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Season 2

4 Oct. 2005
To Hell and Back
Fearing he will go to hell, Rodney tries to redeem himself by mowing the church lawn and filling in for the minister at the teenage Sunday School class.
11 Oct. 2005
Question Mark Hamilton
Trina realizes that she and Rodney know nothing about each other, so she has serious doubts about raising a newborn and sharing her life with him.
18 Oct. 2005
Who's the Man?
Barry confides in Rodney that he has a condition that might make him look less masculine.
25 Oct. 2005
Halloween and Javier
Rodney brings a surprise guest (Ignacio Serricchio) home to celebrate Halloween with the children.
8 Nov. 2005
Trina's father must lay her off because the car dealership has fallen on hard times.
29 Nov. 2005
Rodney Comes Out
Trina confronts Rodney's manager, Amy, for flirting with him, but does not know what to do when Amy begins coming on to her as well.
20 Dec. 2005
O Christmas Tree
After Trina's father, Carl, overcharges her and Rodney for a Christmas tree, Rodney goes to his office to demand a new tree and learns that Carl has been living at work.
10 Jan. 2006
The Sleepover
Rodney and Trina mistakenly get Jack and his friend drunk at a sleepover.
17 Jan. 2006
Welcome Ho
When Rodney returns home from his first stand-up comedy tour, changes in the household surprise him.
24 Jan. 2006
A Tisket, a Casket
Rodney's flaky father, Dale, refuses to help him pay for the funeral of his estranged and unpopular Aunt Ruth.
7 Feb. 2006
When Rodney Comes Marching Home
An appearance on the "Bob & Tom Show'' creates an opportunity for Rodney to travel to Afghanistan to perform for the troops.
14 Feb. 2006
Love Is in the Air
Trina feels taken for granted when Rodney fails to notice her sexy new haircut.
21 Feb. 2006
Rodney Gets a Leg Up
When Trina confronts Rodney's boss about flirting with him, the woman tries to put the moves on her as well.
28 Feb. 2006
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Rodney and Trina each suspect the other of having an affair when a condom wrapper appears in a laundry basket.
30 May 2006
Trina and Charlie hobnob with actors when Rodney participates in a celebrity golf match.
6 Jun. 2006
The Best Little Pie Shop in Tulsa
Rodney and Barry go on a camping trip that turns into a different sort of adventure.
Rodney's Biggest Fan
Rodney is thrilled to meet an enthusiastic new fan, but takes drastic measures to turn him away when things get out of hand.
11 Jun. 2008
Hot Tub Blues
Rodney buys Trina a hot tub for their anniversary; Rodney's estranged parents have a surprise for their son.
11 Jun. 2008
Waiting for Himelfarb
Trina gets upset that Rodney hasn't enough time for his family lately, while Rodney is left waiting for an important producer from L.A.
12 Jun. 2008
Potty Mouth
A record company shows that it is unwilling to take no for an answer from Rodney.
12 Jun. 2008
Rodney gets ready to record a comedy album in Nashville, but Trina is not amused by his plans for the act.

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