay Wallace Wells, Anna Kendrick as the know it all Scott's sister Stacey, and Jason Schwartzman as the revolting Gideon Graves. However, Cera really shines in this movie, in part because his physique really portraits the character from the start.

The visuals of the movie are stunning, the camera's movement, the video-game and comic use of the screen adding to the freshness and originality of the film. The fights wit the exes are extremely funny and witty. I specially liked the fight with the Vegan ex-boyfriend, which is hilarious. Also visually stunning is the musical competition between Scott's rock band and the techno Asian twins band.

The music is truly terrific. An extra bonus to a great script.

Scott Pilgrim vs the Wold movie is not only well done but done with passion, a project cherished by the whole team and by director Edgar Wright.

The movie has freshness, soul and a special something that stays with you longer after you've seen it! It is miles away from any other young people romantic comedy lately made.
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Eye candy film, eye candy games, eye candy chicks
zaviannoel4 July 2019
What else do you want? Great film. The type of extraordinary film that draws one to the cinema. I own the DVD and it is getting a workout. The fantasy, the jokes, the romance, the legs, the feminine hair. Yeah. I am a fan.
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Epic indeed
Crys383-324 July 2010
The tagline for this film is "An Epic of Epic Epicness" and I couldn't agree more. After waiting in line for 3 hours after last night's Comic-Con and finally being sat in the gorgeous Balboa Theater, I didn't know what to expect. I loved the comics and the previews looked faithful. The moment the movie starts (literally; the Universal logo and theme are 8-bit) you are thrown into a comic book atmosphere with video game references aplenty.

The plot revolves around Scott Pilgrim needing to defeat the 7 Evil Exes of Ramona Flowers in order to date her and it is a harrowing sequence of battles. Each fight is crazier than the last and some are used purely for comedy, not excitement. Almost every other line is a punchline and they all work. References to TV shows, video games and comics (just like a 20-something's life would include) are everywhere and if you accept the concept of the plot, it all feels natural.

While the audience might've been biased (we held a 10-minute standing ovation for Edgar Wright when the movie finished) there's no denying that it's an excellent film. Edgar Wright has an uncanny sense of comic timing with edits and sound cues to make the picture tight and focused when it's looking for laughs.

I can't imagine a mainstream theater erupting in applause and laughter like ours did but make no mistake; this a crowd pleaser and the MOST enjoyable film I've seen in years. Don't hesitate to watch this masterpiece in a theater near you.
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Original storytelling, impressive special effects and great cast make the perfect comic book/videogame nerd movie
vithiet31 December 2018
It's been a while since I watched it and I forgot how much I love it. If like me you're into comic books and video games, you will absolutely have an amazing time. And even if you don't, you might find it silly but the great cast, original storytelling and top notch special effects should keep you extremely entertained!
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Something unusually great
wilderblue20059 December 2010
I came to this films with no preconceptions of it as a movie and I have to say I am glad. I guess I was expecting another Michael Cera movie about some dopey kid in love. And thats what it is ... but done in a unusually great way. For anyone under 25 brought up on gaming (I am 30 and not) this will be just brilliant. The style of the movie with its "end of level baddies", game-play set-up and visuals are a welcome and refreshing twist on what could have been a hum-drum movie. The music rocked, the comedy was fast, slick and laugh out loud ... I'd definitely recommend this to my friends looking for something that little bit special.
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One of Edgar Wrights finest
morganqwerty22 June 2010
I was lucky enough too see this film during a test preview to an audience that weren't told what we were about too see. I was honestly expecting some odd film that really needed a lot of help but i was pleasantly surprised with how great this movie was.

The movie had everyone laughing, and i mean everyone, I've been too almost every Wright film and somehow the audience wasn't as amused as i was, but this time everyone loved it. I've never heard so much laughter in one cinema.

The jokes were fast and although silly, they weren't stupid which made for quite an enjoyable film. Wright's trademark quick cuts, and simple comedy made this film, i personally think if it were directed by anyone else it wouldn't have had the same effect.

The characters were well written and performed, every individual character fitted perfectly. The film had many scenes that were quite pointless but still quite funny for example the Seinfeld scene.

Apparently its based on a comic book series? I've never heard of them before but i certainly will look out for them now. If you're a fan of Edgar Wrights films or just good silly humour you will love this film.

Great comedy, definitely the best of 2010 8/10 Morgan
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Excellent, Brilliant !!!!!!! REFRESHING
guapog18 August 2010
This is truly a brilliant, refreshing movie. I must say that I didn't quite know what to expect but except that I thought this movie was for teenagers and I was terribly wrong.

I am 40 years old and I TRULY enjoyed this movie and it had a clear story line that targeted more than just teenagers. In addition, I saw every age group, race, gender in the screening that I attended which was impressive and we all were jumping and laughing at every scene as if we were all teenagers.

I truly left the movie saying that " I cant wait to see more films put out by "Oni Productions/Closed on Mondays ". Well done !!!!!
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bennyhagen12 November 2010
Teenager problems (find yourself, get real, etc.) might not give anything to people considering themselves mayor adults, but consider this is a movie built on arcade video gaming motifs, I don't think it concerns mayor adults at all in the first place. I for one did not necessarily long for dark moral drama in this particular movie at all, I think the story was just about right for this movie, but you decide, if this is childish watch Haneke.

Now for the rest: Surprisingly, Scott Pilgrim features the best martial arts scenes in years. Every fight is choreographed and executed in the most awesome ways and the fact that it's not Jet Lee pulling off these moves makes it even more fun to watch. And you get the fights absolutely frequently which is really, really satisfying. The editing is incredibly skillful as probably the most crucial element that makes this work. It gives the movie an incredible rhythm, reaching new levels of dynamism and the use of CGI and the visual design is plain fantastic. The amount of creativity put into this part is mind- blowing, resulting genuine and most original style. The cast is cool and I don't think anyone should look for academy material here. I liked these kids and they suit the movie.

So, all together I found Scott Pilgrim being one of the most original, exciting and fun productions I've seen in my life. As a huge fan of things like fighting games, comics, or martial arts anime I felt satisfied to a point of screaming 'awesome' out loud after 30 minutes into the movie. Though people who never played Street Fighter or kept crossing fingers for Goku and friends yelling 'kamehameha' as evil bosses get pulverized by energy beams might not really get what Scott Pilgrim is about, it's very hard to deny the originality featured and the creative and professional qualities of the way it's executed.

Fantastic! 8/10
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Break out the L word
r_massey23 September 2014
For fans of all things geeky around the world, this film is for YOU! Comedy, action, romance, video games, music; "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" has everything you could ask for. It very quickly became my favourite film after watching it and I could watch it over and over again without ever getting bored of it; the same way that you could watch the same episode of Friends for the 'nth' time and find it as hilarious as the first.

Though the character feels quite different to his graphic novel counterpart, Michael Cera does an excellent job as the awkward Scott, Kieran Culkin is perfect as Wallace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a much more tragic version of Ramona Flowers but this change still works well.

Scott Pilgrim is a must-see and it deserves more recognition. Go watch it, you'll love it.
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Pretty Sexy Babes and fun action
kadedewayne2 July 2019
What more could anyone want??

Action, fantasy, flaunting thin babes, different realities and did I mention hot chicks? Yes, stay away if you like superior realities. Otherwise, this is why I purchase DVDs.
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A Bold Masterpiece That Defies All Norms
leeatwork5 June 2018
Edgar Wright is a creative genius and crafts one of the most delightful pieces of entertainment that unites a set of insanely likable, charismatic characters, a unique visual style, a truly original plot, charming dialogue, nuanced comedy, innovative editing and a soundtrack that kicks ass.

The story follows Scott Pilgrim, a 22-year-old guitarist who plays in a not-so-successful band and who seems to stumble from one social misadventure to the next. He starts off dating a 17-year-old but is soon enraptured by purple haired Ramona Flowers who works in delivery service. However, to be with her, he first needs to defeat her seven evil exes.

This set-up, although seemingly ridiculous, paves the way for a film that captivates the viewer with its colourful set designs, smart dialogue and of course its over-the-top, awesomely choreographed fight scenes with video game aesthetics. Despite the exaggeration, the story never feels forced or contrived. Instead, it flows amazingly naturally and the comedy never falls flat, which is certainly also due to the superb performances of the cast.

I couldn't praise this film enough. "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is one of these films that succeeds on every level. You see it once and immediately want to re-watch it. The creators obviously knew what they were doing and the result is a well-paced, highly entertaining film spiked with references to pop culture. It dares to be unconventional and geeky but never gets too absorbed in its references. The film knows when to be quiet and when to be loud but most of all, it doesn't take itself too seriously, granting an out of this world, two hour spectacle that couldn't be more epic.
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Crazy, stupid, awesome video game fun.
kevinxirau30 November 2011
Scott Pilgram, a comic series unlike any other, is brought to insane life onto the big screen. When I first heard about this, I dismissed it as some lame movie, but to my surprise it isn't. This is one of the best movies with the word "versus" in the history of cinema. It's so absolutely mind-blowing that I can't tell if the author of the comics was tripping on acid when he made this.

Now on to the plot: Meet Scott Pilgram, a teenage boy who has his own rock band, been in a few relationships, lives in an apartment with a homosexual roommate, and happens to be the best fighter in town. When he meets a mysterious hair-color-changing girl named Ramona, Scott suddenly falls in love. However, to be with Ramona, he has to defeat her seven evil ex's, each with their own skills and powers, in awesome and hilarious video game style brawls to the death.

All I can say is that this film is pure freaking genius. Action-packed and incredibly stupid (in a good way). I wish I had fights like these, then my life would be complete! All the evil ex's are delightfully despicable, each having their own funny little quirks. This is a wonderful movie and I recommend that you check this out.
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Visually impressive, though lacking in its script
Wizard-826 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have a feeling that many young people would go ape for "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World". It involves both young people, and its video game elements will be greatly appealing to youths. However, I think older people (like myself) will be somewhat let down by the movie.

Before I get to criticizing the movie, let me say that I did feel the movie had SOME positive elements. The visual effects are top notch, successfully crossing live action with what you might see in a video game. There are also a lot of small touches here and there that are amusing, like defeated opponents transforming into coins.

The visual look of the movie combined with those small touches ALMOST makes up for the flaws in the movie. The source of all the flaws is the same: the script. The script is really inadequate in a number of areas. The biggest flaw is that except for the character of Knives, NONE of the characters are sympathetic or appealing. They come across as thoughtless and kind of dumb, especially the title figure. Another script problem is that much of the movie consists of it repeating several times stuff that has already happened. The movie becomes monotonous after a while. Also, the ending is very frustrating, with Scott (in my opinion) choosing the wrong person to be with.

I have not read the graphic novel series this movie is based on, but my guess is based on its length, a LOT of character development and story was cut out in order to make the movie last a little under two hours. So if you have a choice, I would advise you read the multi-part graphic novel instead of seeing this movie.
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Well, it is different, but I am not the target audience for this movie.
TxMike6 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It was showing on Netflix streaming, and I had nothing else to do in this record hot Texas summer, so I watched it.

I have to give credit, it is a very interesting concept and much of the dialog is snappy and interesting. But overall it is not the kind of movie I enjoy.

Michael Cera is Scott Pilgrim, musician wanna-bee, and mostly a social misfit. Shy and with low confidence, he has a girlfriend, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, that is 5 years younger, and underage. When he discusses this with his friends Scott is quick to point out that they haven't even kissed, and he is sometimes tempted to hold her hand.

But the real action starts when Scott gets his eye on pretty Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, and Ramona seems to like Scott also. But Scott soon finds out that he has to fight and defeat Ramona's 7 evil former lovers if she is to be his.

The first couple of fights are interesting but it soon became more of the same. I found myself just waiting for them to be over so I could see where the new romance might go.

Not really my kind of movie. And I am not a big Michael Cera fan.
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Such a great movie.
mat-mcnaughton-254-3325725 October 2012
This is the perfect movie with perfect cast. I don't even like Michael Cera much, although he was fortunate enough to be in one of the most clever TV shows ever. He's become typecast, but this is one movie which breaks the mold. (Or at least it ignores it and does its own thing.) Edgar Wright has also directed the great movies "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," and he doesn't disappoint with this. I haven't read the anime series this was based on, but I don't really want to, because this is so much better than it could ever be. To be completely honest, the only thing I don't like his how fast Scott's 'pee bar' empties. Nobody can pee that fast, geez.

But yeah, everyone should watch this, especially video game fans.
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It's so intent on being hipster cool that it forgets about keeping it real
Likes_Ninjas9029 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is in his early twenties and has started dating a girl named Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) who is still in high school. The news circulates around all of his friends including his gay roommate Wallace (Kieran Culkin) and his nosey sister Stacey (Anna Kendrick). At first Scott enjoys the company of Knives. She watches his band play during their practice sessions. At a party though Scott meets who he believes is the girl of his dreams in Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). He opts to go out with Ramona instead and decides to breakup with Knives. Yet when his band is performing at a gig, Scott is confronted by one of Ramona's seven ex-boyfriends. This leads to a series of video game style fight sequences where Scott must take on each of Ramona's exes, many of which have superhuman powers of their own and defeat them so he can date her properly.

Although Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has been adapted from a 2004 graphic novel series, it is to a fault like a computer game. It's been directed by Edgar Wright, who previously worked on Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). He has chosen to shoot the film with an overwhelming number of visual tricks that look to have come straight from the graphic novel source and the arcades machines. When someone knocks on Scott's door the onomatopoeic words appear on the screen. When Scott kisses Ramona tiny hearts trickle out between them. During the fight scenes icons popup to reveal Scott's high scores, like an arcade game. But Wright seems too excited by these gimmicks and they are used too frequently. Rather than being charming little treats for the audience, they quickly become excessive. The film's rapid pacing is also problematic. As the director and one of the film's screenwriters Wright seems highly intent on moving through the film's opening quarter as quickly as possible, with rapid cutting hurling the audience from one scene to another. Given the speed of the first act and the array of video game aesthetics thrown in, the rest of the film desperately lacks urgency. It fires all its shots at once and then there is no momentum to build upon with any of the fight scenes, leaving the movie at a monotone rate. Scott Pilgrim already knows how to fight too so there is no character development or exposition here either. Each fight sequence feels no more significant than the last. It makes for extremely repetitive viewing, with at least three exes too many and just not enough substance.

Michael Cera has potential as a comic actor but the script here does not allow him to develop anything new beyond his trademark dopey persona. Given how engaging he has been in films like Juno (2007), it is surprising how dislikeable he is here. The way that he treats Knives and gets away with it makes him less appealing as a protagonist. It does not help that Cera is forced to deliver dialogue that is entirely self- conscious in its attempts to be hip. No one has anything interesting or funny to say here. When his sister Stacey asks him if he really thought that he had a future with Ramona he replies thickly: "Like with jetpacks?" There is an overdose of style here and not an ounce of sincerity. A lot of the other performers are wasted too. Anna Kendrick, a talented actress from films like Twilight and Up in the Air (2009), is barely seen and no matter how cool and alternative Winstead's hair looks her character is still underwritten. It's disappointing that the exes fail to reveal anything about her past. Jason Schwartzman has only a small role as the film's central baddie and it would have been nice to see more of him in the film because he is a regularly enjoyable talent on-screen.

Despite the efforts of director Edgar Wright to bombard the audience with an array of visual tricks, there is little by way of substance to be found in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Its computer game counterpart probably soars on its artistic flair but this film disregards too many of the basics of screen writing. It's pacing runs on a single, exhausting note and does not give enough urgency to the repetitive fight sequences. The lack of a substantial narrative here diminishes any possible depth the performances might have had too. It's so intent on being hipster cool that it forgets about keeping it real. Exit game.
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I really wanted to love it. But I can barely even bring myself to like it.
jaysilentbob3729 August 2010
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has made me question just how well I fit in with my generation. According to other members of my generation, it is the movie to end all movies, and the best movie... I'm sorry... most EPIC movie ever. I'm partial to The Godfather myself. Scott Pilgrim is a film that I was looking forward to as Michael Cera has made me laugh numerous times in the past, and Edgar Wright is easily one of the more talented newer directors working today. Combined with the eye-popping visual effects, I couldn't see how these things could add up to anything less than a fun and entertaining film. Fun, to a point. Entertaining? Well...

Scott Pilgrim's first problem is the plot. The plot is self-conscious and repetitive, as well as overly laid back and easygoing. Scott Pilgrim has to defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil ex's. That's the whole plot, and at no point do we get the sense that anything is at stake for these characters. I know that probably shouldn't matter in an effects-driven popcorn movie, but with nothing to root for, or no suspense of any kind, I found the film to get boring after the first thirty minutes. That is approximately when the first evil ex shows up. They fight. He defeats him easily. Too easily. The fight isn't all that exciting as a result. And with six of these to go, the movie became a tedious experience before it was even halfway over.

Not to say the film doesn't have it's good points. Michael Cera, though not as witty as he can be, is still somewhat likable. And while the script lacks structure of any kind, it is jam- packed with hilariously quirky dialogue and brilliant sight gags. The filmmaking is generally good throughout, and as a director Edgar Wright hasn't lost his talent. Unfortunately, the poor storyline ultimately overshadowed these elements for me.

Maybe it's because I don't play video games. Maybe I just need to read the comics. Or maybe I'm just becoming less fun of a person as I mature. I want to like this movie and take the same joy from it that my generation does, but I simply can't. I'll stick to films with stories and social relevance and enjoy being the outcast. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World gets a generous 5/10 because I feel giving it anything lower would just make me look bitter.
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xavier2128211 November 2010
I have never, ever wrote a review before even though i have watched a insane amount of movies in my time (Roughly a Million). As far as video games are concerned i have won a Nintendo Championship yeah thats right i remember those days. This movie to me stomps the best story lines out there, Crush's action films like "The Matrix". Overall this is where "Film" should be going.

If you remember what it is like to be a kid and your a adult now, you and your kid(s) can watch this together. Trust me it's worth it, We all love a good drama story and thats exactly what this is. Sure they threw a awesome amount of action in there but isn't that needed so men and women can enjoy a film together these days? Oh and lets not forget the awesome way the music was brought into this storyline Kudos! MAD prop's goes out to Michael Cera dude you have brought me over to your fan base. Good call on the 100% flawless cheat code. I PRAY! there is a sequel to this movie and i hope it earns awards.

Peace for now Xavier
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Big special effects to cover a crappy 5 minute story and annoying actors.
manager-844-35798812 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film for 20-something years olds living with their moms who still play Pokemon and drooling over manga. This movie has the intelligence level of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and the maturity level of Spongebob Squarepants. It's really only a fifteen minute movie that repeats well over five times for two frikin hours. Sometimes less is more and when a movie is the equivalent to watching someone play Soul Calibur, 112 minutes is 90 minutes too long. It has all the terrible dialog from a Dragonball-Z cartoon with the same over exaggerated fight sequences that have the fighters spending more time screaming at each other as they fly through the air then they do actually fighting. The whole "Video game style" fighting over a girl would have been OK if it just happened once. But re-hashing the same damn fight four more times was just driving an idea into the ground all the way back to Japan.

Michael Cera needs acting lessons. I'm sick of seeing this guy play the same person in every damn movie he does. HE SUCKS! I'm sick of seeing him being a little stuttering, meakling who's afraid of his own shadow again and again. It's so old it's not funny.
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One of the Best of 2010
MoffatLP21 June 2011
'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' was executed from a graphic novel to a film very nicely but didn't make it a better film. The movie was great but from comic to movie really didn't make it any better although it probably wasn't intended to make it better. This film exceeded all of my expectations and actually surprised me that a comic like this type could be made into a movie so nicely done. I immediately picked up the graphic novels and it explained a huge amount of references that never got displayed in this movie. I really really liked Michael Cera's performance in this and he continues to be exceptional. The film's tagline "An epic of epic epicness" really defines the film for what it is. It was funny, intense, and serious while it has it's own style of a film itself. 'Scott Pilgrim' had it's own type of humour, the intense fight scenes that were really fun to watch and see the creativity of the authors point of view. This is a fun movie and must see.
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An awesome comedy that stays apart from others
Karlamon30 June 2011
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a very smart teen comedy. While being a romantic comedy, it also makes jabs on video game culture at the same time to create unique storytelling and cinematography. Thanks to its fast-paced action, eye-popping visuals and spot-on references on recto gaming, Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright successfully turns this simple comic book adaption into a funny, innovative and very awesome epic comedy flick that sets itself apart from the crowd.

This is a film based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel with the same name. While I didn't read any Scott Pilgrim novels, I still got engaged in the films fast paced story. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is the basest of his garage rock band Sex Bob-omb who one day, befriends with Ramona Flowers (Elizabeth Mary Winstead) who turns out to be the girl of his dreams. But in order to win her, Scott must stand up and destroy Ramona's seven exes.

The acting in this treat of a film is very witty and well-directed. Michael Cera is very fitting for the title character Scott Pilgrim, delivering his speedy lines in a stable, geeky and enthusiastic way which to me, made him very likable. The same goes with the rest of the cast members including Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona and Kieran Culkin as Scott's gay roommate Wallace. Even the seven axes are spot-on, each one being unique and distinctive from each other. While I was a little annoyed with the lack of character development, the characters themselves were still fun and believable.

In addition to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's witty dialogue, references of old school video games are scatted throughout the film. Not only are they done in such a humorous way and give the film personality, but they also act an important storytelling device. This is no game of "spot-the-reference" like in those "Movie" movies. In Scott Pilgrim, these references help the story keep its flow and pace and gives you the feel of being in a video game. Whether it's Scott's bands name that's taken from the Mario villain or the boss battles that humorously mimic classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, they are all excellent and retro gamers will easily pick them up.

It's not just the video game jabs that make this movie so cool. There are amazingly flashy special effects which dominate the films cinematography. What I found special about them is that they are very unique, not clichéd fireballs or gunfire like in other action movies. But instead of those, we are provided with effects varying from classic 8-bit pop-ins and dazzling and colourful light clash effects during the battle scenes. As a bonus, enemy remainings are coins instead of blood. Score!

I had a blast watching, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It's dazzling, wittily written and filled with nostalgia, but it's such a shame it failed at the Box Office. To finish off, this is a cult film that I highly recommend, especially for fans of the novel, video games and Wright's other works. "B+"
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Boring and extremely disappointing
stu-bell28 October 2010
I like / love Edgar Wright's other movies ("Shaun..." is easily one of the 10 best British films ever made and is endlessly quotable, and "Fuzz" so perfectly captures the vein of the genre it affectionately spoofs) as well as his TV show "Spaced" (final scene of first series filmed in my local!), so I was looking forward to this a lot; unfortunately I was really really disappointed.

I found the film flaccid (at least 30 mins too long) the characters unengaging and uninteresting, the drama non-existent (was there ever any doubt how it would turn out?) and most frustratingly of all just not funny enough. It was just boring.

Yes, I can see that all the video game stuff is clever, and the Flash Gordon reference was fun, but being clever is not enough to make a film good and I found it pretty annoying before too long.

I am not familiar with the source material but if this is faithful to it I can only conclude that it wasn't worth being turned into a movie. No-one ever made a good movie from lousy source material.

I am in my mid 30s so possibly older than the target audience, but I'm still astounded this rates so highly and is in the top 250 (at time of writing). It has been widely commented that this will polarize audiences, I'm just slightly sad I didn't find anything to like in it at all.
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