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Priceless with hindsight!
badger0919 August 2006
I edited out most of the "you know"s (he says that way too much!) but otherwise this is a direct quote from the "Secondhand Lions" DVD, a couple of years ago: "Being a teenager and stuff, where you have the responsibility to do things right, I mean sometimes people are going to look up to you, that's your obligation as an actor, or as someone who's in the public eye, to do the right thing. You've got to keep your record clean because it's your responsibility to everyone who's ever watched your film, and that's something that you sign on to when you work on a film, when you get into this business that is something that you take with the acting, you know, the responsibility of life outside of that. So I guess that it's a little more pressure, but it's good pressure, you know? It's a motivation to do good things. Not that I wouldn't anyway." Pretty funny now!
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