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26 Feb. 2008
Gila Monster
Robson Arms' new owners, Chuck and Trixie Hoskins, hold a meet and greet courtyard party for all the tenants. The Hoskins are Texans recently transplanted from the Mexican desert where they were conferring with a Shamin. They're a little eccentric - they own a sensory deprivation tank - and overly friendly. For some tenants, they are just a little too friendly. But the building is still a business, more so Trixie's vision. One of the first orders of business they have with Yuri, who they have kept on as superintendent, is to evict a tenant behind on rent: Bobbi. Going...
27 Feb. 2008
Geeks in Love
Newlywed geeks Fred and Alicia are happy with their new life together. Fred's obnoxious co-worker, Bark - just dumped by his "one-date" girlfriend - is despondent. Although Fred doesn't particularly like Bark (despite the fact that Bark considers Fred to be his best friend), Fred takes pity on him and invites him over for dinner. Bark and Alicia hit it off. For Alicia, Bark reminds her of her brothers Gordie and Kev who live in Ontario. Alicia dearly misses her brothers and the rest of her family, which is why she fosters Bark's friendship. However Bark seems to be ...
5 May 2008
What came first: Sault's negative attitude or her string of very bad luck in Vancouver? Specifically on the work front, she has lost one contract after another to her arch rival, Richard, or Dick as she calls him. Positive thinking may help her in an upcoming request for proposal for a "Yay Vancouver" campaign. In general, Geoff thinks her negativity came first, and he convinces her to accompany him to a positive thinking seminar. After attending, Sault thinks it's a load of rubbish. Trixie also attended the seminar and uses the positive thinking message to her ...
12 May 2008
I Pagliacci
Stanley and Geoff make some compromises in their social life, each committing to do activities the other enjoys. Of late, Geoff has been spending much "mentoring" time with newly out of the closet ex-Robson Arms tenant, Andrew Colton, which has made Stanley slightly jealous and somewhat suspicious. But he doesn't worry about Geoff and Andrew for the time being as he is looking forward to a visit from Toronto by his ex-wife, Frances. Frances is a smart, beautiful woman who has much more socially in common with Stanley than Geoff has with Stanley. Stanley would probably...
28 Apr. 2008
Mean Girls
Bobbi feels her life is falling apart. She has resorted to selling skin care products over the telephone, but is making no money doing it. And Bobby has not paid child support in months. She has nightmares about who she feels has caused all her problems, namely Sasha. To empower herself, she decides to join SWUT - Single Women United Together - a self-help group. Although she doesn't find solace in the group as its original intent, Bobbi does find solace in the fact that two of the members - in progress transsexual Phyllis aka Phil and shy stuttering Norah - look up ...
19 May 2008
Prince of Nigeria
Previous slackers, Hal and Nick, are now productive members of working society. Nick has just started working as an insurance broker and Hal is continuing his career in animal control, working for Dennis. Both Nick and Hal are good at their jobs. Nick is in line for a major promotion, but Hal admittedly doesn't care for the way Dennis runs his business. Life on the most part is going swimmingly for both until Hal's father, Ramon, drives up to Robson Arms. He has retired, sold the family house, bought a motor home and plans on driving to Santiago, Chile. He's just ...
26 May 2008
Wrong and Wronger
Carol starts dating Matt, a handsome, intelligent renaissance man who respects Carol as a person. The dinner party crowd of Toni, Bao, Geoff and Stanley all like Matt. But Carol keeps him at a distance. Carol then meets Jason Rogerman, the single father of one of her students. Jason is brash and crass, but deep down is more like Carol in terms of personality than Matt. They start a passionate sexual relationship, all the while each stating that it is only sexual since Carol was up front about her relationship with Matt. The dinner party crowd do meet Jason, and cannot...
2 Jun. 2008
No Sex in the City
Sault's book proposal is turned down by the publisher. However, the editor of Canuck, a new magazine, likes her writing and wants Sault to write an article on vertical bar conditioning aka pole dancing. This test article leads to Canuck offering her a monthly column. Things finally look to be going right for Sault, until her older sister Alex aka "Annabelle Bonaduce" (the Ste. Marie sisters were big fans of _"Partridge Family, The" (1970)_ when they were kids) comes for a visit. Alex was always the perfect one, and still is seemingly so, with a good job, wonderful and...
10 Mar. 2008
Cherchez la Femme
Hal misses Nick in more ways than one. With Nick still traveling through Europe, Hal misses chumming around with his buddy but also misses Nick's financial contribution to the apartment. Hal is behind in rent, and doesn't want to resort to Trixie's other method of payment (wink, wink). He's even had to hire Joel, who he dislikes, for his animal control business as he can't turn down jobs since he needs the income. Just in time, Nick returns home, but he's not alone. He's brought with him is new Belgian wife, Anke. Anke is beautiful, passionate, emotional, controlling ...
16 Jun. 2008
Trixie's Honour
An unknown vandal has been wreaking havoc at Robson Arms, this at a time when Trixie is trying to fix the place up to pass code so that the condo approval will go ahead. Chuck is somewhat nonplussed by the vandalism. Trixie thinks the vandal is Carol, the leader of the non-condo movement in the building. In reality, the vandal is a sleepwalking Chuck. When Trixie finds out, she thinks his actions are a sign of subconscious sabotage of her wishes. They have a battle of the wits, this between Trixie's dreams of wealth from the condo development and Chuck's attempts to ...
23 Jun. 2008
Baby? What Baby?
Sault, aka Annabelle Bonaduce, is running out of ideas for her magazine column. The only one of the many hair-brained ideas that Sault came up with that was approved by Charlotte, her editor, was an exposé on a gay wedding, Stanley and Geoff's wedding to be more precise. Sault, as Geoff's maid of honour, is reluctant to tell her "bride" of this news. When she eventually does, Geoff flatly refuses. One would think that Stanley would reject the idea as well, but when he hears about the possible free swag associated to spruce up their otherwise sparse festivities... ...
24 Jun. 2008
My Brother's Keeper
Val has come to stay with Yuri as Val's been placed under house arrest for some minor infractions and as Val has no where else to go. Once at Robson Arms, Val sees that Yuri is acting a little differently, especially doting on one tenant, namely Bobbi. Val instinctively knows that Robbie is Yuri's son. Providing some brotherly Kukoc advice, Val tells Yuri that Kukoc men make terrible fathers and that he should keep his distance for Bobbi and Robbie's sakes. In a moment of drunkenness, Val kind of lets slip to Bobbi that he knows who Robbie's father is. Bobbi finally ...
30 Jun. 2008
Bobbi finally receives a child support payment from Bobby. But elation for the much needed money is torn for needing to tell Bobby the truth that Robbie is not his biological child. Meanwhile, Chuck and Fred are moving forward on the condo application. Fred and Alicia are looking forward to the new 2-bedroom mountain view unit they will be getting as part of their deal for Fred's work as tenant president. They have the support of fifteen tenants and only require the support of one more tenant to proceed. However, getting that last signature may be a problem as they ...

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