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  • Young Katy claims a wild horse as her own -- an effort to prove to her father that she is capable of one day taking over the family ranch.

  • Coming of age story set in the mountain vistas, A headstrong 16 year old Katy McLaughlin desires to work on her family's mountainside horse ranch, although her father insists she finish boarding school. Katy finds a mustang in the hills near her ranch. Katy then sets her mind to tame a mustang and prove to her father she can run the ranch. But when tragedy happens, it will take all the love and strength the family can muster to restore hope.

  • Rob McLaughlin runs his Rockies horse ranch with a firm hand. That includes grooming gentle, smart, mundane son Howard as his successor, without bothering to find out that's the boy's daily nightmare, while he dreams of a writing career. Howard's sassy sister Katy was send off to a boarding school the family can ill afford. During a holiday, she discovers an even more free-spirited wild mustang and decides to tame it, hoping it may help to convince pa she's fit for ranching. Trouble comes from nature, kin and others.


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  • Katy is the only daughter of a rancher who hopes to take over the family ranch someday. Her father however hopes that her older brother Howard will take over the running of the ranch. After failing to complete an essay for her high school exam Katy returns home for the holidays to face her father's disapproval. Her redemption comes in the form of a black Mustang filly which Katy encounters after a close call with a mountain lion, Katy sets out to capture this Mustang who she names Flicka in an effort to prove to her father that she is capable of assuming the responsabilities of running the ranch. Katy's father does not approve of her actions however and after Katy deliberately disobeys him by training and riding Flicka behind his back Flicka is sold to the rodeo for use in the wild horse race. Katy succeeds in rescuing her beloved horse with the assistance of her brother by posing as a man and entering the race, she then takes Flicka and rides towards home. Another encounter with the mountain lion on the way back to the ranch results in Flicka being critically injured and Katy becoming seriously ill after being caught in a major storm. Her family find her and take her home while her father returns to put Flicka down due to the seriousness of her injuries. Katy hears a gunshot whilst she is battling the fever and assumes Flicka has been killed. A few days later Katy's fever breaks however she is depressed at her horses death. Katy's father calls her downstairs and into the yard where Katy discovers that Flicka is alive and well, the shot she had heard was aimed at the mountain lion. The film ends with Katy and Flicka riding together through the Wyoming mountains.

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