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Fantastic Film
ellarosa25 November 2005
I had the extreme pleasure of seeing this film this past spring when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival here in NYC. I have been an admirer of George Michael's work since the age of 8 and have followed his career ever since. Living in the States makes being a fan of George's (over the last decade) very difficult as our music industry favors talentless, half naked, soul selling performers over dynamic talent any day.

This film gives George Michael fans in the states the opportunity to hear him explain where he is in his life now and all that we would have never had a glimpse into otherwise. The movie follows his career from childhood to the current day. Sitting in that theater felt like going to a George Michael concert.... or having dinner with him.. or perhaps a bit of both.

Any follower of his music would have a ball seeing this documentary... and what a blast from the past it was.
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A Different Story
aa74kai2 May 2005
I am a fan. I went to see the film with someone who is not a fan; like many others in attendance. The film was well done. It featured comments from those who know him and love him and from those who don't like him at all. He charmingly tells a story of success, personal failure and finally personal success; All the while gaining respect from those who may not like him. Lots of unseen Wham! footage.Great music. I think the film will surprise a people who think they know his story. He speaks in detail about his childhood, Wham!, confusion, Sony, insecurity, love loss, and the future.You'll find yourself saying--I had no idea. Funny, smart, Charming, sad and bittersweet. Thoroughly entertaining. Well done, George.
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A Very Intimate Look into one of pop music's greatest voices
sign54313 May 2006
This documentary was extremely well done. George Michael goes against his own nature and opens up for an extremely intimate look into his extraordinary life. It's very easy to see him as a punch line, given all the media coverage of his flounders and mess ups...but after you see him in this very intimate portrait, you'll gain a greater respect for the man who is George Michael. He's not just a cute face...he's an extremely gifted songwriter, performer, and vocalist. I was especially touched by his opening up about the loss of his partner, Anselmo, and how he discovered love again after such a tragedy. George Michael has changed the face of music as we know it.
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Very Intimate Move From the Goergoeus Singer..
xenoeros20 February 2006
I saw this film in "istanbul independent film festival". So called "!f Film festival" It was a wonderful experience to witness the life of one of the biggest voice of our time.. I'm very touched by his intimacy while he is explaining his very personal secrets. About his lover Anselmo and losing him because of his Aids illness.. And his comments about his sexuality.. His childhood.. Being famous and under public eye..

One of the most touching documentaries I have ever seen, I have always been touched by other people's life stories and this is one of best... Comments From Sting,Elton John, Mariah Carey, Pepsi & Shirley, David Austin, AndrewRidgeley, His Father and His Latest Love of his life.. .. If you have a chance to see it..Don't miss it..

I used to love George Michael but after this film I love him more than ever..
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George's confession
amelyia12 January 2006
I'm from France. This documentary was released only yesterday in Paris in a couple of theaters! I've always been a fan since the Wham period so being able to see and hear Pepsi, Shirley and Andy Ridgeley comments brought me 20 years back when I used to sing and dance along with them. This documentary is like a long interview, a confession. George explains who he is, what he did and why he did it. Comments from other artists who like him or dislike him make the film even more exciting. Once you leave the theater you understand clearly that George is not only a great singer but also a sensitive and honest one! This film was more than necessary as we heard about him only from journalists in people magazines. We never knew who he really was. Thank you George for clarifying! Now, I hope you're ready to tour coz you have not been in France for almost 15 years now! Just one thing though, the film would have been a great TV film too! No need to be released on the big screen!
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A wonderful documentary
father-figure2516 September 2005
Hello... I had have the luck to have see this film...I'm a George Michael's "massive fan" and I really think that this film is a wonderful gift He makes to All His Fans, all around the world...and thanks to this film, young fans and all other people who love just His songs without being a "fan" can learn more on Him. I love this film because we could see George Michael as we never see Him, talking about himself quietly, with sometimes nostalgia, with fun too and with sincerity!!! It's a film for all His fans and for all people who love His songs!!!

Thank you very much for this film...I just hope now that I could see it in France!...
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