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Season 1

25 Mar. 2005
A brutal serial killer is targeting prostitutes who have children. When he contacts police lieutenant Kojak to taunt him, the case becomes personal for him.
3 Apr. 2005
All That Glitters
Lt. Kojak is taken hostage during a jewelry store robbery gone wrong. A mind game begins between him and the robber, but Kojak quickly realizes that someone else is calling the shots for both of them.
10 Apr. 2005
East Sixties
Kojak suspects that a biological mother of an adopted little girl is trying to get her kid back by murdering her daughter's adoptive family.
17 Apr. 2005
Fathers and Sons
An elderly crook may be the killer of Kojak's father. Amateurs with military grade weapons including a mini-gun rob a place and kill a young father. A criminal threatens one of Kojak's female officers, so they set up a sting at his club.
24 Apr. 2005
Kojak takes on a dangerous pro bono hitman who kills his targets with a sniper rifle simply for the fun of it. The only clue they have is an e-mail that the hitman uses to receive jobs.
1 May 2005
Kind of Blue
In order to save a young kid from a dangerous street gang he joined for financial gain, Kojak has to stop the armed robbery they are planning.
8 May 2005
Music of the Night
A popular nightclub singer is stalked by a mad bomber who targets those she used to work with and sends her VHS tapes of his crimes. Kojak suspects that the stalker is not simply a crazed fan but someone she personally knows.
15 May 2005
All Bets Off: Part 1
The murder of a real estate developer leads Kojak to the man's lover and Kojak's personal friend, Kate McNeil, which unfortunately makes her jealous husband and Kojak's boss, Captain Frank McNeil, the prime suspect.
22 May 2005
All Bets Off: Part 2
Kojak discovers that the killer's target was Kate, not her lover, and that her life is still in danger because of an old prison vendetta.

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