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Garrett Hedlund: Jack Mercer



  • Angel : I gotta ask you a question. Me and Sofi did a lot of making up last night. It seems like a got a little rust on my tools down here

    [opens his bathrobe] 

    Bobby : Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ask the cockologist in the shower.

    Jack : How the hell would I know?

    Bobby : You're the expert.

    Jack : [looks for a second]  Rug burn.

  • Jack : [chasing a kid down a hallway in a school]  Hey, kid! No running in the halls!

  • Bobby : I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had. Pour me and my brothers another round, and some nice warm milk for my little sister.

    Jack : Man, I will drink you under the table.

    Bobby : We're not talking about sperm, Jack, this is whiskey.

  • Jack : Jack drinks Jack! Jack drink Jack!

    [considering his name is Jack and he's Drinking Jack Daniels] 

    Jeremiah : Jackie is drunk!

    Bobby : Jack likes ass crack and ballsack.

    Jack : Jack doesn't like ass crack and ballsack! Jack likes boobs! Jack's got fans. Jack's got lots of fans.

    Angel : Man, shut the hell up.

  • Jack : So, shit, Bobby, what've you been up to?

    Bobby : I'm a freakin' college professor, Jack, what do you think I've been doing.

    Jack : I doubt that.

    Bobby : What about you? You still sucking a little cock left and right, or what?

    Jack : Fucker.

  • Jack : Haven't seen you in forever!

    Angel : Yeah, I know.

    Jack : Hey, did you get your teeth whitened?

    Angel : Man, shut up Jackie-poo

  • Jack : You guys are coming up with this pretty quick.

    Bobby : Yeah, we should've been cops.

  • Bobby : I ain't playing no more. I'm gonna go in there and bust that melon...

    Jack : Hey! His family's in there!

    Angel : Bobby, you're gonna have to calm down.

    Bobby : Oh, I'm calm. He think's I'm an idiot! He thinks I don't know what the fuck is going on!

  • Jack : What do you think he found?

    Bobby : I don't know, but it's something big.

    Jack : How can you tell?

    Bobby : By the sound of his voice. I know my brother.

  • Bobby : Jack, it was a questionable kill.

    Jack : What makes you think that?

    Bobby : Boy, it's sad, you growing up without a father. Nobody taught you anything, did they? Maybe I should've stayed around longer and held your little hand, huh sweetheart? Sometimes pros will cover up their shots with another crime, like a burglary or something, then pay a witness to throw the cops onto the wrong suspect.

    Jack : Why would anybody wanna kill the sweetest woman in the God-damn world?

    Bobby : I dunno, Jackie. I dunno.

  • Jack : [meeting Jeremiah's daughters]  Hey, you must be Daniela!

    Bobby : [petting Amelia's costumed dog]  and you must be Amelia! I like your dress...

    Amelia Mercer : I'm Amelia!

    Bobby : I know. You probably don't remember us, but I'm your Uncle Bobby, and this is Cracker Jack.

    Jack : Man, don't teach them that.

    Daniela Mercer : You can't be our uncles. You're white.

    Amelia Mercer : Grandma Eva's white!

    Bobby : That's right. You see, we're a different kind of uncle. Your grandma, she adopted me and your uncle Jack just like she adopted your daddy.

  • Bobby : [after Jack is shot]  Jack! Jack, look at me! Jack, you all right? Hold on. We need an ambulance!

    Angel : Somebody help! Call 911!

    Bobby : Jack. Jack. Jack! Jack, please. Come on, man.

    Sofi : I'm calling, I'm calling!

    Bobby : Come on, Jack, you gotta breathe!

    Sofi : [on the phone]  We need an ambulance right now!

    Bobby : Don't you die on me you little fairy. Come on, Jack. Please! You gotta fucking breathe! Come on!

    Jack : [grunts and gasps, gives one last breath, and dies] 

    Bobby : [crying]  Jack! Jack. Jack, come on, Jack, please! Please...

    Angel : [whispers]  Jack.

  • Bobby : You been crying in here, you little fairy?

    Jack : Leave it alone, man.

    Bobby : [about Jack's guitar]  Still making a lot of racket on the freakin' thing?

    Jack : Yeah, still making a lot of racket. Too weird in mom's room?

    Bobby : Oh, man, way too weird.

  • Bobby : It's a real shame that little Jackie's the only down to ride. Say goodbye to your big sister, Jackie, let's go!

    Jack : [sing-song]  She's addicted to what Angel's dick did...

  • Jeremiah : What's the plan, Bobby?

    Bobby : We're wingin' it, Jerry.

    Jeremiah : We're always wingin' it.

    Jack : We're gonna get killed.

    Angel : What'cha mean WE, white boy?

  • Bobby : [after crashing into a parked car while chasing the killers]  Aw! Wrecked the whole side of my fucking car!

    Jack : You gonna get these guys before you kill us?

    Bobby : Sit back and put your fucking seatbelt on, Jack.

  • Bobby : We got a blowout.

    Jack : Bobby, let's just stop the car. Okay, Bobby, let's just stop.

    Bobby : Shut up, Jack. Gonna ride this out on the rim.

  • Jack : [leaving, after threatening to set a group of teens on fire]  Thank you very much, I hope you all have a lovely evening!

  • Jack : [at funeral, giving eulogy]  I never bothered looking for my real parents. Because Evelyn was enough. To go from foster house to foster house. Those people are just watching. Just looking for an extra...

    [inaudible speech as Fowler's line comes in] 

    Jack : ... You were hardly given anything to eat. You learn to take what you can get. When Evelyn took me in, it was no different for me. Until she caught me with my pockets all full. And she tried to explain to me what it meant to be adopted, and what it meant to have a family, what it meant to have a last name... And she would say: "Jackie... there's no reason to steal your own toothbrush anymore." 'Cause I would, I would, I would take it, and I would put it in my sock drawer...

  • Bobby : [seeing Jack pissing on the floor]  Look, look at your little brother.

    Jeremiah : Jack!

    Jack : Oh I'm sorry, is this the master suite?

    [Angel, Bobby, and Jerimiah laugh] 

    Jack : Am I making the property value go down?

  • Bobby : [puts his arm around Jack's shoulder]  You okay, man?

    Jack : [puts his head down and nods] 

    Bobby : You sure?

    Jack : [nods again, keeping his head down] 

    Bobby : I love you, man.

    Jack : [looks up] 

    Jack : Come on let's go see, Jerry.

  • Jack : [in regards to Sofi honking the horn outside the lawyers house that the brothers broke into]  Well, shut her up then!

  • Jack : [crying after being shot]  BOBBY!

    Bobby : [pinned down on the porch]  Jack!

    Jack : [crying]  BOBBY!

    Jeremiah : Jack!

  • Jack : Bobby, take it easy.

    Bobby : Shut up Jack.

  • Jeremiah : [lifts kids silver necklace]  What is this? Aluminum?

    Jack : Shit doesn't even spin.

  • [Jack, Jeremiah, Bobby and Angel are talking to a lawyer about their inheritance] 

    Jack : How much do we get?

    [Bobby smacks him in the back of the head] 

  • Bobby : [as Jeremiah exits the car]  Want to take Cracker Jack with you?... He's flexible.

    Jack : Bobby, you're the one who took ballet.

  • Jack : [pointing to the killer]  There he is.

    Bobby : Where?

    Jack : [pointing]  Right there! The guy with the goatee!

    Bobby : [pulling Jack's hand down]  I see him Jack. Put your hand down!

  • Bobby : Get him, Jackie-O!

    Jack : [shoots at the car twice and misses] 

    Bobby : You go, girl!

  • Bobby : You got a gun?

    Angel : I flew in.

    Bobby : [hands him a gun]  Be careful with my baby.

    Angel : Ooh...

    Bobby : You like that?

    Angel : You got ammo?

    Bobby : Yeah, it's loaded, little brother. Be careful.

    [to Jack] 

    Bobby : Here, you carry the gas can.

    Jack : We're gonna do that gas thing?

    Bobby : [mocking him]  Yeah, we're gonna do the gas thing. The only thing that scares people more than getting burnt to death is getting eaten alive. Let's go.

    Bobby : [starts to close the trunk] 

    Jack : Wait, what do I get?

    Bobby : you coming with us? oh

    [Bobby hands him a crowbar] 

    Bobby : Here you go, sweetheart, poke 'em with that.

    Jack : [insulted]  Thanks.

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