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Donald Sutherland: Mr. Bennet



  • [ordered to order Lizzie to accept Mr. Collins's proposal] 

    Mr. Bennet : Your mother insists on you marrying Mr. Collins...

    Mrs. Bennet : Yes! Or I'll never see her again!

    Mr. Bennet : Well, Lizzy, from this day henceforth it seems you must be a stranger to one of your parents...

    Mrs. Bennet : Who will maintain you when your father's gone?

    Mr. Bennet : Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins... and I will never see you again if you do.

    Mrs. Bennet : Mr. Bennet!

    Elizabeth Bennet : Thank you, Papa.

  • Mr. Bennet : Lizzy, are you out of your senses? I thought you hated the man.

    Elizabeth Bennet : No, Papa.

    Mr. Bennet : He's rich, to be sure, and you will have more fine carriages than Jane. But will that make you happy?

    Elizabeth Bennet : Have you no objection other than your belief in my indifference?

    Mr. Bennet : None at all. We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of fellow... but that would be nothing if you really liked him.

    Elizabeth Bennet : I do like him.

    Mr. Bennet : Well...

    Elizabeth Bennet : I love him.

  • Mr. Bennet : I cannot believe that anyone can deserve you... but it apppears I am overruled. So, I heartily give my consent.

    Elizabeth Bennet : [kissing and hugging him]  Thank you.

    Mr. Bennet : I could not have parted with you, my Lizzy, to anyone less worthy.

  • [last lines, UK version] 

    Mr. Bennet : If any young men come for Mary or Kitty, for heaven's sake, send them in. I'm quite at my leisure.

  • Elizabeth Bennet : He's been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others... but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar.

    [starts laughing helplessly] 

    Elizabeth Bennet : We've been nonsensical! Papa, I...

    Mr. Bennet : [also starts laughing, softly]  You really do love him, don't you?

    Elizabeth Bennet : Very much.

  • Mr. Bennet : Well, if Jane does die, it will be a comfort to know she was in pursuit of Mr. Bingley.

    Mrs. Bennet : People do not *die* of colds.

    Elizabeth Bennet : Though she may well perish with the shame of having such a mother.

  • Elizabeth Bennet : [about Mr. Darcy]  He is not proud. I was wrong, I was entirely wrong about him. You don't know him, Papa. If I told you what he's really like, what he's done.

    Mr. Bennet : What has he done?

  • Mr. Bennet : [exits study, finds four of his daughters eavesdropping]  Good heavens. People.

  • Mr. Bennet : How happy for you, Mr. Collins, to possess a talent for flattering with such... delicacy.

    Elizabeth Bennet : Do these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are they the result of previous study?

    Mr. Collins : They arise chiefly from what is passing of the time. And though I do sometimes amuse myself with arranging such little elegant compliments, I always wish to give them as unstudied an air as possible.

    Elizabeth Bennet : Oh, believe me, no one would suspect your manners to be rehearsed.

  • Mrs. Bennet : Now she'll have to stay the night. Exactly as I predicted.

    Mr. Bennet : Good grief, woman. Your skills in the art of matchmaking are positively occult.

    [Mrs. Bennet giggles] 

    Elizabeth Bennet : Though I don't think, Mama, you can reasonably take credit for making it rain.

  • Mr. Bennet : Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins... And I will never see you again if you do.

  • Mr. Bennet : Poor Jane. Still, a girl likes to be crossed in love now and then. It gives her something to think of... and a sort of distinction amongst her companions.

  • Mr. Bennet : [upon finding a very upset Mary]  Mary, my dear Mary.

    [hugs her] 

    Mr. Bennet : Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    Mary Bennet : [sobbing]  I've been practicing all week.

    Mr. Bennet : I know, my dear.

    Mary Bennet : [sobbing]  I hate balls!

  • Kitty Bennet : Papa!

    Mrs. Bennet : Is he amiable?

    Mary Bennet : Who?

    Kitty Bennet : Is he handsome?

    Mary Bennet : Who?

    Lydia Bennet : He's sure to be handsome.

    Elizabeth Bennet : For five thousand a year, it would not matter if he's got warts and a leer.

    Mary Bennet : Who's got warts?

    Mr. Bennet : I'll give my heartiest consent to his marrying whichever of the girls he chooses.

    Lydia Bennet : So will he come to the ball tomorrow, Papa?

    Mr. Bennet : I believe so.

  • Mrs. Bennet : ...and then he danced the third with Miss Lucas.

    Mr. Bennet : We were all there, dear.

    Mrs. Bennet : Oh, poor thing. It is a shame she's not more handsome. There's a spinster in the making and no mistake. The fourth with a Miss King, of little standing... and the fifth again with Jane.

    Mr. Bennet : If he'd had any compassion for me, he would have sprained his ankle in the first set.

  • Mr. Collins : Mrs. Bennet I was hoping, if it would not trouble you, that I might solicit a private audience with Miss Elizabeth in the course of the morning.

    Mrs. Bennet : Oh, yes. Certainly. Lizzy will be very happy indeed. Everyone, out. Mr. Collins would like a private audience with your sister.

    Elizabeth Bennet : No, no, wait, please. I beg you. Mr. Collins can have nothing to say to me that anybody need not hear.

    Mrs. Bennet : No nonsense, Lizzy. I desire you will stay where you are. Everyone else to the drawing room. Mr. Bennet?

    Mr. Bennet : But...

    Mrs. Bennet : Now.

  • Mrs. Bennet : Do you not want to know who has taken it?

    Mr. Bennet : As you wish to tell me, my dear, I doubt I have any choice in the matter.

  • Mr. Bennet : There's no need. I already have.

    Mrs. Bennet : Have? Oh Mr Bennet! How can you tease me so? Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?

    Mr. Bennet : Oh you mistake me, my dear. I have the highest respect for them. They've been my constant companions these twenty years.

  • [first lines] 

    Elizabeth Bennet : [to frolicking sisters]  Lydia! Kitty!

    Mrs. Bennet : My dear Mr Bennet, have you heard? Netherfield Park is let at last. Do you not want to know who has taken it?

    Mr. Bennet : As you wish to tell me, my dear, I doubt I have any choice in the matter.

  • Mr. Bennet : How can that possibly affect them?

    Mrs. Bennet : Oh Mr. Bennet, how can you be so tiresome? You know he must marry one of them!

    Mr. Bennet : Ah, so that is his desire in settling here.

    Mrs. Bennet : You must go and visit him at once!

    Mr. Bennet : Good heavens. People.

    Mrs. Bennet : For we may not visit if you do not, as you well know, Mr. Bennet!

  • Mrs. Bennet : Netherfield Park is let at last. Have you heard who has taken it?

    Mr. Bennet : I have.

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