Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Poster

Iain Glen: Dr. Isaacs


  • Dr. Isaacs : [as the Tyrant]  For so long, I thought you were the future; I was wrong. I am the future.

    Alice : [laughs]  No. You're just another asshole, and we're both gonna die down here.

    [laser grid turns on and slices the Tyrant into pieces] 

  • Slater : [upon seeing 5 to 6 empty anti-virus vials that Isaacs had injected himself with]  How much of this have you used?

    Dr. Isaacs : [while injecting himself with the anti-virus]  Her blood increased the creatures' power. It also increased the strength of the infection. I needed it.

    Slater : You have no idea what this will do to you.

    Dr. Isaacs : [sarcastically]  Oh, I have an idea.

    Slater : You're out of control. Well, this ends here. Under Executive Order 1345, issued by Chairman Wesker for insubordination and gross misconduct in the field, I sentence you to summary liquidation.

    Dr. Isaacs : Liquidation?

    Slater : [before shooting Isaacs in the heart with his handgun]  No, just die.

  • Dr. Isaacs : When she's dead make sure you move in fast. I want a sample of her blood while it's still warm.

    Lab Tech : That won't be a problem.

  • [first lines] 

    Dr. Isaacs : Take a sample of her blood, and then get rid of that.

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